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These “ghost caught in surveillance” videos are quite annoying in my opinion. I mean, by no means do they resemble a human form. Nor do they behave in a fluid motion. More like a jerky motion.

Most of these videos show a blue or gray translucent image that looks very superimposed on the background objects. The so-called “ghost” usually follows a weird trajectory that is, suspiciously, in between the borders of the video camera screen.

I’m not saying that the possibility of a CCTV camera capturing a ghost is not there. In fact, we all remember this one:

The “car impound ghost” video still seems to have remained as a very unexplainable video. There has been several investigations done about this ghost footage. Most remarkable is the fact that the image that is seen on the screen, resembles a woman who was killed in a car accident. The very same car that the image is seen floating above. This was confirmed by the woman’s family members who claim that the image even looks like it is wearing overalls, just like the victim used to wear.

I’ve seen shows try to debunk this over and over again. Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” series (which was one of the worst shows ever) did a segment on this. They tried handing an action figure in front of the camera to replicate this. I remember thinking that it looked to out-of-place when the show’s investigators tried it. I’m not saying that it’s proof positive of a ghost, but rational explanations have not yet proven otherwise.

Back to the Chilean video. So in this video, I see what looks like a piece of feather/lint stuck on the lens. Could be a bug, but a ghost? I highly doubt it.

  • Alan Thurbon

    Bug on lense in chile shopping mall.I work in cctv and have done so for twenty years, so i feel my opinion on this is valid . I see bugs on lenses all the time, Some obviously insects some not so obvious. This is definately a bug on the lense. I have seen more convincing bugs…LOL.

  • Alan Thurbon,

    My thoughts exactly. Most bugs on a CCTV lens/cover are blurry due to the lack of focus, since the object is so close.

    20 years in CCTV work does qualify your opinion as an “expert opinion” 🙂

    thanks for sharing!

  • Kay

    Sometimes people cant accept the existance of a spirtiual world, because that means that there is a whole other plain that we dont control or cant comprehend. Therefore we explain away the supernatural and continue to live in ignorance.

    This denial or avoidance is similarly as powerfull as that of parents who cant accpet that thier children take drugs or are engaged in illegal activity. By refusing to acknowledge the truth they chose not to accept the existance of the reality. Dose this make it untruth, unreal ?

    By accepting reality, we have to face up to a whole plethera of issues which many people just cant deal with. Issues about life after death, where will we go, is God real, WHICH God is real, is it ok if I am just good to people without going to a church? I can see that it is easier to say that it is just a bug on the screen.

  • Charles

    Hahaha, explain away the supernatural?? If I recall humans did that when they couldn’t explain lightning hence “The Almighty Father of All Gods” Zues. I am happy to see that we humans have moved on from our darker ignorant past of blaming anything unexplainable at that moment on gods or supernatural hocus pocus.

    I am also glad to live a life where I do not need to reaffirm my lack of faith with every little occurence that is eventually proven to have a natural and scientific explantion. I have chosen to leave your superstitious stories and man-upstairs-in-the-clouds-looking-down-on-us fiction where it belongs, in our ancient ignorant acestorial history and in our fantasy novels.

    By accepting reality, we have to face up to a whole plethora of issues which many people just can’t deal with. Issues about life after marriage, where will our kids attend college, is our Democratic government best for us, if not then which government is best for us, do I need a reason to do good onto strangers? I can see that it is easier to say it is just a ghost on the screen and put your future into gods hands with a “whatever he chooses for me” attitude.

  • Peter

    I’ve studied insects quite a bit of my life and the movements of this sort of resemble a fly , it’s just too thin to be one. Plus it seems to cast a shadow or somehow it being on the lense is casting a double image. It also seems to follow the contour of the hallway so it’s still pretty odd.