Pino Termini of Naples in the south of Italy has spent more hours underwater than most. Having dived for the Italian Navy for seven years he now spends much of his time travelling the globe in search of the ultimate diving experience. None of this prepared him for what he claims to have seen during his last expedition. Last month he arrived at Port Douglas in tropical North Queensland for his eighth time, The Great Barrier Reef being one of his favorite playgrounds. He had heard that Batt Reef was worth a plunge into the deep blue. He chartered a boat from Port Douglas and made his way out to the area he planned to explore.

‘As I started my dive I saw somebody and was surprised because I saw no other boats around, then I noticed that the person had no oxygen tank or mask, the person swam towards me and I realised that it was none other than the crocodile hunter himself: Steve Irwin. I freaked out, but he looked calm and at peace’

‘I have seen a lot underwater but never a ghost. It was as if he was looking after the spot where he met his end, I felt that I should not impose myself on his turf as it was his and it seemed as if he was caring for the living creatures there.’ Termini said of his traumatic diving experience.

We are not sure whether to believe Termini’s story but he swears by it. We contacted a number of diving shops in the town and they had heard nothing about anyone spotting Irwin’s ghost. Steve Irwin died in September 2006 at Batt Reef near Port Douglas, while diving. He was fatally pierced by a stingray. A number of charities to protect wildlife have been set up in his memory. One of these is Wildlife Warriors:

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  • I think you always have to be a little cautious of celebrity ghosts – especially when Pino had a very good idea of what happened on that dive site. However, the measure is in the man and if he wears by it then I’m sure he saw something…

  • I totally agree with you Andrew. However, what kind of man would that make Pino, if he were to fabricate this story. Could it be his mind playing tricks on him. Knowing that Steve’s unfortunate incident happened near that same spot, I think would fool with anyone. To be honest now that I have been more involved with writing for I find myself hearing things. I have to stop and actually pay more attention to my surroundings. It could be i’m really involved with the research. Who knows, but if a man swears by it, we only hope that his claim is not a wide lie just to get some publicity.

  • Lindy Pike

    There have been some rumours around dive shops in the Port Douglas area that some strange things have been seen around the reef and also the inlet leading up to the reef.
    The area is very frequented by international divers and the dive shops have also heard about the ghost story.
    I think its amazing…

  • Thank you Lindy for your comment. Would you happen to know if there are any photos or any video to accompany the stories or rumors? If you know if anyone would like to share their story on this, we would love to have some updates!

  • SteVeO_72

    they should release the tape, he would have wanted it!

  • I find it funny I came across this story because I was thinking about this same situation the other day. It just popped in my head while I was cleaning the house. “I wonder if Steve Irwin’s ghost has ever been seen, his personality so FULL of life I just can’t imagine him giving up everything he was so passionate about. And I can’t see him leaving his young family without his spiritual guidance through the years.” Thank you so much, Joe, for posting this!