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in Ufology, cattle and animal mutilations are considered by most researchers, physical evidence of alien visitation. The animals are mutilated in such a way that their organs and limbs seem to have been skillfully removed using laser technology. Or at least that is what the reports state.

I’ve blogged about APFU awhile back and pretty much stand the same ground.

Animal mutilations theory is an interesting theory, but does not really convince me. I’ve seen many skeptics debunk this theory by using time-lapse video of a natural animal decomposition. The results were stunning. The natural decomposition of cattle proved that maggots and scavengers would remove organs (soft tissue) in a manner that could resemble a clean, laser cut.

I would like to believe that aliens are visiting earth. I would like to believe that they are interested in Earth’s creatures. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is this:

With all the traveling aliens are doing, why would they only pick at cattle parts and not take the whole animal?

Full source: BBC news

A Walsall man has told BBC WM that aliens and UFOs are responsible for a string of animal attacks in the UK.

Mike Freebury, a member of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, has investigated the mystery of ‘cattle mutilations’ for a number of years.

The phenomenon, first reported in America in the 1970s, involves the unexplained deaths of rural animals.

The bodies are often discovered with missing limbs and organs, removed with surgical precision.

Mike says that the illegal attacks are also happening in Britain – and UFOs are responsible.

“Certainly, in my opinion, the UFOs are something that relates directly to the animal mutilations,” he told BBC WM presenter Brett Birks.

“They’re often seen around the areas where mutilations are taking place. I think that the animal mutilations are possibly some sort of sampling programme being carried out by the entities that are propelling these crafts.”

Mike is part of the Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU), an organisation dedicated to researching animal mutilation in the UK.

“We have carried out a number of surveillances on Dartmoor,” he said.mike_freebury

“We were never able to catch the perpetrators in the act but we have seen some very strange craft of unknown origin. UFOs. We have them on film. We’ve managed to get frame-by-frame analysis of them done. It appears that these things were appearing literally within a second and then gone.”

British attacks

In rural Britain, dead sheep are being found by famers with mysterious – and gruesome – injuries. Mike says a “highly active” area in the UK includes Shrewsbury, Dartmouth and parts of Wales.

“We’re talking about some fairly remote areas,” he said

“These injuries to the animals – the animals are invariably killed – are very specific. If you’ve seen some of the bodies that I’ve seen, it’s just absolutely incredible.

“The flesh appears to have been cauterized indicating some sort of thermic lance or micro-sonic wand has been used. We’re talking incredible technology. There is never any blood.”

No arrests

Mike says they’re have been 40,000 estimated cases in America since the 1970s. The number in the UK remains unknown.

“You do have to question – how is it that somebody has not been identified?” he said.

“(How is it that) somebody has not been arrested or charged with these crimes? There’s never been a single prosecution. And it’s the same in this country.

“It’s plainly evident that these (attacks) are not carried out by natural predators.”

Project Corridor

The APFU are currently conducting a survey called Project Corridor, an attempt to quantify the number of attacks in Shropshire. Mike explained:

“(The attacks) are a crime. They’re a crime under the Criminal Damage Act. I would say to you that the farmers themselves seem to accept that not only is there a problem but in many cases they are describing what appear to be craft of unknown origin flying over their land and they are pointing the finger at them for carrying out these attacks.”

Mike Freebury will be giving a lecture to the Birmingham UFO Group on Monday, 14 June at the Midlands Red Social Club.

  • hall442

    I have to disagree. I have also watched such time-lapse video decomposition. It did not resemble to me, what we are seeing in these animal mutilation cases. One show did attempt to debunk the phenomena in much the same was as you are describing. The results disgruntled the debunkers, because they were proven wrong.

    There may be the odd occasion when natural decomposition resembles this phenomena, but it would be the exception, rather than the rule.

    There is definitely something else going on here.

  • Peter Jones

    The apfu no longer exists it was shut down by Phil Hoyle recently.

  • R.M. Hughes

    APFU exists. I was speaking with Mr. Hoyle recently and their website is currently under maintenance and should be back online soon.

  • Paul from Westbury

    Actually dude think you will find that they disbanded because Phil is
    crippled from illness. Not even Mike Freebury is involved any more.
    There is no one at all involved and I know this because Ken from the
    group told everyone by email. Phil Hoyle is a scum bag anyhow because he
    clearly works as a dis info agent for the Government. David Clarke
    exposed him months ago!

  • Sue Field

    Maybe it’s the APFU who got busted for sending spam letters trying to disinformation a few people. I hear they failed badly and now the authorities are watching their every move. Freebury, Hoyle and co are shills in a bad wind storm trying to put the frightners up farmers. That’s why they shut down because Hoyle was reported to the police for harassing farms about mutes when clearly there wasn’t any. Speaks desperation totally.