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What’s with all the UFO reports coming out of China? Once again the city of Shandong has mass UFO sightings from September 7th. Now that China is becoming more of an industrialized society, are  they being visited by UFO’s for the purposes of observation? Apparently per wikipedia, “Shandong is the biggest industrial producer and one of the top manufacturing provinces in China”, whilst also being mineral rich in gold, sapphire and diamonds.  The picture posted is rough to say the least, as it appears to be a CCTV camera still from a security camera, and offers nothing usuable.


In the wake of two UFO mega-events that took place in China over the last few months, namely the solar eclipse UFO incident and the two ‘mothership’ UFOs seen over Shandong, Chinese media and authorities are being flooded with more reports of UFO sightings.

In the city of Shandong, numerous residents reported seeing a UFO on the night of Monday the 7th of this month.

The government owned news outlet Xinhua carried the story. The UFO was described as a spinning glowing ball that circled above the city before moving away, sometimes going at incredible speeds and sometimes slowing down.

A number of earthly explanations have been given for this UFO event. These include the possibility that the UFO may be a kite or neon signs reflecting off clouds. Other recent UFO events have been satisfactorily explained in this manner however in this case Xinhua notes that ‘Many people still insist that what they saw was not an ordinary luminous body, but a legendary UFO.’

Many are unconvinced by the explanation given by the authorities for the Shandong ‘motherships’ incident as well. That is, the UFOs were spotlights reflected against clouds that happened to only be in the specific area the lights were shone: giving the appearance of ‘cloud’ UFOs. Observers point to the video of the UFOs to demonstrate the feasibility of this explanation (see video here).

Meanwhile a UFO has been reported as having being seen and photographed above Changbai Mountain in the Jinxian area on July 16. This UFO (seen below) was reported in a local paper. Interestingly researchers have noted that this UFO bears some similarity to the Deqing Eclipse UFO of July 22.

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Source: Allnewsweb


  • Martin

    Chinese sightings are on the increase lately, hehe its either “alien” touristic offices withdrawing their local advertisements of US in favour of China (…), or simply Chinese are working on their own version of TR-3B and are getting snapped test driving one

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  • Christina Harrison

    It is a well known fact that China is far more advanced in technological research. Is it possible that the Chinese are manufacturing these things?

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