“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase


The Franks Box, aka Ghost Box, may be the next tool in the ghost researchers tool box. I ran across this article of the fact that a company plans to start producing Ghost Boxes for paranormal fans. I’ve done a lot of reading into the Franks Box, intending to find out it’s practicality and it’s caveats.

The Franks Box was first created by Frank Sumption in 2002. His interest started with recording EVP’s and later he thought of creating this device in order to catch real-time EVP’s. The basis of his device was to scan AM frequencies constantly in a sweeping fashion (back and forth on the dial) in order to create ‘white noise’ (which is a theoretical basis for the existence of EVP’s). The received noise was then fed into a ‘echo chamber’ on the box which enabled spirits to manipulate the noise to form words, and the output is fed into a speaker, thus allowing communications in real-time.

The Franks Box is slowly becoming the latest rage with paranormal investigators, with it even being (unfortunately) highlighted on the show Paranormal State. For those of you that believe in EVP’s, this could be what you have been waiting for. A real-time tool used to receive direct responses to your questions. For those who do not believe, this tool is just another gimmick. From what I have read, controversy swirls around the Ghost Box.

The Franks Box receives EVP’s in real time, although the quality of these vary, like the recorded variety. Another annoying aspect pointed out on several forums, is that the white noise being generated has pops and pings from radio stations that are active (as the receiver sweeps the channels back and forth, it still gets hits from active stations). What is received at times is suprising. Questions are answered, albeit not in the way you might expect. Pending on the spirit’s mood, you might actually get cussed at. Answers range from single words to actual sentences, while at other times spirits can be heard talking with one another.

Frank’s intentions with these boxes was more for ITC (instrumental transcommunication – IE talking to spirits, inter-dimensional beings, ET’s) than for investigative purposes. Frank felt that by using it for investigative purposes, the results would become biased based on people hearing what they wanted to hear. When Frank initiated sessions, he would not even ask questions, he would just listen and analyze recordings. Unfortunately, Frank’s creation was perverted by Chris Moon, who was using the device for his own monetary gain by charging people to talk to the deceased, though this actually raised more interest in the Franks Box.

Of course this machine is a skeptic’s dream to argue against. Arguments range anywhere from manipulation of radio signals, reception of bogus signals (cell phone, cordless phone, CB’s, etc). Due to the equipment installed in the Franks Box, it is argued that transmissions can be fed into the box in a fraudulent fashion. My only thought (though I’m no electronics wiz), is that with how quickly this thing scans frequencies (considering a radio station hit creates a pop or a ping), how could a signal perpetuate on the receiver? Cell phones, cordless and CB’s all operate at different and higher frequencies in order not to overlap radio stations.

The only drawback for believers is the price. Either you will pay handsomely for this device through the few manufacturers there are, or you will have to put some work into building one by yourself. Frank schematics are openly available at this site . Even though Frank never intended his creation to be used in the investigative fashion, I believe that very soon this device will be carried in just about every paranormal investigators bag.

Check out these YouTube links:

Franks Box:

Franks Box in use:

  • Gary,

    I’ve never really given the “Ghost box” a second look. It really seems (to me) that this is just auditory pareidolia.

    Meaning that people will hear what they want. They might want to hear something so bad, that they hear radio signals as ghostly communique.

    I’ve seem Chris Moon and have read about what he does. He brings shame to the game. That’s all.

    I hope people stay away from using this as a means of gathering scientific evidence.

    Great post!


  • Gary

    Yeah, after watching the youtubes I’ve seen, I’m not toally convinced, but I think they are on to something with it. I’ve always had a soft spot for EVP’s. Why not make a device to pick up real-time EVP’s? I think these things will end up going big for investigators in years to come, the allure is all too ‘promising’. I really do think that it needs to be tweaked and experimented with further though. All the background noise kind of overloads the auditory senses, and yet you still have to play with knobs in the mean time? Yick. 🙂

  • cormac

    pardon my French, but to me its just Franks Bollocks. The idea is laughable.

  • Danny

    I’m no paranormal expert but wouldn’t it be easy to manipulate this device by using say, an external device like a 2 way CB radio, how could you tell whether you are picking up geniune EVP’s and not radio interference for example. This device looks more like a toy than a serious scientific device for ghost hunting

  • I’m normally open minded, but this clearly sounds like just snippets of voices and music from different radio stations. You are bound to hear phrases etc.

  • bellaboo

    Franks Bollocks


    funny how this madhobbit guy is located in the UK, and all of the “ghosts” have british accents. same thing in the US when chris moon or anyone else gullible enough to shell out money for the thing uses it, the “ghosts” all have american accents.

    you’d think if it were actually a “telephone to the dead”, there wouldn’t be any geographical boundaries involved. you can pick up a phone right now and call someone across the globe…

    and fwiw, “very clear” evps my arse (in keeping with the brits and bullocks theme)

    …perverted by Chris Moon, who was using the device for his own monetary gain by charging people to talk to the deceased…


    there is a TON of information debunking this device available online – including input from at least one well-known skeptic who went to a chris moon/frank’s box event in person.


    (fwiw, someone claiming to be frank sumption posts in the article’s comment section)

    also, see shermer’s article on “patternicity”.

  • Justin

    I’ve actually used this type of device on investigations with what’s also referred to as a “Hack Box.” Works the same, only scans the FM dial instead. Apparently, there are tutorials on how to make a very portable (and cheap) hand-held one from modifying a Radio Shack tuner.

    But I have become quite discouraged using it, mainly because of the high tendency to fall victim to auditory pareidolia like Javier brought up. It’s interesting to note that a lot of the “voices” tend to stop broadcasting at the end of an hour or half hour pretty much on the dot. If the device is scanning the radio signals, we should not forget that certain DJs also go off the air at certain times. Something to take into consideration while using the device…

    But Gary definitely makes a good point being that it is about time we start developing devices to work more in a two-way spectrum so that we can start achieving real-time conversations.

    Someone you should look into interviewing: Marcus Leader (of Leader Research).

  • wilkenator

    Funny how none of you people have used it. Something comes along and changes the way we percieve things and people are ready to dismiss it so easily. I personally would like to experiment with one and make my own assessment. To all you other people that just want to dismiss it because it sounds like it won’t work..STFU! Don’t knock it till you have tried it! Sick of close minded people!

  • wilkenator,

    Interesting point of view.

    I tell you what, go to Chris Moon’s next public appearance. Pay him the few hundred bucks bucks for him to use this contraption to contact ghosts and report back to us if you made contact with spirits.

    We will then publish your report.



  • loo

    i have just got a ghost box (yesterday) i did actually think that perhaps it does pick up CB radio conversations and talk to people who are using a CB, but when you get words like f**k you and f*****g b*****d, i dont think there is a radio station in the world that uses language like that, could be a CB though, but then you get the word ‘help’ and your name being said 3 times when you have’nt even said your name, it kind of makes you think. ive done evp on just my mobile phone when NO-ONE has been in my house and live in a very quite area, i have got a little girls voice as clear as day say ‘i cant even see anyone’, so, can you skeptics explain that to me? i do understand that every little noise from within a house is not always a ghost and you have to look for every possible explanation for things that do happen, such as my bedroom lights turning themselves on!. back on to this ghost box, i have got different accents.

  • I have been doing paranormal research off and on for years. I have gotten some very interesting evidence over lots and lots of work. I still however am not sold on the ghost box as true evidence yet. I personally hacked a radio shack radio the other day, and gave this thing a shot. I must say, I was amazed at how easy it was to catch EVPs. The first session I did, I caught quite a few EVPs. I went ahead and posted my findings on a youtube video under /user/salinaparanormal. It really is kind of convincing, even though as of yet I still have to throw it out as not true evidence yet. Personally I have not gotten curse words, or anything that could not have possibly been from the radio broadcasts. But I did get what appears to be direct answers to my questions. Not only that, on one of my clips, I got 4 different voices, each speaking their own words, one after another, and all together made a complete sentence that answered my question. Really wierd. On one of my EVPs I also got an accent in one of the words.

    I must say though, all the real EVPs from the ghost box I got, I did not pick up until I pulled it apart during the evidence review. I’m still not sold on it yet, but this is the real deal. I dont care what method is used to obtain EVPs, if it offers direct answers, to specific questions consistently, then it’s worth more research for sure.

  • Nena

    I am just an average individual who had lost a friend. I contacted a ghost boxer online who knew nothing about me or my circumstances and he conducted a session for me in my absence and the results are amazing. When you hear voice of someone that is dead and can be recognized speaking to you there is no room for question. Clearly this is a difficult topic for many to accept and embrace. It is hard to accept that your loved one is somewhere beyond your grasp. It easier to grieve and move on rather than to seek and find. To put down and discredit what you do not understand,

  • Have you ever listen to Electronic Voice Phenonemon (Evp)? Using a modified AM/FM radio that continuous scanning can open up a portal for ”Two-Way Real Time Spirit Communications”. Be able to talk with spirit entitys, ask questions and get answers.This ghost box radio is an ITC. (Instrumental Trans-Communication) device for communicating with the other side or from beyond, transcending space and time for a supernatural experience.Yes, please vist my YouTube ”Candoey Channel” for viewing.
    Thank You

  • sloinker

    I was carrying on a conversation with a dearly departed using a ghost box but that bastard bin laden kept interrupting our conversation with,”where are the virgins?” “and god is great my ass!”. I was pissed off and then the ghost box tuned into the local Country station and my head was bopping and my toes were tapping to those sweet tunes. Ghost boxes are great and multi purpose in their application!

  • paranormal puppy

    I am testing a device right now which does not use the franks box theory. I gave the prototype to several different people to try. So far it recieves evp at 100% accuracy (so far) but I originally designed it for two way communication. The problem is Not everyone can recognise evp “real time” Only when I review the recordings do I hear the responses (yes responses) The speed and cadence make it difficult to catch real time. I think the reason I am getting 100% capture (so far) is because I have gone back to basics and looked at how the evp can be recorded, rather than introducing white noise, am broadcasts, noisy tape recorders. All this stuff, I believe can hinder the recording rather than help and increases the chance of Paredolia. Allthough I think Franks box is a great invention and I applaude him for his work. I dont feel it is the direction we should be going in, and yes I have tested his device.