Skeleton Found In 100-Year-Old Mansion’s Walls

Wellsburg Aspen Manor

Wellsburg Aspen Manor

This is really bizarre and intriguing. A paranormal investigative team recently visited the resort and recorded an eerie EVP. The ghostly voice said “Help me. I’m stuck inside of this wall!”
I usually dismiss EVPs, since they are not really that clear and there could be a myriad of reasons why EVPs are heard.

For this case, It’s interesting to note that once the paranormal investigative team thought that there might be something or someone buried in the old manor, they dug around and found skeletal remains that were walled-up for quite some time.
The local police was called to step in and investigate this further.

Does anyone know who the paranormal group was that found the remains? I’d be interested on hearing the EVPs.

Full source:

A historic Brooke County mansion is at the center of a police and paranormal investigation after skeletal remains were found hidden in a wall.

The remains were found at Aspen Manor in Wellsburg after paranormal investigators said they sensed someone was buried in a basement wall and heard a voice saying, “Help me. I’m stuck inside of this wall,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Richard Ferguson said the bones had “been chopped up into pieces” and had saw marks on them. Investigators also found glasses, hair and other items in the same wall. The remains were removed and are being sent to the state medical examiner, who will determine if they are human or animal.

The owner of the building, Gene Valentine, said the paranormal group came to the mansion to film because of the mansion’s rich history and said he isn’t surprised by the find.

The mansion was built in the 1895 by the Vandergrift family as a boys’ getaway that hosted gambling and cockfights. Later, it changed hands and the Catholic community took over and turned it into an assisted living home. Most recently, Valentine turned it into a bed and breakfast.

Valentine said he is in the process of remodeling, but said if officials determine the bones are human, he will let them do whatever is necessary to investigate and find out what else might be hidden on the property.