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A haunting - House of the Dead
A haunting - House of the Dead

Remember the episode titled “House of the dead” of the “A haunting” series?

If you have not seen that one, check it out here.

Bill Bean, one of the victims of the haunting has written a book called “Dark Force” in which he tells the details of the haunting that plagued his family in the late 1970s.

The book is $19.95, and if I hadn’t already gotten my book for the month, then I would think about reading this one.
Dark Force - Bill Bean
Dark Force - Bill Bean

DONNA FELLOWS For the Maryland Gazette
Published 09/19/09

Bill Bean Jr. was only 4 years old in 1970 when his family moved into a three-bedroom single family home in Harundale.

Little did they know their lives and family would be changed during the 10 years they lived in the house.

“We went from a very loving family when we first moved into the home, to a family void of affection that lived and survived on a day-to-day basis,” Bean said.

“I believe it was the evil force and entities in the home that made my mother ill and kept her in that environment.”

Margaret Ehrlich, organizer of Inspired Ghost Tracking, an Odenton-based group with 65 members, hosted, Bean last week as a guest speaker. A DVD of his story from Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” in 2006 was played to an audience of over 90 people.

Bean has written and published a book about the family’s experiences, “Dark Forces.”

“We left that home in 1980,” Bean said. “I didn’t discuss our experiences until I was approached to talk about it on a local radio station in 2002.

“Our childhood was robbed. There were no slumber parties at our home, no friends to come over and play for fear of what the evil entities would do.”

Bean said the home was very dark, with dark brown paneling in the living room and dark, narrow hallway.

“It was eerie looking and scary to me as a young child, but I couldn’t figure out what it was,” he said.

His older sister, Patti, never felt comfortable in the hallway or her bedroom. Her bedroom was at the end of the long hallway and was always cold, even in the summer.

Soon after the family moved in, the back bedroom door began opening and slamming shut over and over again.

It continued during the day while Bean’s mother, Patricia Bean, was at home alone.

She told her family that she would make the beds only to find them stripped from all of the beds soon afterward. The bathroom faucets would turn on, overflow the sink and flood the floor and hallway.

Bean’s father, William, was a no-nonsense man who didn’t believe any of it.

“My mom told my grandmother that our house may be haunted,” Bean said.

Bean shared a bedroom with his younger brother, Bobby. They would lie in bed at night and hear what sounded like heavy footsteps in the attic. Later, strange tapping noises from inside the walls would accompany the footsteps.

One evening, after a few years in the home, Bean said he was physically attacked by an unseen force as he lay in bed.

“I wanted to cry out to my parents for help, but my mouth wouldn’t work,” he said.

He said his family was stuck financially.

“We couldn’t leave. My grandparents offered to take us in on several occasions, but they lived in a one bedroom apartment,” Bean said.

He said that his mother was physically attacked as well, and was once hit in the head from a glass flying out of the kitchen cabinets.

Bean explained that this type of violent activity got worse in the final five years. Pets disappeared. Strong and foul odors appeared out of nowhere.

Bean said a priest blessed the home, provided the family with an intercessory prayer and holy water.

“It got to a point where the priest told us to call him anytime day or night. He would bring holy water to our home in large Mason jars on numerous occasions,” Bean said.

“The hardest part of our 10-year experience was being physically, emotionally and spiritually drained,” he said.

These days, Bean is touring the country, publicizing his book and talking to families going through similar experiences.

The family that currently resides in the Beans’ old home says they have never experienced any paranormal activity.

“My Uncle Cliff introduced me to God while I was a teen. I truly believe we were under demonic forces at that house. God has given me the strength to overcome this and to use my experience to assist others.”

To learn more about Bean’s experience, visit

Donna Fellows is a freelance writer who writes about Odenton and Gambrills in her West County column for The Capital.

Full source: HomeTown Glen Burnie

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    I hope people do realize that Bill Bean doesn’t deliver people from evil without getting paid.

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    Call BGE and tell them you are paying with your Holy Ghost card! 💰🤯

  • Audrey Amis

    People…i know this guy personally….he went to school with my older sisters…and i promise you…his story is true…and i lived in the same neighborhood.. I’m 47 yrs.old.we moved in harundale when I was 4 yrs.old.and my mom still lives in harundale to this very day in the same exact house….. I was never I’d say “friends” with him because he was older than me…but I have 4 older sisters and 3 of them were friends with him…. He’s not the lying type at all…that i do know..i have been around him at parties and stuff and he did start a band with an ex boyfriend of mine in which i was still friends with at the time. He NEVER EVER told anyone about it back then when they lived in the house so it’s not like he was ever trying to get attention or brag about it or anything like that…. I believe they tried to keep it from being known back then…because they didn’t know exactly what they were dealing with. . But it is very very true people…just figured I’d put it out there for those people that’s making rude and ignorant remarks.. My name is Audrey Amis…and I’d never put my name let alone my word to any of this if i didn’t believe his story…

  • Paula Simpson