“Stick Alien” videos: Nothing but sticks

This video was passed around the web a few weeks ago and dubbed the “Quives man”, after the district in Peru where the video was shot.
many call it the “Stick alien video” and Ufologists from around the area were quick to say that this was indeed an unexplained life form that was captured on video.

Dr. Anthony Choy, Ufologist and founder of OIFAA (Ufo Office of the Peruvian Air Force) declared in the above video about how this creature steps into frame and “you can see that it is carrying an object in it’s hands” and how “there appears to be rays of light coming from it’s head and chest...”

Of course we here at GhostTheory have a loyal reader base that are always skeptical of all evidence presented to them. One of our readers that goes by “Jim” had this to say:

jim says:
March 15, 2009 at 5:21 pm (Edit)
As for the Fresno film, it’s hard to comment because of the poor quality and the “cam” version of the video. A video of a video is bad evidence. My gut feeling is it’s probably faked being another in a series of “servailence camera” hoaxes.

The Peru video isn’t fake it’s just missidentified. The “stick” isn’t walking in the background, it’s in the foreground. If you look carefully in the lower right of the screen you can see the rest of the twig as it connects the the bush in that corner. Camera movement and parallax views make it look like it is moving independently.

In other words…meh

To me, it seems like Jim has a very valid observation. Looking at the video over and over, I can see what he is talking about. First, you will notice that it does appear like this is a stick in the foreground; but due to poor video quality, it’s lower part seems blurred or out of focus.

stickalien21Click for larger version

Secondly, notice how the “alien” only starts to move once the camera man proceeds to move forward. It looks like it is walking, but only due to the motion around the stick of the camera.
Take a couple of looks at the video. Replay it for a bit. You will see the “stick in the foreground” explanation make sense.
I believe that even with this low quality video that is floating around the web, the proof is all there.

No need to jump into conclusions about how this is an extraterrestrial life form with rays emanating from it’s body, when a more simple and elegant explanation exist.

Now, if we can only have a high quality video of the “stick alien” video from Fresno California.