Speaking of the dead…


As you all know Ghosttheory.com was invited to come speak at the Haunted Speakeasy hosted by Smartgals.org and Creepyla.com. Since this was our first public talk for both Javier and I, we were a bit nervous. Even though the crowd was around 40 or so in attendance. Just knowing that you’re actually going to be standing in front of people and speaking a bit about yourself and handing out some ghost stories is pretty nerve wrecking, especially for your first time. As we walked in to the downstairs of the church where the talk was being held, we did see some of the women from smartgals.org. However we weren’t sure if they actually knew who we were. We met up with David Markland from Creepyla.com and he introduced us to the Christine Louise Berry from smartgals. She was very nice and hospitable with also introducing us to some of her associates from smartgals. With a few tables in the background filled with snacks and drinks the place was big enough to hold a good 50 people easy.

We also had the privilege of meeting some local bloggers and interesting people like Michael Imlay from Dateline>City of Angels which we hope to work on some future projects with. We also met with Drew Daywalt from http://www.fewdio.com. Also Joe Oesterle from http://www.joeartistwriter.com and Will Campbell from http://www.wildbell.com were at hand with their own ghost stories. Last but not least we met Richard Carradine from Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles and might be tagging along for some of their ghostly gatherings.

Since it was a bit of short notice, we went out there cold turkey without practicing any stories we were going to speak about. I guess when your speaking the truth, there is no need for practice other than trying to get the jitters out. As we were the fourth in line to speak on our personal paranormal experiences, I remember how nervous I was sitting there and talking to Javier about my knees getting weak. Pumping each other up as soon as we knew it we were up there and Javier went first as he’s the senior editor of ghosttheory.com. Javier had the crowd’s attention from the beginning and was well performing his story. I won’t get into what Javier’s story was about, that’s for him to let you all know. However when he finished I was pumped up and nervous at the same time. Haha, kinda felt like walking off and sitting back down then, but we had to handle this and represent ourselves so here goes.

As most of you know I have experience a few paranormal events in two different house’s in Los Angeles, from which I have posted on my intro to being an editor on this site and my bio. People have gone their entire life never experiencing paranormal events. I’m not so sure that this is a bad thing now. Looking back at activity that we could not explain growing up, still leaves me wondering to this day, “What the hell was that?” and “What could have caused it?”. I might never find out myself and certain paranormal and ghost shows sometimes make me think that it’s all B.S. Sometimes these shows even make me second guess myself of what I witnessed. Hearing a child’s footsteps running around my living room when I was young. This child was my cousin who had passed away just days before we heard the noises at night. Crazy thing was he was over one night before he drowned running around the very living room where the noises came from. My family still to this day talks about this event and how a priest came to the home and blessed the house a few months later. After the house was blessed the noises stopped. No more running around in the middle of the night, while everyone was in bed fearing to walk into the living room and turn the lights on. However this wasn’t the only strange event that did occur at this house. Not many years later we also witnessed an image on a picture of myself as an infant. The image was an amber like image of a skull just at the bottom of the picture near my feet. During the day with no possible reflection that could have caused this image to just appear out of no where. Then to just suddenly fade away slowly until it vanished completely.

I wish to believe that it was my cousin running around the living room and his spirit didn’t want to leave yet. Maybe it wasn’t his time, as people put it. I wish to leave that embedded in my mind. As for the object at the foot of my picture, that I’m really not sure if I want the answers to. What could an object like that mean to someone that shows up then slowly vanishes, and a skull for that matter.

Joe Ruiz