“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase


We always love a good hotel ghost story here at HotelChatter so on this cold day, kick back and get spooked.

Four ghosts have reportedly taken up residence at the historic Hotel Bethlehem but instead of conducting exorcisms or ghost evictions, the hotel has embraced these “guests” by offering up a special hotel room that’s supposed to witness all the paranormal activity.

So who’s haunting this place? The most well-known guest during the days of the Eagle Hotel, Hotel Bethlehem’s predecessor, was May Yohe. The actress/singer was born in the hotel, which her grandpa owned, in April 1866. As a child, Yohe would sing and dance for guests in the lobby.

Even though she ended up performing in Europe in her later life and subsequently married and left Lord Francis Clinton (the owner of the Hope Diamond), Yohe was supposedly most happiest in life at The Eagle. So she may have chose to return there in the afterlife as people say they hear her singing in the lobby.

And randomly, she’s been seen chilling in the exercise room. Ghosts need to work on their fitness, who knew?

The oldest guest, Francis “Daddy” Thomas, has been spotted in the hotel’s boiler room. Back in the day, Thomas served as the town tour guide, tending to visitors. He died in April 1822, but it’s said that he stays in the hotel to continue his work of welcoming tourists, though if he came to wish us a how-do-you-do, we’d book it outta there.

In the Eagle days, its owners, the Moravian Church, weren’t happy with the landlords, Mr. and Mrs. Brong. The Mr. constantly got drunk with the guests and the Mrs. had a predilection for running around without shoes or stockings—scandalous, we know. So the church booted the couple, but some kitchen staff and restaurant diners report seeing a woman in period clothing walking around sans shoes.

If you’re a ghost hunter, stay in room 932 on the ninth floor. The hotel calls it a “Room with a Boo” for all the paranormal activity that happens there, including sightings of things in the mirror, lamps flashing and the bathroom wallpaper turning pink. One couple stayed in the room and were woken by a man standing over them asking, “Why are you in my room?” and when they put on the light, he disappeared.

The room, a popular request, costs about $199 a night. And if you’re not a believer, 932 offers another perk: the top-floor executive suite has a prime location with a view of Bethlehem’s famous illuminated star that hangs above the city year-round.

Source: Jennifer Kester/Hotelchatter.com

  • Love it! Thanks for the share, Gary. This kind of Spooky Stay is my kind of Haunt Jaunt!

  • very interestin…… cant wait to visit….. hope to meet ur friends from the after life……they scared the holy ghost out of my sister……i love ghost i would love just to take a quick peek and spend one night to meet may yohe she sounds very nice and sweet lolzs……

  • T

    ‘most happiest’????????………please fix, most happy, or happiest……..

  • Aimee

    I have stayed iin room 932 and I did see some strange things. I was not a believer, but I am now.

  • sloinker

    I saw and participated in some strange things in room 932. They involved a bowl of whipped butter a goat and a prosthetic limb. It still sends chills down my spine thinking about it.

  • Anonymous

    I really want to go visit the hotel next week i have a free ticket to go to any room i want and i chose room 932 and when i come back i am going to share my experience about the ghost and the bathroom turning pink and someone touching my shoulder

  • When we first moved here from Florida we stayed at hotel Bethlehem. I had no idea of any ghost stories.
    We checked in with our 14 year old Yorkie dog. He never barked as a pup and never barked as he became a grown dog. We left Lucky in the room as we went down to eat in the hotel. We got a phone call on our cell phone that guests were complaining about our dog barking.. Very strange to us. When we got back to the room we did not hear any barking..
    We looked on the bed and saw a little girl. And it disappeared… We were very scared !!