Rock throwing poltergeist

I was reading on Cryptomundo Loren Coleman’s post about the possibility of cases where rocks, inexplicably are thrown around a certain area, either towards a person, house or randomly, could be linked to Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

Rock (or any object) throwing poltergeist activities have been recorded for ages. (hence the origin of the word poltergeist; “noisy spirit”). Mr. Coleman makes a good point about the possibility that most of these cases could be the product of a Bigfoot throwing rocks, which is a rudimentary technique that most apes use.

It could be a vice-versa thing. Where people in the woods who experience rocks being hurdled at them or their homes are victims of a poltergeist and not a Bigfoot.

I remember this story I read about awhile back. About a ghost of a child that would play mischievous pranks on the owners of a repair shop. The case was heavily witnessed by scores of customers and even some insurance agents that were investigating a break-in to the shop. The famous paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse ( “Endfield” poltergeist) heavily documented this case, as well as another professor.

The phenomenon of object throwing is nothing new, but it is rare.
I remember of another story involving a house being pelted by stones in or around the Big Bear area in California. I wish I still had the book where I read that from, as I cannot recall the exact events or location.

Here is the case of Pete the Poltergeist. The rock throwing boy ghost.