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Weird video I came across today. It’s supposed to show the spirit of a child caught in a surveillance camera. The camera operator asked the spirit to appear and what you see are faint shadows in the background. I don’t really put too much effort in analyzing these types of videos since they are a dime a dozen. People nowadays have all the technology disposable to them to make a 20 second video and submit is as proof.

Given that the video is owned by someone associated with “Prosperity School B&B” it raises other questions. Bed & Breakfast places are sought after by people wanting to get out of the city life and relax. Now with the “paranormal fever” everywhere on TV and movies, one can deduce that more and more B&B places are starting to market their hauntings.

Even if there is no tangible evidence, even if it’s rumored that a B&B might be haunted, it’s still very good publicity for the owners of the B&B.

The video in question is not at all convincing, but it is making it’s round through the web. I leave it up to you.

From Youtube:

History of Prosperity School Bed and Breakfast
Prosperity, MO, once a thriving mining town, lived up to its name from 1902 until about 1917. The

population went from 1,500 in 1899 to more than 5,000 during the mining boom years.

In 1907 the two-story
Prosperity School was built in the heart of the Tri-state mining district, which had churches, saloons,
general stores, hotels, and now a fine, large school of red brick and Carthage stone.

Very active site filled with many spirits. Some are even children!

After asking the spirits to appear I got this on my camcorder. I was blown away. We have this slowed down so you can see the lttle guy better!

Prosperity School B&B

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  • I am Nick Corey owner of this video “CHILD APPARITION” and will be glad to share with you who I am and what I do. I am a Spirit Communicator and I speak to the spirit world on a daily basis. I have recorded and documented many messages from these spirit world. I have many videos,photos to share and find that I have great results because of my intentions. I am a true believer in the spirit realm! I come from a long line of spiritualist including my great uncle Giles Corey which dates back to the Salem Witch Trials. I am here to communicate and interact with the spirts. Please feel free to contact me: [email protected]

    The Bed and Breakfast is actively haunted, but the owners do not push this off on anyone. They do not mention this unless asked or told about guest experiences. They respect people who are none believers!

    Good energy,

  • Child Apparition Video

    I have EVPs of children from this location as well!
    This video was shot with an HC32 Sony not a surveillance camera!
    The video was slowed down so that you may see him better.


  • Nick,

    I just sent you an email. I’d love to analyze and share the rest of the evidence you have with the rest of GhostTheory’s readers.

  • Jules

    I live in the Missouri Ozarks and have heard people talk about the Porsperity for many years. I have no idea what’s there but i would say that something is.

  • I’m Tiffany with another group in the Joplin area that has investigated the Prosperity Bed & Breakfast. We are in no way affiliated w/ the bed & breakfast or Jasper Haunts. I don’t think we have even met anyone in their group. However, I have personally seen the video, I went back to show the owner of Prosperity Bed & Breakfast evidence we got from our investigation. She showed me the video, that is the original video, that has not be put through the ringer of being transfered to Youtube. The original video is much more clear and amazing, what I saw was not just a “shadow”, it was undeniably a child but an apparition. It’s almost impossible to describe. Based on this video we set up our equipment in almost the exact same spot and had fantastic personal experiences. Our video is not as impressive but lets just say he picked a good spot. Its at I don’t care if a ghost walks up to the camera, says boo I promise I’m real and waves, there will ALWAYS be some one or explanation for why its fake. But I can say from my experience you would believe in the activity there if you felt it for yourself. You just can’t deny it when its slapping the curtains against the windows and causing grown men to have an anxiety attack. I just wanted to say Kudo’s to Jasper Haunts for their catch, we believe you, keep it up and I’m excited for their find.

  • Matthew

    Just looked at your videos Tiffany. Not bad stuff! It’s always cool to communicate. I like the choice of music too, silent hill soundtracks ftw! Maybe next time I am on my way to the STL I will look you guys up. Always looking for a new experience.

    Once again, great videos, I don’t know why they only got two stars. Youtube scientists, I am sure *eye roll*.

  • Matt, thanks…. i’m still learning on making the videos, so I try… anyways I appreciate it. And yes Silent Hill is fantastic, the games are better though..!

  • Mefusula

    I justsaw this footage from the people who took it, its on the tv show my ghost story season 2 episode 4, its on youtube and it seems pretty legit.

  • Tyb120011

    wow were just a cupel of teenagers and we want to stay to investigate.we like this kind of stuff ghost adventures inspired us