Supposed haunted home turns into a money maker

maplehouseThis home on the corner of Jeter and Maple streets in Dresden will feature ghost hunting training courses and overnight vigils.

Home owner Nicole Williamson, was scared out of her home be loud noises, footstep that she heard were coming down the stairs in her new home. Upon hearing about the case, local ghost hunters decided to pay this place a visit. The story unfolds itself to be more than just bumps in the night. Soon, a woman is attacked by unseen forces.

Of course this sounds like a good story to follow up, but then I read that the local ghost hunter, J.C Harris went on to investigate, and plans on setting up the old house as a paranormal destination in which he will be charging for “Ghost hunting classes” then one starts to question the validity of this story.

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While rumors swirled in the community about the historic house on the corner of Jeter and Maple streets in Dresden, the previous owner was searching for the truth. What she eventually found was a reason to pack up and leave the home in the care of someone whose goal is to open the doors to paranormal enthusiasts.
The events leading up to the sale of the two-story house have been shrouded in emotion for 26-year-old Nicole Williamson and her family.

It began with an unforgettable weekend while she and her youngest child were staying in the home last fall.
As a new homeowner, Williamson said she was excited at the prospect of owning such a large house at a reasonable price.

Once the remodeling work began on the home, the unforgettable experiences followed and those emotions turned into hesitation after a suspected home invasion forced her and her daughter to flee from the house.
Williamson described how the sound of loud, heavy footsteps on the second floor made her grab a weapon in fear that someone was in her home.

“When I heard the footsteps in the room above my bedroom, I knew something was not right. We kept the door to that room locked and there was no way that someone would have been in that room. When I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs, I grabbed my daughter, my Bible and my keys and we left the house,” Williamson said.

A few weeks later a family member asked Williamson if she could bring some friends into the “haunted” house for a quick tour. Williamson said she took the group of people through the home stopping at the stairway.
“I don’t go up to the second floor,” Williamson explained.

Feeling brave, the group of Weakley Countians went into the room that stayed locked. While those involved were unsure of what happened after they turned the lights off, one person said the experience changed her life forever.

“I heard a loud thump and yelling. The next thing I know, they are carrying a girl down the stairs and out of the house. Her eyes turned black and she was growling. People starting praying over her body when she finally came to, not sure of what had happened,” Williamson explained.
In an interview with The Press, the female in question opted not to have her name published, but was willing to share her story.

“I don’t even go to places like the haunted farm in Medina and my husband cannot drag me into haunted houses that you have to pay to go into. I really didn’t even believe in that kind of thing,” she shared.
“Someone was telling us about the house and I told my husband that if something touched me, I will jump on his back and he will have to carry me outside. We went to the house anyway,” she added.
She confirmed what William-son stated about turning the lights off in the room on the second floor of the home.

The group of people with her that day recounted how her back was arched off the floor once the lights were turned back on.
“They told me my back was arched off of the floor and I was growling and making gurgling sounds. I was fighting my husband tooth and nail down the stairs and he said he could not physically pick me up that day. It took four people to carry me outside of the house. My eyes turned black and rolled into the back of my head. Someone had my head was saying the Lord’s Prayer over and over again asking me to pray with her,” she said.

“The first thing I thought was that I wanted water; I was so thirsty. When we got back home, my temperature was 101.5 and I felt like I was fighting off a panic attack,” she added.
“After that I had to go and reaffirm my faith. There was a reason that happened to me – maybe I wasn’t as strong in my faith as I thought I was and it honed in on me because of that. As far as believing that something like that could happen to us, we didn’t think so. Never for any amount of money would I ever go back into that house,” she commented.
While she chose not to release her name, she said many people in the community have heard stories related to her experience. She said she chose to share her experience because “sometimes the truth gets stretched.”

“I have never had any health problems, never fainted or had seizures. I want people to know that I read my Bible every night and I am a God-fearing person. We were all there that day for a reason,” she commented.
That night, she said her husband noticed she had three scratches down both sides of her back that never broke the skin.

“I think what scares me the most is that I have no recollection of those 10 minutes of my life,” she shared.
After one mysterious circumstance after another with the home and after some soul searching, Williamson opted to consult with people who spend time searching for answers surrounding the unseen and the unknown.

That is how Williamson met J.C. Harris, a ghost hunter from west Kentucky.
Harris spent a weekend in the home with another team from Kentucky to try and shed some light on the circumstances surrounding the historic home.

Harris told The Press that according to his research, the house occupied at least three entities.
One was apparently a dominant force that preferred to prey on women with blonde hair, Harris explained.
“It’s going to take a long time to discover what is really going on in that house. But I don’t think there is anything demonic there, just a spirit who really doesn’t want others in the home. My goal is to find out what happened and try to help the spirits pass through,” Harris commented.
Along the way, the new homeowner said he is willing to share his experiences with others.
Harris recently bought the home from Williamson and plans to offer all-night vigils and an open house for those interested in exploring the unknown.

As an experienced “ghost hunter,” Harris plans to spend several weekends with strangers willing to venture into the spiritual realm sharing his knowledge and training.
Harris, fresh from the purchase of the historic home, has planned an open house this weekend.

While he expects the transition of spirits to be clouded with uncertainty and an indefinite amount of time, Harris is hoping to teach, as well as learn, lessons with others throughout the process.
He will offer “ghost hunting” training under the Patti Star certification. The class will feature a four-hour investigation of the house and 10 additional hours of classroom training.
Harris has set up a Web site at featuring pictures of the home and plans to offer updates on the Internet about the home

Full source: Nwtoday