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A mysterious 300ft crop circle has appeared in Wiltshire, Britain.

As far as crop circles go, this is a pretty cool design. We can only speculate that these crop circles are just a product of incredibly talented people, but some might also speculate that these are a product of aliens visiting earth.

I’ve seen plenty of intricate crop circles that have been done by humans in various documentaries, but to think that some people have the skill and time to pull something like this off is pretty insane. You’d either need a team of a dozen or more people working throughout the night in almost perfect unison to create a patter like this, or some really meticulous person doing this over a period of a few days. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Full source:

Mysterious new crop circles at UFO capital of Britain in Wiltshire

Nearly 200 crop circles have appeared in just one formation not far from Warminster, Wiltshire, known as the UFO capital of Britain.

The circular 90m (300ft) design, believed to represent the passage of the Moon and Sun, contains 193 rings, including six key circles and a seventh in the centre.

Crop circle expert Karen Alexander said: ‘This is the most complex circle so far this year.’ The formation, near the village of Mere, is the first in the area since 1997.

  • DrAlen77

    HAHA,and thanks for the comment jbondo.
    I should reiterate. What I really ment to say is, I can’t draw a decent circle let alone a straight line without breaking a sweat and getting the shakes. So a couple of guys with lumber and rope, drawing circles as big as parking lots, boggles me. But I do understand what your saying.

  • jbondo

    I’m getting the shakes just reading your post. George likes his kung pow spicy!

  • jim

    dear jbondo – go there at night – or whatever – and lay down this pattern , just for a test – and – not be detected – try somewhere in wiltshire – but – leave no marks of yourself in the process . i agree – unlikely . Crops were part of the early religions of britain – and related to markers of time / planting and so on – these – as some said – may be heralds of something else – a different age – a new phase. Whar is important ?
    The corn – food – with peak oil everything changes – food miles – pesticides / insecticides etc etc – all get effected by the reduction in petrochemical availability…. a change

  • jim

    add to that GM modifications of genetics – relating to the alien pic in the crop above ???

  • jim

    And “alternative” energy .. Who called it energy ? – may be – we – were using the altternative (technologically / lab created fuels….)

  • jim

    who calls it “alternative” – energy ??