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"Flying humanoid" taped on the Mexican skies

So what happened on last night’s episode of MonsterQuest?

So far I’ve been really happy with the way they’ve done their investigations into the reports of the unexplained and such but last night’s episode left me displeased with their investigations into the “Flying humanoid” reports. MonsterQuest’s team seemed to be focused more on getting scenery shots for the recreation part of the show and for stock footage than anything else. I have to admit that the animation of the flying human-like creature was pretty sweet.

The main problem I had with the show was their lack of in-depth analysis on the case of the victim of the creature attack, who happened to be a police officer and also the now famous “floating humanoid” film that is all over the web.

MonsterQuest did not talk about the psychological and drug tests that were performed on the police officer who said that he was attacked by a creature that he reported looked human in shape, but floated above the ground. They did not mention how police have received reports of similar looking creatures in or around the local cemetery.

As far as the video of the object seen floating above the skies of Monterey, there was not enough analysis done. Joe Nickell (Skeptical Inquirer) concluded that it could have been easily hoaxed using a group of balloons inside a tarp (or multiple garbage bags). OK, makes sense. That is what I though of when I first saw this video years ago. The show also had a video expert examine the footage. His conclusion was that maybe it could have been a gondola lift, for humans or for rock mining, due to it’s straight trajectory. OK I can buy that as well.

Gondola Lift
Gondola Lift

The problem that I have with the latter is that there was no exploration in or around the area where the footage was shot in order to find any mining activity in which they would use such lifts. It seems like a preliminary step anyone would take, yet they had Cryptozoologist and researcher Ken Gerhard, go to the local mountains and investigate a cave and some hieroglyphics to research pre-hispanic history that would point out evidence of the flying creatures. Sounds like a good plan, but no useful results for helping us make up our minds were obtained. I know these shows work on a very restricted time-frame, but I think the time could have been better spent.

Then there is the analysis done on the mummified “alien creature” that was found in Mexico.

Alien creature? real or hoax?
Alien creature? real or hoax?

I’ve known of many cases that Mr. Jaime Maussan (Mexican journalist and Mexico’s leading ufologist) has done and most turned out to be fake. He has been given a lot of fake videos over his career, to which he does not diligently analyze and usually deems them to be real.

The “Alien” creature on the show was dubbed the “Screaming demon” and was all over the Mexican news. MonsterQuest tested a sample of the creature for DNA and Genetic makeup. What was the result?

The geneticist concluded that it was something that was not classified and they left it at that. I don’t get it. What did they mean not classified or not known DNA?
GhostTheory reader “Andrew Y” left this comment:

ANDREW Y says:
July 29, 2009 at 7:02 pm (Edit)
THe creature they found has no known dna … what the fuck is it??….and why if its real do they name it and call it a new species?

Why didn’t the team have the creature tested again? Why didn’t they explain what the conclusion meant? and why didn’t they do their homework and realize that Jaime Maussan was involved in this case? That would have been a red flag there. I’m not trying to knockdown Mr. Maussan, but given his reputation over the last years, he seems to be the favorite target of hoaxers.

Read some of the other readers and their comments:

South Dakota Guy says:
July 29, 2009 at 7:36 pm (Edit)
Hey Javier, I’ve seen this report and video awhile ago and still leaves my head scratching, although it looks like it came from hogswart,lol.

Jules says:
July 29, 2009 at 11:53 pm (Edit)
I’ve always thought this was one of the weirder things. I can handle Yeti’s, UFO’s and even spirits but flying humanoids really freaks me out for some reason.

Dunpeal says:
July 30, 2009 at 6:39 am (Edit)
From all the reports that I’ve read everywhere I’m starting to really believe this thing is real. After reading all the evidence the best I can come up with is that it’s some sort of dementor as cheesy as that may sound.

jrtg4 says:
July 30, 2009 at 7:29 am (Edit)
I saw the show last night, it was really creepy.

I wonder what that creature is

Did you see the episode? what’s your take?

  • sami

    its so wierd i looked at the evedence…if they cant confirm is DNA then its DNA isnt on record..ment that they havent ever seen or located one of these spicies. jeez they r idiots… mabe they could devide the brain in to the scientists who didnt test again. this is so horid. how dare u guys call it a ”alain” its just as ”human” a us!!!!! its a very very very deformed,cemicaly tested human…! u people whom reed this im 11 and i knw more than u! that poor thing its even more messed up becuaz what cientists do t it cemicaly wise. D:< so sick!