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 ‘The real Entity case


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The investigation on August 22, 1974, in Culver City California was to be like any other one Dr. Barry Taff had done. Believing that this would be an open and shut case they showed up at Doris Bither’s house. Not expecting much. Little did they know this would be one of the biggest cases in the annals of paranormal history.

Dr. Barry Taff and his associate Kerry Gaynor were overheard talking about the paranormal by a woman in a local bookstore. The woman approached the two men and told them that her house was haunted. She gave Kerry Gaynor some details of the haunting, in which Gaynor told her that he would discuss this with his associate.

Dr. Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor arrived at the 11547 Braddock Dr. Culver City home on August 22, 1974. Doris Bither, a petite woman, in her 30s greeted them. Doris Bither lived in the small home with her six year-old daughter and her three sons. Her daughter was six years old, and her boys were ten, thirteen and sixteen.

The house at the time was in shambles. Squalid living conditions and a tumultuous relationship between the mother and male children is what investigative team observed upon their first visit. The investigators reported a feeling of overpressure in their ears while being inside the home. According to Taff, the house was twice condemned by the city.

11547 Braddock Dr. Culver City CA.
The infamous “Entity” house

From what is known, Doris Bither suffered abuse from her parents as well as had several abusive relationships with men. There was obvious tension between the three young boys and the mother. The psychodynamics of the home were extremely negative. It seems that the boys, especially the eldest, would harbor some dark and resentful feelings towards their mother. The unconscious mind that is troubled by a physically or verbally abusive environment and negative upbringing is like a lightning rod to paranormal activities. Either attracting poltergeist activity or psychosomatically creating it.

Doris Bither claimed that spirits would physically attack her. The reports ranged from Doris walking around her home and bumping into the ghosts, to actual spectral rape. Of course, Taff and Gaynor were skeptical of all this. Ghost apparitions are a hard thing to prove and collect evidence for (from a scientific perspective). “Ghostly rape” is even harder to believe. It was not until they saw the bruises in her inner thighs and all over her body, as well as people outside the family corroborating by testifying that they had also seen apparitions that both investigators started to take heed as to what Doris was saying. Doris claimed that the ghosts were of Asian men. The children, also saw these beings. The visions were so frequent that they children dubbed one of the more prominent ghost as “Mr. Whose-it.”

The claim of rape by these beings is one of the most interesting aspects of the case. Doris Bither reported that two of the beings were the smallest ones and would hold her down while the biggest or tallest one of them would rape her. Dori’s eldest son would admit to seeing her mother being tossed around the room. In one instance he tried to intervene and was thrown across the room by the unseen force.

To both investigators, this must have been the most bizarre claim to date. How can you prove “spectral rape” or even claim it? it would seem that a person would have to be insane to even admit this. The team decided to setup shop and brought in high-speed cameras and photographers as well as other investigators to help capture something on tape. In a famous report, all investigators and equipment, as well as Doris, were in the small bedroom. Cramped and anxious to see any paranormal activities, they decided to have Doris conjure up the beings by having her call them. Doris began swearing and yelling at the spirits while 30 or so investigators were crammed in her room.
To much surprise, lights started manifesting around the room. As Doris kept provoking the beings, a greenish mist started to form in a corner. As if it was coiling, the green mist started swirling and growing. Within seconds the form of a man’s upper torso started to become visible in the mist. Very large and a lot of muscles is what they reported seeing. The torso of the being did not show facial details, but did show the investigators musculature. From what they gathered, this was a male entity. An investigator soon fainted after seeing this.

No matter how many high-speed cameras were setup to capture this, or that the team even had professional camera men present; none of this ever came out on film. The pictures only shows what appears to be a free floating arc light in the middle of the room as well as some light orbs. The most famous and incredible of these photographs is the one that shows Doris sitting on a bed, investigators surrounding her and the free floating arc of light in the middle of the picture. What’s incredible and equally unbelievable is that the arc of light appears smooth, even though this is a room with corners and one would expect bends in the arc as when someone uses a projector to display an image and the image hits corners in a room. The image will bend. The photographic evidence produce by the team shows the arc of light floating above Doris Bither with no bends, even though behind it, we see the room’s corner.

Conjuring up the ghosts, an arc of light is photographed (Doris Bither sitting on the bed)

Dr. Taff also reported that the eldest son would go on a say that the activities intensified when ever he played certain music. Black Sabbath & Uriah Heep were the albums played. The songs that mention or were about devil worshiping is what seemed to upset the poltergeist. Asking the boy to play the songs in question, Dr. Taff did observe that the lights and orbs did increase.

The investigative team observed lights and poltergeist activity for about two and a half months. As time went by, the activities decreased.

It is important to point out a few factors in this case; Doris’ addiction to alcohol and her being abusive and belligerent almost on a daily basis, as well her unwillingness to seek help for her abuse and deal properly with it. Because of her refusal to properly deal with her own psychotic issues, I believe that her energy and the energy in her home manifested itself as poltergeist phenomenon.

We have to take into consideration that the paranormal activities were extremely powerful only when Doris was present in the home. Doris almost always in a drunken stupor seemed to be the center of it all. While intoxicated, Doris would attract the phenomenon almost on cue. There were times when she was present with the team and was not under the influence of alcohol that the poltergeist did not manifest itself. Which we can only conclude that when Doris’ mind was clouded and her inhibitions minimized, her psychokinetic energy took over.

It is not a far stretch of imagination to say that there were some very concerning underlying themes in this case. Let’s take for example how Doris claimed that there were three entities that attacked her. These entities controlled her life and to some extent oppressed her. It will not be a stretch, from a psychological stand point, that these entities could have been a physical manifestation of the relationship Doris had with her own three sons. From the reports of Dr. Taff, we know that her relationship with her sons was not a Norman Rockwell painting. As I discuss this event with my fiancee, she makes a very good and intelligent point: Doris had suffered abuse almost all her life. The fact that she abused alcohol and self-medicated to avoid the post-traumatic stress from her abuse could have had a metaphysical effect in her life.

My fiancee has the following thoughts. One, Doris Bither could have been extremely psychic or “sensitive”. Doris could have had a great talent, but her own refusal to deal with her past abuse and the fact that she self-medicated and kept her mind clouded did not let her use that talent. Instead, because of her addiction and self hate, she could have manifested this poltergeist as another way (besides the alcohol) of attacking herself.

Doris Bither and her sons (especially the eldest) could have been psychic. It is well known that parents sometimes pass down their psychic abilities to their kids. In other words, psychic parents produce psychic kids. If the parent was psychic, and the kids were psychic, the tumultuous relationship in the home could have produced a staggering amount of psychokinetic energy. Enough energy to physically manifest poltergeist activity. The feelings that Dori’s kids could have had against her and her addiction can be represented by the Hephaestus Syndrome. Hephaestus being the Greek god of fire and metallurgy, was kicked off Mount Olympus by his abusive mother. Hephaestus held a very turbulent relationship with his mother. Chaos and love combined in a love/hate relationship.

The same way Doris’ sons could have had a relationship with Doris. A strong love/hate relationship fueled by past abuse, alcohol and psychic abilities is a powerful concoction for poltergeist or psychokinetic energy. We can formulate this manifestation of the “spectral rape” by Doris’ description of her attackers: two of the smaller entities held her down, while the biggest one raped her. We can speculate that the Bither household was very unstable. Her coming-of-age son (the biggest one of her three sons) was probably harboring some resentful feelings towards his mother and her lifestlye. She in turn, saw her son as another man in her life trying to control her or attack her; therefore in turn subconsciously materializing the rape or attack on herself and using her current feelings and occupants in the house as the basis for the rape. This would not corroborate with her son testifying that he was too attacked and thrown across a room, but psychokinetic energy can be powerful enough to affect physical objects from what I’ve studied.

Another theory my fiancee mention could be that Doris Bither could have attracted 3 evil spirits into her life. It could be argued that Doris Bither could have been abused by three influential men in her life (father, uncle, grandfather or someone she trusted). The combination of her self-medicating and having psychic abilities as well as self-loathing could have made her into an attractive victim to malevolent forces. Her turbulent lifestyle and energy as well as her kid’s energy could very well have manifested her feelings into something very evil in a metaphysical level. Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome and psychic abilities can have a great effect one a person. A person that does not know about their abilities and/or is under the influence of a drug can have a great effect on their surrounding environment. Take into consideration the infamous “Bell Witch” haunting.

The Bell Witch Haunting is an old legend. In 1817, John Bell reporting poltergeist phenomenon. The case was made famous by the reports of then General Andrew Jackson (who later became president of the U.S). John Bell’s daughter, Betsy Bell, was at the center of this haunting. She was physically attacked by the ghost(s). There is a theory floating out there that the child was extremely psychic and had suffered from sexual abuse (possibly from her father). Accounts of levitation, spectral noises and disembodied voices were reported. The theory states that all this phenomenon could have been produced by Betsy Bell herself. Living in an unpleasant environment and seeking help, she started to manifest these attacks.

After Doris Bither left her Culver City home, the phenomenon was ceased to exist in the house. Future residents of the house have not reported anything out of the ordinary. The house remains to this day ghost free and is in good conditions.

Dr. Barry Taff reported that Doris Bither moved from Culver City to Carson CA. From Carson to San Bernadino CA, and from San Bernadino to Texas and finally back to San Bernardino. While jumping around the two states, Doris reported that the phenomenon “followed” her and her family to every place they moved to. Feeding the notion that the poltergeist phenomenon was a manifestation of her unstable environment and mind. He also reports that her psychological state is made apparent when she reported being impregnated by the ghost. Medical test showed her to not be pregnant but suffering from an ectopic or a hysterical pregnancy.

No one can say for sure what could have been going on with the family in that small Culver City house. Since Doris Bither has not been heard of since the late 80s or 90s (depending on some reports) and her kids have not come forward, we cannot know for certain.

The “Entity” house as it currently stands

The events and reports in this article were taken from written testimony of Dr. Barry Taff in his “Real-life entity case” article.
Note: Link no longer available

What do you think about this case and the theories presented therefore?
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  • Blacke

    Good to see this article after yrs of pondering over human behaviour & the paranormal & not being able to find the truth from the net on this incident. Watched the movie way back when i was young & flabbergasted later finding out it was based on truth. Yet, the common problems are human nature twisting tales and lost of belief & evidence at the end that leads us with nothing but to more pondering and new imaginations. We’ll never know the truth even when it hurts.
    I could see what Chris was saying. It’s how it echoes all around us. The energy we produce in the environment we live in, it all reflects back to us. If Doris was an alcoholic and reported in this article as abusive due to bad childhood life, she may have thrown out her resentments to her own family & her children in turn resented their mother. All energies out of them simply could be the spark to negative energies around them in the house. For example, if i had a bad quarrel with my family in our house, i’d take a long walk or stay out of their sight. My mood changes with them, i’d resent but deep in my heart my love for them stays. If it doesn’t, bad energy may take me in to do more bad onto my own family. I’m no scientist but i can reason and logic to tell you this: If i was an alcoholic and depressed with my life, (positively) i will need someone or some people to help ease my tense away or (negatively) let my family rip out all of me to satisfy their anger. If Doris was living in a small house and keeping much within her own family, i’d say she was living in a very insociable manner. Hence, she had to take the negative manner which (if not scientifically) invites more bad energies. If its said they would hv been psychic, well jeez… that’s pouring gasoline into the blaze already. To me Chris wasn’t talking on women behaviour and you went on with women behaviour to their rights. It’s what signals human beings give whether conciously or sub-conciously to either energies, good or bad. Rape is neither invited nor uninvited. They’re effects due to causes whether logical or illogical just like murder. Still, the truth on the presence of the entities with Doris Bither is yet to be explained complete. It’s now settled with her children i suppose because the tense environment they were in has changed and their mother have passed away and the bad energies they had with them have no cause to create further chaos. That’s my long theory. Why i had to put in my opinion when the world needs no care for it? I’ve had several scary brushes with it myself that i pulled out a simple but perfect weapon out of self-realisation to eliminate it. It’s called a positive mind & i’m still fighting alongside with it.

  • VC

    “Rape is neither invited nor uninvited.” (!?) Outrageous. Rape is ALWAYS uninvited. It’s shi… stuff like this that makes a lot of paranormal shows/forums/etc a boys club that reeks of dude.
    Peace out.

  • torchkc

    Just an fyi to all you guys..

    Rape is sometimes invited. There are people who actually have a fetish for being raped, and there are massive communities that support said people. No, I won’t provide you with links. Google it yourself.

    However… For the people who don’t have this fetish, and are not members of the above mentioned communities, rape is usually not invited. I won’t say never, because I don’t have the facts to support “never”.

    I will say that it’s not all that far fetched to believe that somebody, somewhere, has been raped by their own doing. Meaning.. They arranged to be “raped” just so they can enact some form of vindictive and/or irrational vengeance on their target (i.e. legal action, leverage, etc). If you don’t believe this to be a possibility, then you might consider removing the wool from over your eyes and stop living in Never Never Land.

    This isn’t to say, however, that rape isn’t a terrible crime. It is. Just don’t be so narrow minded when considering a topic, regardless of how terrible it may be.

  • Alex

    FYI to you, Torchkc:

    It is men like you that make me sick. (you are obviously a man, no woman would think the way you do about rape) Imagine a man raping you… would you ever “arrange to be “raped” just so you could enact some form of vindictive and/or irrational vengeance on your target (i.e. legal action, leverage, etc)” ? Can you imagine another man doing so? I don’t think so.

    Sex is very painful – physically and emotionally – and not wanted. Yes, some men and women have rape fantasies but that would be role play sex, not actual rape because they WANT it.

    You need to take the wool out of your eyes and stop living in Never Never Land. You reek of a first class DOUCHE BAG.

  • torchkc

    @ Alex – It seems as though you’re talking like I made that up, or that I have somehow taken a part in doing these things. However, I did not and have not.

    Would I arrange to be raped? No, I wouldn’t. Does that mean others wouldn’t? No, it doesn’t.

    Being male has nothing to do with it. If you’ll notice, I never said anything about it being a woman who would do this. So, your sexist remark really becomes null. All I’m suggesting is that it’s a possibility. I didn’t say it has happened, nor that it will happen. I’ve only suggested that it’s a possibility that it could have happened, or may happen. There’s a keyword in here, it starts with ‘possib’ and ends with ‘ility’ – can you find it?

    I have personally spoken with people who have taken part in arranged rape (on the victim’s side). Not for the purposes of leverage, but for the purposes of fulfilling their fantasy. One person in particular was a member of a community where you could simply post places that you’d be and when you’ll be there for say, a week or two. Another member of said community may, or may not, come and be the attacker. You wouldn’t know when, where, or how.

    Making a leap from doing something like this for fantasy, to doing something like this for leverage, is not that far of a leap. If you wish to remain naive about this, that’s your choice. But attacking me personally, just because you happen to disagree with what I’ve said, is hardly useful for a debate about an article on GhostTheory.

    Just as a side note: I do not condone, nor do I support, the previously mentioned activities.

  • Hucksterfoot

    How does someone arranged to be raped?
    Does the woman spend time with a man, hoping he will rape her so she can be get back at him? That would just make the man a rapist.
    It doesn’t matter what kind of vindictive or vengeful scheme a woman may be planning, if the man rapes her, that would make him a rapist.
    You say “rape is usually not invited” this is impossible.

  • Hucksterfoot

    Consensual fantasy rape is not rape. So you cannot term that as invited rape.
    leverage? You must be talking about falsely accusing someone of rape, as defined by the law: Non Consensual sex. That is something entirely different. It is not by any stretch, invited rape.

  • torchkc

    @ Huckersfoot – Are you saying that if a person were to arrange “rape”, but changes their mind, and the assaulter still goes through with it, that the victim wasn’t raped? That they still consented to it, nullifying the legal definition of rape?

    Last I knew, if at any time during the activity any parties involved wanted to stop, or said no, yet the others continued…that’s rape.

    Let’s break this down:

    1. Person A invites “rape” via some community where this fetish/fantasy is supported. At this point it would likely not be legally classified as rape — this person is consenting to the activity.

    2. Person B accepts the invitation (Person A would not know) and intends to implement their plan

    3. Person A changes their mind and doesn’t want to go through with it.

    4. Person B goes through with it anyway. Person A is no longer consenting to the activity as per number 3.

    Would this still not be rape? Person A invited the “rape”, but in communities like this, there is often not a “safe word”. After deciding they no longer wish to go through with it, they are no longer consenting to the activity. Hence the whole idea behind rape — non-consensual intercourse.

    I’m not saying Person B didn’t do something wrong. However, in a round about way, Person A invited the activity. They would be aware of the ins-and-outs of such a community, and would (likely) know that invitations such as this may or may not be retracted (dependent on the community). Different communities do it different ways, and they almost always make their rules known.

    As for using something like this as leverage, I don’t disagree that it would be difficult to do and that it would be rare. I’m just not going to close my mind to it being a possibility.

    I don’t want my arguments to be misconstrued as saying this type of activity is OK. Nor do I want them to be misconstrued as saying this is what happened to the subject of the article. I was simply trying to point out, to other arguments, that rape does have gray areas — just like everything else in life. “Black and White” is a figment of people’s imaginations; wanting things to be as simple as possible when they rarely are as simple as they might seem.

    I feel for those who are victims of such vicious and disgusting crimes, and wish nothing but the best for them. I’m just trying to be objective and point out the gray areas to those who are unaware of them.

    It does seem that this argument has gotten a bit off-topic for the article. I won’t shy away from further responses, but we should probably try to get back on track with the article. 🙂

  • Hucksterfoot

    Nice straw man argument you’re making there.
    No, I specifically said Non consensual sex is rape. You’re the one who said “rape is usually not invited.” then went on about that it sometimes is invited. You are trying to wiggle a way out by creating a straw man.

    Again, How do you figure that “rape is usually not invited.”
    Rape cannot be invited. If invited it is consensual.
    How does a woman invite/arrange rape, which is Non Consensual sex?
    This is something that is forced upon a person against their will.
    Then YOU went on to explain that sometimes some woman arrange to be raped. Very well!
    Again, that would be fantasy (Consensual sex), which is not rape, not rape period. By definition of the law.

    Do you not remember saying leverage? vindictive? You were the one saying a woman/man whatever, could use this fantasy rape against someone. This is your what if scenario. Possible, may have happened. Regardless!
    Again, if a woman falsely accuses a man of rape after this fantasy consensual rape scenario that YOU are talking about, for leverage or just to be vindictive. Then that wouldn’t be rape, that would be called – The man “being framed” being falsely accused. Sounds like something out of a CSI TV episode.
    No matter what you say – Rape is never invited. Period
    If you want to say that it sometimes is , well then good luck with that.
    I was pretty clear the first time, and even more clear now. And nowhere did I say, that if a woman changes her mind that it is NOT then considered rape. No longer consensual means that it is rape.
    That is all I will say about this.

  • Hucksterfoot

    You can sum all of your last post with a few words.
    “If the woman says stop, no, or I will not consent, or physically resists. Then the man must stop, Regardless of the character, previous intentions, or past history of the woman saying STOP.”
    OK! More than a few words. :]

    This is the way the law will see it anyways.
    If it’s a non human entity or ghost doing it, That’s craziness. I don’t think the law can deal with that.

    I do realize that the man in this fantasy scenario would think it is all part of the game. If anything, I see great potential for people ruining their pathetic lives if they choose to play this game.

  • prewdawg

    I personally have experienced poltergeist activity in my own home. I watched as my stove and water facets turned on by themselves.
    We moved from that home.
    I began a study of such phenomenon and found that there are things which exist which are real. They are not people as one supposes, but are in fact demons.
    I can hear you laughing as I say this, but if you haven’t had these experiences you would be skeptical. I didn’t believe in such things either until I had it happen to me.
    Years ago, I met a female nurse, who overheard me and another person talking about “demons” and how they can interact with people. She approached me and said that she was being attacked by “entities” which crawled into bed with her at night. She was terrified.
    I asked her what she was doing to attract these things into her home. Her response was that she collected “voodoo” artifacts. She was told to get rid of the artifacts and how to get rid of the entities.
    A few months later, she saw me at the hospital and said that she was finally free of the attacks. She had gotten rid of all of her artifacts.
    So you can theorize about “mentally” creating these things, but I know for sure that they do happen.
    Incidently, several years ago, I met a woman who told me that she had a “demon” lover coming to her at night, and they made love. I asked her how she knew it was a demon lover. She told me that when cars drove by on the street, the resulting light shining through the windows would allow her to “see through” her lover.
    I asked is she would like to get rid of the entity. She said, “No! it’s the best lovemaking she had ever had.”
    Figment of her imagination? In my experience, I would say definately not. Until you experience something like that for yourself, you will not believe me, but that’s okay. As one person put it, I know what I saw, and no one can take that away from me.
    Nuff said.

  • irishshillegagh

    When is your book coming out Javier?

  • Brian Thompson

    In thebook of Enoch a book written by an early Biblical charecter,but not cannoned into the Bible, earthly demons are disembodied spirits of gibers. Gibers are the offspring of mortal women fallen angels. The cross produces giants and these giants roamed the earth in the time of Noah. The great flood was designed to kill these gibers as well as others. The spirits of these gibers, not being human or angel, could not enter the hereafter like humans. Their spirits stayed on earth and are demons to this day. They were discribed as being huge.Earth could not produce enough food for them to eat so they started eating humans eventually.{Jack and the bean stalk could have been based in fact?All the investigators in The Entity saw the entity as being huge. I think it not to be coincidence that they would see this with most of them not being aware of the size of gibers as reported by Enoch.

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  • gemma gee

    hi everyone just recently i have started lookng up things about demons etc, through something that happened to me as a young teenager that i am still confused about, still unbelieving (if only because i have kids of my own and would prefer them to be safe). im 281 and i have only just dared start looking into cases where people have been haunted or experienced the like with demons (although i admit the word demon sounds silly even to myself). when i was 12 my grandad died so me and my mam up sticks and went to live with my grandma. my mam had already told me about paranormal activity that had happened in this house when she was a child (of course they were just ghost stories to me – like this probably will be to whoever reads this). my 20 year old cousin was also on – off living with my grandma, anyway 1 night my mam gets me to do ouija board (letters on cut out squares of paper and a shot glass) and after that my life pretty much messed up… i will never forgive her for dragging me into that life… i didnt have a bloody clue what i was letting myself in for. we spent weeks ‘talking’ to someone who said he was my grandad, he knew everything, intimate details that only my grandad and grandma knew about, my mam had to ask my grandma stuff to confirm (which she wasnt happy about). my cousin started getting in on it to… i am not joking we could all take our finger off the glass at the same time and it would carry on moving (although it would get slower and only get to 1 letter) saying that it needed our energy to move. 1 day it asked my mam about the tablets she was going to take (i had no idea my mam was contemplating suicide!!) and we got 1 message (which i believe to be the only message from my real grandad) which said Y-O-U H-A-V-E T-O S-T-O-P I-T-S N-O-T-J-O-H-N. my grandad being called john. this thing then got nasty… we stopped doing it (i dont think straight away, or even that night) but things in the house changed. if i was left in the house myself i could hear what seemed to be dog running up the stairs, breathing in my ear in the dark like its mouth was a centimetre away from my ear. i was petrified to take a bath because it was the onlly time i felt watched, my room was always icy cold even on a red hot summers day with the sun shining in through the windows, my mam found shredded storage boxes in her room, like an animal had shredded them, things moved right in front of your eyes, my mam watched a seal keyring spinning slowly then faster and faster by itself. i slept in with my mam 1 night and the blanket was ripped off the bed from the bottom corner. my grandads grave was desecrated, in one chat with this thing it told us to go to his grave and we would see the headstone smashed, when we went it wasnt smashed, but the flowers wer in bits scattered over the top, its the only time ive been to his grave and felt like something was watching and laughing at us. the house stunk of faeces for 3 days off the trot, me my mam and cousin been the only people to smell it, my grandma had no idea of anything that ive wrote. we moved out and in the new house every night something heavy could be heard coming up the stairs an extra stair each night (we moved before it got to the top, not wanting to find out what would happen) and it took long while before things settled down, infact im not sure if things really did. i know that when my mam was young, one of her sisters dabbled alot in witchcraft in the house i believe that brought whatever was there in the first place, but it got stronger and it fed off my mam being suicidal (which it caused when it was pretending to be my grandad, she thought she could be with him) and also me going through puberty. if i had the choice to set foot back in that house, i swear to this day i wouldnt have the balls, it scares me even going past it. if they are called demons… they are very real, they feed off our energy and they are extremely dangerous, thanks for reading