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War. One of the most selfish and atrocious acts of mankind. Conjured by the elite and acted upon by the have-nots, has been part of our nature from the dawn of civilization. From the early days in Mesopotamian history to today’s war that seems like a farce, war has displaced millions of people physically and spiritually. The act of war is one of those actions that bring up the question of our own existence being moot.

The battle of Gettysburg was one of the civil war of United States bloodiest battle and the war’s turning point. Robert E. Lee’s army ebb.
The north started to take control of the war by the end of the battle. It did come with a high price. It was one of the war’s highest casualty battle.
It’s estimated that over 10,000 men were killed. 10,000 men in an area that is less than 40 miles in diameter. If there’s such a thing as residual hauntings, one can argue that this is prime location for any residual haunting.

The year was 2001. Delia and Tom Underwood were visiting one of the many Gettysburg battle sites. While filming the area, their daughter (I believe) noticed strange lights near the tree line. These lights seem to have a human form to them. They moved parallel to the tree line and their luminous glow lasts all but a second. Not much is known about the family or the whole case. My research in this case has yielded only a video on youtube with a vague description. This video, could be the most compelling evidence of ghosts in a residual haunting. As I view the video over and over, all rational explanations do not apply. These lights are not headlights from cars. They are not “swamp gas” nor do I think they are fireflies. I know what fireflies look like, as a kid, I used to play with them with my brothers and sisters in the shanty parts of the city we lived in. Now, I’ve never seen swap gas, but from my early college days taking chemistry 101, I know how gas burns and the light it emits. It’s certainly does not resemble or behave anything like these lights.

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  • Casper

    Focusing on this phony ghost crap instead of giving people real information about the Civil War is typically what is wrong with our society these days. Do some good for the young people of America and ditch the ghost stuff and show the real Civil War. Next we are going to hear someone claim that space aliens were secretly fighting the civil war. Geez.

  • Indyanna

    Casper – While many find the Civil War interesting, many others find the paranormal interesting. If you are not interested in the paranormal, why visit a site called I would also suggest using a different name.

  • Sassymonkeysocks

    Wow, chill out. Live a little.

  • Joe

    Relax, Junior. Nobody asked you to like it. If you don’t, you don’t, who really cares? Me, I’m interested in both (Civil War history AND the paranormal). I’ve already wasted too much space responding to you …