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backhomeThe Back home across from the fort in Fort Gibson is reportedly haunted.

I wonder how true the stories are. We’ve all heard of the Amityville hoax story.
Reminds me of the “Grave’s End” book I read. That was a creepy story. A good read.

Cindy Back has always rather liked the ghosts that haunted her historic home in Fort Gibson, so now she’s written a book about them.

“Ghosts of the McBride House” is due out in August but can be pre-ordered online from Barnes and Noble, she said. It will sell for $14.95 and is published by Llewellyn Publications.

Back wrote the book under her real name, Cecilia. It tells the story of how her husband didn’t believe in ghosts at first, but came to know the ghosts living in their Victorian home near the military park.

There are four of the ghosts, Cindy Back says:

• Dr. George McBride, who established a practice here, where his parents operated a hotel.

• A Victorian woman, dressed all in white, who was in Fort Gibson with the hospital at the fort.

• A girl, about 8 years old that Back believes died when she was run over by a wagon from the fort.

• A boy, about five years old, who may have died at the fort’s hospital after suffering a disease.

Back believes McBride came back to the house because he could not bear not living there. The story goes that he oversaw every detail of the work that went into the construction of the house. He and his wife later moved to Texas for a while, but returned to Fort Gibson because they loved their house here so much.

The ghosts that haunt the McBride House are devilish, but not mean. They rattle things — like the pocket doors — move things, and shake workers’ ladders. However, they have never hurt anyone, Cindy Back said.

Cindy and Dr. Chris Back bought the McBride House more than 25 years ago and recently moved, but not because of the ghosts.

They are renting in Muskogee while the house’s wraparound porch is restored. Their daughter lives with them and has health problems that are bothered by the paint of fumes and the dust created by the remodeling, Cindy Back said.

Full source: Muskogee Phoenix

  • Marie

    Maybe it’s a prejudice on my part, but I’m more inclined to believe people who write “I love my ghost” stories than “We were infested by demons” stories. Sounds like an interesting read.
    Do you remember an old story about a house in New York that seemed to be filled with friendly ghosts? The owner talked about finding gifts – like a silver baby rattle when a grandchild was born. I read it sometime in the mid-70’s in one of my mother’s magazines. Would love to find it again after all these years to see if the stories hold up.

  • BC

    Javier, one of the most interesting stories I’ve read concerning a writer moving into a haunted house involves the Henry Treat Rogers Mansion in Denver Colorado. The film The Changeling was inspired by the screenwriter’s experiences in that house (which is no longer standing). Here’s a link with a brief article (article is about halfway down):

  • Marie,

    That sounds really familiar. I know I’ve heard of that story recently.
    If I remember, I’ll post it.

  • BC,

    Interesting. I’ve never heard of that. Nor have I seen “The Changeling”.
    Time to update my Netflix queue…..brb

  • BC

    It’s a great flick Javier. Old school horror with George C. Scott! He’s also great in Excorist III- the only legit sequel to The Exorcist.

  • BC,

    I just added it to my Netflix queue.

    I’m not adding any Exorcist movies though. I need to sleep at night.

  • BC

    Yeah, I hear you when it comes to The Exorcist. In my opinion no movie comes close to the first one- that movie freaked me out so bad I have a tough time looking at pictures from it, never mind trying to watch it again. The Exorcist III is not nearly as scary- though there are some genuinely creepy moments in it and I consider it a underrated film. The other Exorcist movies are laughably bad.
    I had a very odd experience when I was a kid involving the book The Exorcist. I was in bed reading it and was freaked out (this was before I saw the film, the book is also scary). Anyway, for some reason I said to myself, “When I put this book down if the power goes out that means there is something to all this.” It was sunny outside, in the summer, probably a bit after 6 pm. As soon as that book hit the bed the power went out. There was no lightning or storms and it’s not like power outages were common in that neighborhood- I can only think of a few in over 20 years of living there. I could hear the neighbors outside but I was too frightened to get out of bed. I put the sheet over my head and called to the dog to come in my room and get in the bed with me. LOL! My parents had gone out to get a bite to eat so me and the dog were the only ones in the house. Even though it was light outside I stayed in the bed until my parents got home. I’m inclined to think that perhaps it was precognition- that my subconscious knew the power was going to go out. Still, one of the weirder experiences I’ve had.

  • BC,

    Weird story. Either precognition or one of those rare coincidences.
    I made the mistake once, of watching that movie while I was home alone. All lights turned off….man, I got like halfway through it and turned on all the lights and left for some coffee.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • ANK

    Every should read this book I have visited the McBride house many time and have first hand experience from an early age. The McBride house sits across from a Civil War fort and its hospital and the activity there and around the area is quite well know. I am sure my Aunt Cindy’s book will intrigue you all.

  • redngreen

    I know this is kind of an old thread but The Changling has always been one of my favorite scary movies. I am so shocked/delighted to find it’s based on a true story! I just went to the website and read the real story behind the movie- incredible!