MonsterQuest & Maussan: Hoax Revealed

Alien creature? real or hoax?

Alien creature? real or hoax?

Do you guys remember the “Screamin Demon” creature that made headlines all over the Spanish speaking media and was even dubbed a mystery on the U.S. show “MonsterQuest” ?
Well, it comes to no surprise (at least to those who know him) that Jaime Maussan was once again the “butt of the joke”.

A person has come out and denounced the whole ordeal as a hoax. Forgetomori has the recap of what went down.

Taxidermist Urso Ruíz confessed to the hoax in an online forum:

From Forgetomori:

A “Veterinary Assistant” featured in the whole Metepec Creature brouhaha, “Ángel Palacios Núñez”, is, according to Alejandro Franz, in fact Urso Moreno Ruíz, nephew of Mario Moreno, and a taxidermist.

More importantly, Urso Ruíz apparently confessed in an Internet forum he indeed hoaxed the creature, which is indeed just a squirrel-monkey:

“It’s just the corpse of a skinned squirrel-monkey. I took its ears out and involved it with all the hair and fluids of all animals I could find, then I dried it. All samples they take of it will come out as being of different animals.”
He goes on:

“Mr Mario quickly sold it to Maussán for 300.000 pesos [U$23,000], as you can see after four years they still can’t realize it’s a hoax.”

And tries to defend himself:

“I must say I didn’t claim it was real. That was Maussán who claimed it was real. He believed it. All the show was a hoax that got out of control, but after four years I’m happy to see one of my creations going around the world and through many scientists and tests and they still haven’t figured out what it is. I may have fooled science! LOL”

Read it all at Forgetomori

Every time I hear that Maussan is involved in some investigation or paranormal case, I immediately start to look for signs of trickery. His reputation has been tarnished. Maussan himself is known for disorganized research and quickly announcing evidence as real.

You might remember the GhostTheory online discussion that we had after the MonsterQuest episode “Flying Humanoids” aired. The MonsterQuest investigation was done in a haphazard manner. In no way were the “flying humanoid” video and the “Screamin Demon” cases related. I don’t even know why they mentioned the “Screamin Demon” in this episode.

Read what I had previously blogged about in regards to this whole case:

I’ve known of many cases that Mr. Jaime Maussan (Mexican journalist and Mexico’s leading ufologist) has done and most turned out to be fake. He has been given a lot of fake videos over his career, to which he does not diligently analyze and usually deems them to be real.

The “Alien” creature on the show was dubbed the “Screaming demon” and was all over the Mexican news. MonsterQuest tested a sample of the creature for DNA and Genetic makeup. What was the result?

The geneticist concluded that it was something that was not classified and they left it at that. I don’t get it. What did they mean not classified or not known DNA?
GhostTheory reader “Andrew Y” left this comment:

ANDREW Y says:
July 29, 2009 at 7:02 pm (Edit)
THe creature they found has no known dna … what the fuck is it??….and why if its real do they name it and call it a new species?

Why didn’t the team have the creature tested again? Why didn’t they explain what the conclusion meant? and why didn’t they do their homework and realize that Jaime Maussan was involved in this case? That would have been a red flag there. I’m not trying to knockdown Mr. Maussan, but given his reputation over the last years, he seems to be the favorite target of hoaxers.

Mr. Maussan, if you are reading this……tsk tsk tsk…..

MonsterQuest Staff, if you are reading this: “Don’t go down this route. I know mysteries make for good ratings and in turn for more money, but quite frankly, you dropped the ball and lost credibility on this one.”