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The “Andes Humanoid” video has been around for quite awhile now, strangely, this is the first time I’ve come across the story and videos. My initial impression is that this could be a case in which investigators misidentified remains of a human, there seems to be more questions to answers regarding the “Andes Humanoid”.

What we know according to the Youtube user Stevenng2020:

In January of 1974 an unidentified flyng object (UFO) fell in the Andean mountains of Peru. The Military authorities denied what had happened, but some people were there before them and took something very valuable…..a HUMANOID(Alien). What you gonna see here is the dead Alien body that was keep over 33 years

My emails to Stevenng2020 have not yet been returned. Further information on the web was not available about a possible 1974 UFO crash in the Andes. No major reports or investigations can be found. The only clues are what the user left on their YouTube channel.

The feel that I get from the video is that it is an authentic relic or artifact that is being kept hidden away in some old farmer’s house. Is it a real human body? I don’t know. Is it extra-terrestrial in nature? I doubt it.
The most probable answer is that someone stumbled into a centuries-old Peruvian mummy. Given its anatomical deformity (natural or unnatural) this could have led to a “Alien humanoid rumor”.

Peruvian mummies can be found in the higher altitudes of the Andes mountain range. They bare a similar appearance in texture, look and colorization to the supposed “alien humanoid” in question.


Although by looking at the video, the skull does seem extremely large or bulbous-looking in the upper portion of the cranium. It bears some resemblance to the “baby Mummy” that was found in 2007 in the rainforest of Peru. The eye sockets, nose and lips are drastically different though.

The next explanation could be that of a hoax. That is to say that someone could have paid the farmer enough money for them to appear in front of a camera and recite a prior script that was handed to him. If this was a hoax, then it is very well done; but why have we not heard any more from it? Why didn’t the researchers bring back some tissue samples for DNA testing?

I find it odd that this is said to be a 1974 UFO crash.

Reminds me of another UFO crash… 1947 Roswell Crash.

  • JP

    Hmm.. yeah, 1974…
    That year makes me a feel a little… hmmm… suspicious.
    And I think it looks older than that, if it is a real mummy.

    When compared to mummys found in the Andes through the years, it looks more like a 500 years old mummy, rather than a 35-40 year old one.
    But I´m no expert, so we´ll have to see I guess…

  • Marcin

    What makes me wonder every time I’m reading about a metallic object falling from the sky, and military quickly cleaning it up and never saying anything about it is… how many of that fallen metallic junk is just a military property, experiments gone wrong, or better yet gone right just happened to be landing in someones sight etc

    Just a thought.

    As to the remains of Mr.X, hard to tell, but sure as hell it looks a bit older than 36 years old.


  • KarmicGypsy

    Interesting. The eyes and nose look different to me in each of the 3 main pictures. I agree with JP, while I’m no expert it looks much older.

  • Peter

    Smells fishy. Why would a farmer in the Andes keep a body in a box for 30+ years? I mean, if he knew it was that important he would have showed it a couple of decades sooner you’d think. And if he had no idea it was important than why did he not just bury it?
    And the way these video’s are set up showing pieces of the body cutting away to some ominous text than some more body shots. Cliff hanger at the end to build a hype (that apparently never materialised).
    I don’t know, it just does not seem very genuine. If you sit on proof like this would you keep it to yourself and just release teasers?

  • jbondo

    This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s nothing more than a Gaff IMO and a bad one at that.

  • My question is wouldn’t a body have decomposed much more without proper care and mummifying. I mean this skeleton is in pretty good shape for being stored in a box in a barn for 30+ years.
    I smell hoax.

  • elhombre

    At around 1.09 in clip 3, I notice there seems to be some kind of hay or grass sticking out from near it’s right eye socket.
    Makes me think it is made of mud and grass like mudbricks, which would also account for it’s dessicated look as well once dry.

    Definite fake imo.

  • Lawrencium

    First of all, the people who look at this and immediately say hoax need to open their eyes. Most of you are probably uninformed viewers without ANY prior knowledge of anything that has been going on with these events. Millions of people spot UFO’s each year, it only takes ONE

  • Lawrencium

    of those sightings to be real to validate the fact we are being visiited constantly by many other intelligent lifeforms. I strongly urge anyone who reads this message to check out George Green’s website “” and read of some the articles he has to offer. Also, download and read his book “Handbook for Humanity.” It will truely blow your mind I promise you that.

    As for the andes humanoid, you can’t use fundamental decomposition rates on such a thing, if it is truely unearthly, how could you ever know how fast it decomposes. It’s theorized that the body is made of silicon, it’s absurd to think anyone would know what such a specimen would look like 30+ years after death. The only real debunk theory I’ve seen is the mummies found in the andes from a lost civilization during the reign on the Incas, which only give very small similarities in size, the rest of the features differ drastically.

    The features match a very well documents crop circle event where we sent a message containing our DNA helix and body structure, and the next day a crop circle appeared with very similar DNA structure and a humanoid being resembling almost identically to the andes humanoid.

    Food for thought I guess, to just write this off as hoax is completely ridiculous (ones who are informed know what I mean)

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  • Everlark

    What is Stevenng2020 ‘s email account?

  • Everlark

    I mean, what’s his email address?