Friday video – MonsterQuest Ghosts episode

As you may be aware, GhostTheory is a very “Pro MonsterQuest” website. We like the way they present both sides of the evidence that has been circulating around. Take for example when they tried to debunk the Patterson-Gimlin film. They used hi-tech equipment to try and debunk the man-in-a-suit theory and the Bigfoot theory.

The MonsterQuest team usually consults with leading and respected individuals in regards to whatever theme they are covering.

MonsterQuest did a segment on ghosts. They analyzed and debunked a lot of the ghost videos out there on the web. Ones that have been passed around the news media and deemed as authentic. Like the “Haunted Gas station” ghost caught on camera:

Ohio Gas station “Ghost” turned out to be a bug on the camera.

Another video that MonsterQuest covered was the Gettysburg Ghosts video at Triangler Field.
I had already covered an interview with the people who actually shot the video, but was aired about 3 days before I posted it on the web. You can read Ghost Theory’s interview Here.

Watch the full MonsterQuest Ghosts episode:

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