Franks Box – Telephone to the dead?


The Franks Box, aka Ghost Box, may be the next tool in the ghost researchers tool box. I ran across this article of the fact that a company plans to start producing Ghost Boxes for paranormal fans. I’ve done a lot of reading into the Franks Box, intending to find out it’s practicality and it’s caveats.

The Franks Box was first created by Frank Sumption in 2002. His interest started with recording EVP’s and later he thought of creating this device in order to catch real-time EVP’s. The basis of his device was to scan AM frequencies constantly in a sweeping fashion (back and forth on the dial) in order to create ‘white noise’ (which is a theoretical basis for the existence of EVP’s). The received noise was then fed into a ‘echo chamber’ on the box which enabled spirits to manipulate the noise to form words, and the output is fed into a speaker, thus allowing communications in real-time.

The Franks Box is slowly becoming the latest rage with paranormal investigators, with it even being (unfortunately) highlighted on the show Paranormal State. For those of you that believe in EVP’s, this could be what you have been waiting for. A real-time tool used to receive direct responses to your questions. For those who do not believe, this tool is just another gimmick. From what I have read, controversy swirls around the Ghost Box.

The Franks Box receives EVP’s in real time, although the quality of these vary, like the recorded variety. Another annoying aspect pointed out on several forums, is that the white noise being generated has pops and pings from radio stations that are active (as the receiver sweeps the channels back and forth, it still gets hits from active stations). What is received at times is suprising. Questions are answered, albeit not in the way you might expect. Pending on the spirit’s mood, you might actually get cussed at. Answers range from single words to actual sentences, while at other times spirits can be heard talking with one another.

Frank’s intentions with these boxes was more for ITC (instrumental transcommunication – IE talking to spirits, inter-dimensional beings, ET’s) than for investigative purposes. Frank felt that by using it for investigative purposes, the results would become biased based on people hearing what they wanted to hear. When Frank initiated sessions, he would not even ask questions, he would just listen and analyze recordings. Unfortunately, Frank’s creation was perverted by Chris Moon, who was using the device for his own monetary gain by charging people to talk to the deceased, though this actually raised more interest in the Franks Box.

Of course this machine is a skeptic’s dream to argue against. Arguments range anywhere from manipulation of radio signals, reception of bogus signals (cell phone, cordless phone, CB’s, etc). Due to the equipment installed in the Franks Box, it is argued that transmissions can be fed into the box in a fraudulent fashion. My only thought (though I’m no electronics wiz), is that with how quickly this thing scans frequencies (considering a radio station hit creates a pop or a ping), how could a signal perpetuate on the receiver? Cell phones, cordless and CB’s all operate at different and higher frequencies in order not to overlap radio stations.

The only drawback for believers is the price. Either you will pay handsomely for this device through the few manufacturers there are, or you will have to put some work into building one by yourself. Frank schematics are openly available at this site . Even though Frank never intended his creation to be used in the investigative fashion, I believe that very soon this device will be carried in just about every paranormal investigators bag.

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