Video of a ghost in a Colombian morgue

Video of a ghost in a Colombian morgue

The video above was taken by supposed Nightwatchmen in an old hospital in Colombia.
The person who uploaded the video on Youtube, Beto, claims that he was given the video by a colleague of his who works with the watchmen. Below is a translation of the email I received:

“I am a student of Clinical-Microbiology, for which we have to do some studies on some of the outside towns in Colombia. This video came to me from a colleague of mine. She traveled to this town to work in a hospital. The hospital’s nightwatchmen (very old hospital I might add) captured the entity with their cellphone’s camera.

My colleague having some contact with them, managed to obtained the video. She told me that the watchmen would hear noises in the late hours and would feel “weird things”. For which they decided to record whenever they would feel these things.

I uploaded the video on YouTube to get some opinions on it.
I do not believe that it was faked by the watchmen. For one, they do not own or have access to video editing computers or even computers for that fact.”

Here is a quick translation of what the camera man is saying while he records the ghost:

“In this moment, we are in the Metrocali installation (hospital)…in the basement…”
“We just heard some noises…it is probably a person that cannot be liberated or cannot leave.”
We are trying to find out if it’s a victim, let’s see if they respond. My name is (inaudible) Sanchez
here with Orlando Figueroa…..”heavy breathing is heard

“Guaya! come here….Sanchez! come. my god!” inaudible voice at this point we hear another man’s voice: “don’t be a sissy”

“I’m not a sissy, don’t you see that? what can that be? oh lord, I never believed in this.. let’s all remain quiet, don’t say a word. oh lord…. oh lord… in this, I never believed in…never believed…
it looks like it’s carrying a baby? right?” then we hear an inaudible response from his coworker

“…This is scaring the shit out of me….I’m leaving, I’m out of here….”
coworker: “Where you going? where is Sanchez going? comeback?”

Right off the bat I have some doubts about the video, or the story of how it was recorded. The video was obviously recorded with a cellphone, but it seemed to have been mounted on a tripod, since it produced an incredibly stable image. The “ghost” seems like it could have been easily created without the need of complex video editing software. The “ghost” could be easily created with reflecting an image of someone off glass or plexiglass. The low quality video from the cellphone helps mask any imperfections in hoaxing this.

The other side of the equation is this:
In regards to the stability of the image; they could have just set the cellphone down on a desk or some other furniture for stability.
Another important factor is to note that if this was created by reflecting an image off glass/plexi-glass why does the image seem to have certain parts fade in and out? If you look at the :30 second mark in the video, you can see the lower extremities of the entity fade away.

We can’t simply dismiss this as a hoax, but we can’t accept this as proof of ghosts either. There is simply no scientific evidence presented here. Nothing we can put under the most strenuous tests. What we have is another potential good video, becoming a victim of the ever-growing YouTube mockery videos.

I must admit though, the voice of the person who recorded this video, does seem like a person that is sincerely afraid of what they are witnessing.

What’s your interpretation of this video?