‘Man bat’ reported in Chihuahua, Mexico

hombre_murcielagoArtist rendition of the Man Bat.

This should be filed under “oh no, not again”

Reports are circulating the Mexican press about some ‘Man Bat’ sightings in the state of Chihuahua. Much like the infamous “flying witch” post we did almost a year ago, these reports are similar in a few ways.

Chihuahua is only a state away from Monterrey, where the “flying witch” video was captured. During the last few weeks, residents of La Junta, Chihuahua have been reporting seeing another type of flying humanoid creature.

I will translate the following incident that was reported by “El Heraldo de Chihuahua” newspaper:

…Uno de los encuentros se suscitó con un hombre de avanzada edad que habita en la comunidad de Sáenz, quien indicó que aproximadamente a las diez de la noche, mientras hacía una ronda por su propiedad para dejar todo en orden en su patio antes de ir a descansar, observó a lo lejos una silueta de lo que parecía un hombre grande y delgado, con ojos brillantes, vestido con una capa negra y que estaba parado sobre su barda; sin embargo, cuando le gritó para que se identificara éste dio un brinco hacia atrás y corrió por el cerro, perdiéndole el rastro casi de inmediato por la gran velocidad con la que se alejó….

“…One of the incidents involved a elderly man that lives in the Sáenz Community. He reported that around 10 pm, while making his rounds throughout his property before heading off to bed, he observed a silhouette that was standing far away. To him, it looked like a tall man, thin and with bright eyes, dressed in a black cape and was standing on a fence. When the elderly man yelled at the being to identify itself, it jumped backwards and ran to a local hill. The elder man lost sight of the strange being, given that it moved at great speeds…”

A more descriptive account occurred in the town of “La Tena”:

…Otra versión de la criatura por uno de los habitantes de La Tena, que asegura haberlo visto cerca de los corrales, obedece a que el ser tiene un cuerpo delgado con las características de una mujer, ya que tiene busto visible; mide aproximadamente un metro y medio; tiene alas frontales pequeñas y alas grandes traseras; los brazos son chicos, como los de un canguro; la cara está cubierta de pelo y resaltan dos ojos rojos alargados. Una de las situaciones que más llama la atención es una fotografía que tomó un poblador de La Junta, la cual no quiso proporcionar porque dice que no quiere alimentar la psicosis que está azotando en la comunidad; sin embargo, la descripción de la misma es la siguiente: Se trata de una criatura con el cuerpo parecido al de un perro galgo, con el cuerpo calvo, con un aproximado de un metro y medio de largo a largo, la cabeza corta y con rasgos humanos, con una boca alargada pero sin llegar a ser un hocico, como si se observara un hombre deforme, los brazos o patas frontales cortas y las patas o piernas posteriores largas y delgadas, la piel de color café, crema oscuro y gris, y los ojos alargados y grandes…

“…Another version of the creature came from a inhabitant of La Tena, who claims to have seen it [the creature] close to some stables; claiming that the being has a thin body, with some characteristics of the female torso. It appeared to have a bosom, it was about 6 and a half feet tall, it had small frontal wings as well as larger back wings. Small arms like those of a kangaroo, it’s face was covered in hair and it’s eyes were red and large. One of the events that is controversial, is if a supposed picture taken by another citizen of La Junta of this creature. The photographer does not want to release the picture because he does not want to “feed the psychosis that is plaguing the community”. Although the description is still the same: A creature with the body that resembles a hairless greyhound, six feet tall, a short head that has human features. A long mouth, but not long enough to be a snout. It’s like if you are looking at a deformed man. It’s front arms are short, it’s hind legs are long and thin. Brown colored skin, with a little dark cream and grey colors, big and long eyes…”

All the reports that have been made to authorities describe a similar creature. Although no attacks on humans have been made, there are those mutilated animals that are found.
Authorities claim that the injuries made to these animals are not injuries that a human would make using a weapon or blade; the injuries made to the animals are more like ripping of skin made by claws and/or teeth and deep gashes.

There have been reports of the creature chasing humans for a short distance before vanishing. This sounds strangely familiar to the testimony that Officer Samaniego had made in the “Witch of Monterrey” case.

“…A more terrifying encounter was reported by a second officer from a different district. Officer Leonardo Samaniego of Guadalupe reported being physically attacked by one of these beings. Officer Samaniego (visibly shaking in the video right after the encounter) claims that while on patrol in his vehicle, the entity fell from a tree and onto the hood of the vehicle. The officer describes the entity as having female traits. He also describes as it having large eyes and dark skin. Wearing what appeared to be a cloak. He then claims that the entity placed it’s hand on the windshield and after that point he passed out. He only remembers waking up in his patrol car. Shirt and vest disheveled. He called in for backup and medical assistance. Camera crews were there to capture the aftermath…”



The description of this “being” is quite similar in both cases. A tall humanoid wearing a cape or cloak, large eyes and the ability to fly. It’s behavior is also reported to be similar in which it chases people for a short distance before flying or running off.

Flying humanoids attacking residents? Mass hysteria affecting a town?

Regardless if the creature exists or is just someone’s imagination running wild, the psychosis that these reports cause are, to an extent, troublesome. Many townspeople do not go out at night anymore, or close their shops early to avoid encountering the “Man Bat”.