Asia “Alien Image” in UFO: Not what it seems

"Alien image" in a supposed UFO

I received and email about 4:30 am from Michael Cohen, who runs, a website for UFO/Extraterrestrial news.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been subscribed to their email list and have been getting plenty of UFO stories. I rarely post them due to that fact that they all have very poor evidence to support the claims. Such is the case with this last email.

Here is the entry on Allnewsweb:

Around a month ago we received this interesting UFO video from a reader. No information regarding the footage was passed on to us. When we posted the story some readers thought the video showed a mere reflection in a window while others found the footage more compelling than that. I must say I myself was not so sure it was just a reflection of a light in a window. Since then we have received more information regarding this UFO event.
We now know that the man heard in the clip is speaking Indonesian and that he seems genuinely confused as he calls regional control to tell them that ‘Noah’s Ark’ (he seems unfamiliar with UFOs and aliens) has been hovering over the port all morning. Lon Strickler then created an enhanced still from the footage which further intrigued me.
We contacted our friend, Ronald Nussbeck of and asked him to see what he could come up with using Ron Stewart’s remarkable APEP photo enhancement technology.
To our surprise and despite the poor quality of the film, a rather clear if not outright amazing image of a humanoid alien was captured peering through the windows of this UFO/extraterrestrial spaceship! The image, Lon Strickler’s enhanced image and the orginal footage can be viewed below. is operated by Ron S. Stewart, Archeologist, Inventor and regarded as one of the world’s leading Imaging Scientists and the developer of APEP: Which has received attention from some of the World’s largest Corporations and the international UFO community.

APEP works because Ron S. Stewart found a Flaw in the Architecture Foundation of Image creation that affects all photos and videos for the last 50 years. The Flaw restricts DPI (dots per inch), the average photo contains about 150 DPI, APEP converts photos and videos to about 10,000 DPI, that means an increase of up to 10,000% in image resolution. The process also solves Pixelazation and Distortion when enlarging images and is inherent in all photo process today. The flaw restricts the laws of physics from attaining maximum resolution.

Lon Strickler runs “Phantoms & Monsters” website. A very up-to the minute website. I have to go with Michael Cohen’s first assumption that this is just a reflection of a light fixture from a window pane. It’s obvious because its translucency, shape and lack of movement. If you really look at it, you will see the halogen bulb. As far as an “Alien image”, I think that’s just pareidolia.