“Stick Alien” videos: Nothing but sticks

Posted by Xavier Ortega | March 18, 2009 16

This video was passed around the web a few weeks ago and dubbed the “Quives man”, after the district in Peru where the video was shot.
many call it the “Stick alien video” and Ufologists from around the area were quick to say that this was indeed an unexplained life form that was captured on video.

Dr. Anthony Choy, Ufologist and founder of OIFAA (Ufo Office of the Peruvian Air Force) declared in the above video about how this creature steps into frame and “you can see that it is carrying an object in it’s hands” and how “there appears to be rays of light coming from it’s head and chest...”

Of course we here at GhostTheory have a loyal reader base that are always skeptical of all evidence presented to them. One of our readers that goes by “Jim” had this to say:

jim says:
March 15, 2009 at 5:21 pm (Edit)
As for the Fresno film, it’s hard to comment because of the poor quality and the “cam” version of the video. A video of a video is bad evidence. My gut feeling is it’s probably faked being another in a series of “servailence camera” hoaxes.

The Peru video isn’t fake it’s just missidentified. The “stick” isn’t walking in the background, it’s in the foreground. If you look carefully in the lower right of the screen you can see the rest of the twig as it connects the the bush in that corner. Camera movement and parallax views make it look like it is moving independently.

In other words…meh

To me, it seems like Jim has a very valid observation. Looking at the video over and over, I can see what he is talking about. First, you will notice that it does appear like this is a stick in the foreground; but due to poor video quality, it’s lower part seems blurred or out of focus.

stickalien21Click for larger version

Secondly, notice how the “alien” only starts to move once the camera man proceeds to move forward. It looks like it is walking, but only due to the motion around the stick of the camera.
Take a couple of looks at the video. Replay it for a bit. You will see the “stick in the foreground” explanation make sense.
I believe that even with this low quality video that is floating around the web, the proof is all there.

No need to jump into conclusions about how this is an extraterrestrial life form with rays emanating from it’s body, when a more simple and elegant explanation exist.

Now, if we can only have a high quality video of the “stick alien” video from Fresno California.

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  • JoeMomma

    The stick figure moves… Arms & Legs… a branch or twig sticking out off a tree or brush is not going to have arms and legs that bend and move when it’s walking…

    The only thing I don’t get is this… The individual walks over to a clearing of brush, and is talking… but DOESN’T NOTICE the Object to his left… or shall I say behind him…

    I don’t speak spanish, so I can’t tell what there saying… but if the individual would have saw the object, I think his body language should have presented that… someone jumping back, screaming, jumping and pointing at the object… or just run away for there life…

    None of that happens… But the figure moves, arms and legs… and yes there’s a branch in the forground, but the branch can’t swing and move in motion like the CREATURE does… unless it’s CGI (Computer Generated)…

    There’s a ton of graphic artists working from there comptuers all around the world…

    I just find the video to be too calm for something this specticular… if it was real, but then you get the Video out of Fresno, and it’s almost a perfect match… almost same creatures, in two different locations in the world…

    Besides the fact that both videos come from Latin nationality’s, I highly doubt this is a world Hoax planned off some website in a foreign land…

    Just my honest opinion… Looks real, the motion of the creature… but the body languages of the cameraman and individual in the background speaking… too calm, unless they didn’t see the object moving… HIGHLY DOUBTFUL!!!

  • Richard

    You do realize that once you instruct people to watch a video in a certain way, then they’re going to see it that way. Is it any different from taking an amorphous photo blob, drawing an outline around it, and then saying, “Look, it’s my dead granny?”

    Videos like stick-boy will never be disproved enough to convert the believers, or proved enough to convert the skeptics.

    “Truth is a well-known pathological liar. It invariably turns out to be Fiction wearing a fancy frock. Self-proclaimed Fiction, on the other hand, is entirely honest. You can tell this, because it comes right out and says, “I’m a Liar,” right there on the dust jacket.”
    Alan Moore

  • mastema

    did you really just quote a comic book writer?> LOL

    “My spidey sense is telling me, you’re naive.”
    Stan Lee

  • Richard,

    No, not really.

    This is not the same as most cases of pareidolia.

    Take a good look at the video, even as early as 5 seconds into the clip you can see the “stick alien” in frame. Not moving. it’s not until the camera man moved closer to film his friend that the object comes more into the line of sight and moves with the camera man’s motion.

    Doesn’t this hold more merit than saying that stick-like alien beings are walking around the earth?

  • Richard

    Well, I’m not actually a believer in the stick alien hypothesis. My interest is more in belief itself. I’m fascinated by the circumstances that lead people to announce “I believe.” Even skepticism itself has become little more than another “belief system.” At least, the skepticism peddled by CSICOP and crew.

    Greg Bishop, from UFO Mystic, points out that the video anomaly you critique is similar to the photo here:


    Personally, I have trouble with any photo where the photographer doesn’t “notice” the anomaly while doing the actual photographing. It always seems like an unsubtle attempt to escape any detailed questioning. For example, there’s this photo from England:


    The photographer says that he didn’t notice the 4 bright white UFOs while snapping the photo. It makes me wonder if he’s in the habit of snapping pictures with his eyes closed. In other words, his story sounds incredibly far-fetched.

    I originally saw the Peru video at Whitley Strieber’s website. Here’s Whitley’s reasons for posting it:

    “In a sense, however, in this case, it may not matter, for a number of reasons. First, with the possible exception of a video from Russia, these are the only two videos of something that looks like this. Second, the structure of the creature is so extremely unusual that it seems like it’s the last thing a hoaxer would think to do. Third, this creature displays a number of morphological features that are entirely alien. No animal on earth is structured like this.”

    To me, his reasoning is incredibly weak on all counts. But Whitley already believes, proof is just an afterthought to appease his audience.

    Having said that, it still looks like the figure in question starts out behind the log that’s next to the human figure, and then it disappears behind a bush to his left. I don’t see how something in the foreground can be made to disappear behind something in the background. But, as you point out, the video quality is pretty poor, so we could probably argue this forever.

    Of course, none of this proves the video wasn’t faked.
    Honestly, the only video that would convince me is one I took myself. But then, everyone else would be pointing out how fake it looks.

  • JoeMomma

    If you look at the last couple of frames… LOOK at the feet of the Stick Figure… the area is TOTALLY BLACK, and you can see the legs bend and move in motion… a stick is not going to do that, nor is a stationary stick…

    If it wasn’t for the FRESNO video popping up, I would be totally skeptical… but now we have 2 videos, in 2 different locations, with almost the same creatures…

    Unless it’s a collaberated hoax, I think it’s one of the best videos of aliens so far…

  • Richard/JoeMomma,

    It’s interesting that you brought up the UFO report in London that was recently in the news:


    I saw that and I immediately recognized ceiling lamps reflecting on a window. This is probably why the photographer reported not seeing the “UFO” craft while looking out the window.

    As far as the “stick alien” video; it’s difficult to make a sound decision based on poor quality video. Still, when I review the video I still see the stick/twig in the foreground.

    Who’s to say. I would still love to get a better copy of that Fresno video.

  • Richard

    Javier, I’m going to stick my foot in my mouth one more time with the Fresno video. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a man on stilts with the man part edited out.

    Another thing that Greg Bishop pointed out. Why do these figures, if genuine, have to be “alien?” If anything, they appear more like nature “elementals.”

    Or maybe they’re another example of John Keel’s “ultraterrestrials.”

    If anything, whether genuine or fake, they are neat little pop culture artifacts, aren’t they?

  • Richard,

    I agree, the videos are very interesting to all sorts of people.
    I emailed Victor Camacho from Desvelado.com.

    I believe he might have a hi-res good quality video of the “fresno alien”.

    I like your opinion on how it could be elementals or a hoax using stilts.

    Let’s see if we can get a copy of that video…..

  • Gary

    I look at that UFO picture from London and think ‘Photoshop’. The ceiling lights idea is ok Javier, but they are not symetrically placed like they usually are in office buildings. Otherwise, I would totally agree. But I totally agree with Richard, how could you not notice that, especially when the UFO’s are so well framed into the picture…hence Photoshop.

    Richard, skepticism is not really a belief ‘system’ as much as it is a philosophical underpinning. The circumstances leading to someone to say “I Believe” are the same as those who come to say “I’m a Democrat/Republican” or “Vegetarian”. You learned/experience something, and right or wrong, you ‘buy’ into it and thus it becomes part of your philisophical psyche. Skeptics do not question *everything*, just some things. I gaurantee you a bonafide skeptic has his/her subjects where someone else may be skeptical, yet the skeptic is not.

    I am staying away from the Fresno video until we have something more concrete. It was, after all, a video of a video and I’m still curious why the original has not been released, stating authentic or fake.

  • Richard

    Gary, the brand of skepticism I’m thinking about can best be demonstrated by an example. Author Peter Brookesmith, in one of his articles at Fortean Times, related a story involving James Randi. Brookesmith had asked Randi if a certain paranormal phenomena he was investigating could be replicated using stage magic. And, if so, Brookesmith asked Randi if he could show him how it was done. Randi replied paraphrasingly, “I don’t have to show you the trick. The incident in question is impossible. Therefore it’s a hoax.”

    In other words, skepticism that starts from the premise that everything “possible” is already known.

    In my opinion, that’s more akin to a religious belief than a philosophical underpinning.

  • TC in Chicago

    The video from South America is odd. Its just straight up abnormal. The movement
    of thecreature at first is so subtle and then fast that it doesn’t surprise me the cameraman doesn’t see it.

    I don’t speak good Spanish either but here’s why it might be a hoax:

    Why are the two men filming this sequence of events? Is the man being filmed talking about seeing a creature in the jungle? If he is, then that totally makes me believe this a CGI HOAX. It’s just to coincidential that all this would happen in a 1-2 minute frame.

    Going further to prove it a hoax, where is the original footage past the 2 minute clip we see. What do the men do after that clip? Where is the original footage so that it can be translated and observed for analysis? Why hast the original filmmaker come forward to identify himself? He has nothing to fear, in my opinion being they are near the jungle perhaps they discovered a previously unknown lifeform? But no ofcourse not. As usual there are too many of these obvious questions that merit honest answers but that no one has the power to answer.

  • TC in Chicago,

    I think you bring up good questions.
    We cannot (and should not) fully proclaim what this is unless we have the full video at hand to analyze as well as other evidence we can attain.

    Unfortunately, this is all that was given to the investigators. (I know spanish)

    Which also brings me to the “Fresno Stick alien” case. I got a response from the person who has a copy of the original security camera footage of the supposed aliens, but they do not want to release any of this footage.

    So this brings up the other question you had. Could this just be another CGI hoax, if they video owners do not want to release the full original (and better quality) videos?

  • Gary

    Richard, I feel the response that Randi gives is rather simplistic in nature (and oddly cut and dried). Nothing is truly impossible. Highly improbable is the closest we will get to impossible. To deem something a hoax needs explanations, and Randi explains nothing.

    If we surmise everything to be known, no one needs to be a skeptic since we know the disposition of everything. In reality, that is not the case.

    Belief in something need not be rooted in factual evidence. Years ago scientists believed in the existence of black holes, yet had no evidence. Mathmatically, Einstein proposed the theory, yet it was not conclusively proven until recently, historically speaking. Religious belief is the equivalent of faith, and faith is the trust or hope in something. To say “I believe in something” is just the trust or hope in the subject at hand.

  • Javier,

    Good call! The video seemed a bit creepy at first, but it quickly jumped into my mind as I watched the camera pan and then zoom giving the “stick” the appearance of moving. Videos that play on perspective have been appearing since YouTube was born.

    One that jumps to mind is the “ghost that walks across the road”:

    It turns out to be nothing more than a dirty windshield, but thousands of people were caught up in this video as it made the rounds years ago.

    This begs the question of the other videos of stick men. How are these being created and is there any merit to the claims of these creatures being real?



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