Ghostly Photograph: Wench or Whack?


Browsing the ForteanTimes this morning I ran across this supposed ghost photograph. The picture in question supposedly shows a ghost of a “wench” from the 17th century.

The picture shows what appears to be a full figure of a woman. Of course being that you are reading this on GhostTheory, you know we will jump to the conclusion of this being pareidolia.
The claim of the “17th century wench” cannot be confirmed. It’s all pretty much urban legend, so this leads me to believe that maybe this could really be an accidental pareidolia or an intentional hoax for publicity.

Gary @ GhostTheory sent me this article by Courtney Mroch over at HauntJaunts. The article is a good read and gives much inside into the competitive and sometimes lucrative world that the paranormal has become.

It appears that more and more businesses are making money by labeling their location a haunted spot. Some charge $2,000 for a paranormal team to investigate. Outrageous and truly embarrassing.

Full source: ForteanTimes

Thirsty Phantom
Has the 17th-century wench haunting a Derby pub been caught on camera?

Rob Spacey sent us this photo of what appears to be a ghostly female lurking in a pub after closing time. Has she crossed over from the other side for a pint, or is she mere camera jiggery-pokery? Post any thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

Here’s Rob’s account:

“A friend of mine works in the Old Bell Hotel pub on Sadlergate, Derby. The pub is renowned for being haunted, so much so that local ghost walker, Most Haunted’s Richard Felix, often uses it on his ghost walks.

There is a story that a particular corner of the pub is haunted by a ghost of a ’17th-century wench’. My friend was telling this story to a friend of hers at 3am, after their shift had finished. The pub was closed and they were the last to leave and lock up. Her friend, for a laugh decided to get his phone camera out and photograph the haunted corner, not believing he would catch anything […]

I’m in absolutely no doubt this is a genuine ghost picture, you can make out everything on the ghost: dress, face etc. This picture came straight off my friend’s phone, which came off her friend’s. There is no way this can have been manipulated.

There was no one in that corner or anything either. I have since been to this pub and had a look round. The room itself is shut off from the public, with all doors behind the ‘woman’ being barricaded up, seemingly for a few years.”

Full source: ForteanTimes