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One of GhostTheory’s loyal readers who goes by Jbondo sent me the following story about this Italian woman who claims to have been impregnated by aliens.

Now, I gotta say that without even looking at the video I had already concluded that this was just a hoax. Why? Well, Jaime Maussan’s name is on it.

Not that I would believe that aliens would visit earth and impregnate women or anything, but the video does show a creepy fetus. I’m sure it’s the fetus of some animal, hence the reason why I’m posting this up. Can any of you clever readers distinguish what animal fetus Maussan shows on the video?

Do you guys really think that we are visited by aliens who want to breed with us? If so, for what purpose? I’m sure the end result would be some horrible mutated abomination. Maybe they don’t want to impregnate earth women. Maybe they just didn’t use protection….. Maybe women find aliens sexy…… So If I was to go to another planet populated with alien girls….

*gets up and starts drawing up plans for a homemade spaceship….*

  • JP

    When Jaime Maussan is involved, the fake factor is extremely high.
    The fetus looked creepy, though.
    I have no idea what it is, but it looks disturbingly human, I must say…

    And Javier, before you travel to Alpha Centauri, how hot are the alien chicks?
    CanĀ“t say that the Grays turn me on…
    And the Reptilians? Uahhh! No…
    But maybe you know some attractive ones out there?


  • JP,

    How hot? Let just say this: You ever seen “Total Recall” ? Where the alien girl has a third…..


  • jbondo

    To add my $0.02, I happen know that the “aborted hybrid fetus” is nothing more than a squirrel carcass from my years of small game hunting. Delicious on the BBQ by the way!

    Yes, Jamie’s stories are most often those that scream hoax.

  • jbondo

    Amusingly this story is all over the interweb.

  • I loved the picture of one of her “captors”. Looks like the thing was molded out of clay.

    I have relatives in Italy. I hope this chick isn’t one of them.

  • jbondo

    Is your name Costanza?

  • redngreen