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I’ve been avoiding posting something like this on GhostTheory. I figured that this type of “news” would blow away quickly. Instead I’m seeing it surface on more blogs and other news sites since last week.
I’ve gotten a few emails with the link to this story.

OK, so the story goes like this..

3 teenage girls from Colombia decided to do some Satanic rituals just for kicks. They dress up and have fun. They ask one of the girl’s brother to take a picture of them to remember the moment. When they look closely at the picture, in the background is a demonic face. The girls then panic, have a nervous breakdown and a new urban legend is born.

Three teenage girls from a Tolima town saw a ghost standing behind them in a photo taken after having played improvised satanic rituals, local media reported Wednesday.

The incident happened last week in the town of Purificacion when the girls, between 15 and 17 years old, decided to dress up as witches and to try satanic rituals and spells – just for fun.

One of the teenagers asked her younger brother to take a photo of the girls to remember the evening. They had the shock of their lives when they discovered the clear image of a man standing behind them.

Seeing the alleged ghost, the girls started to scream and panic and one of them even suffered a nervous breakdown.

The three friends swear that they were only playing around and did not use a ouija board to invoke spirits, which is a more common reason for panic among teenage girls in Colombia and especially in the Tolima department.

Full source: Colombia Reports

Images like these are fun to look at. A sort of “Where’s waldo” amusement is brought on by them.

Can this be the face of a demon? not likely.
Pareidolia in action? most likely.

[email protected] wrote an interesting post on some of the most recognized ghost/pareidolia photos out there.

This should be added to the list 🙂

  • Gary P

    Agreed, looks like pareidolia. I doubt that dressing up like witches and doing improvised satanic rituals would get a demon interested in dropping by. I still wouldn’t do what they were doing though :p

  • Marie

    That headline almost made me spit soda on the keyboard! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Marie,


    yea I needed a laugh as well. My Mac broke today. I spent the better part of my work day doing some file system checks 🙁

  • BC

    Thanks Javier. You guys might be right. The story has the feel of a urban legend and I’m doubtful one of the girls suffered a nervous breakdown. Still, I could see the photo being the face of SOMETHING mysterious. If you get a group of kids playing around, trying to contact the other side, and one of them happens to be a natural medium, I think there is a decent chance something weird will happen. Then again, with digital photography it is so easy to fake things now- it could also very well be nothing. And it could be an example of pareidolia.

  • BC,

    yea, most of the time these “ghost face” photos tend to be pareidolia in effect. Some are really creepy though 🙂

  • Henry

    Demon, Really!
    With this wide oval eyes and almost nose-less face, egg shaped head, that is obviously a Gray.

    It is just too arrogant of us too believe that Humans are the only Satanists in a universe populated with billions of life forms that are constantly coming to this planet to dram pictures in corn fields and give us fantastic (okay, pretty lame really) light shows.

    Obviously the girls were performing their Satanic ritual and this Gray decided to join in thinking he had found kindred spirits in the dark arts. I am only surprised that the major news media have been able to cover up that Voldemort’s Dark Mark appeared in the sky that night over Columbia, and government conspiracists have passed it off as swamp gas reflecting the light from the planet Venus.

  • Jen


    lmfao! yeah…it was really a demon wearing an alien mask…he didn’t want to be figured out, but i had to say it. 😀

  • Henry

    That’s just silly