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People all over West Lothian, UK, have been reporting strange lights flying in formation throughout different parts of the region. For the past few nights reports of these strange lights, some of what have been described as triangular in shape have been reported by many people on some online forums.

The West Lothian Courier has more on this bizarre report.

Full source: West Lothian Courier

THE people of West Lothian are being urged to watch the sky after a string of reports of unidentified flying objects in the area.

UFO website forums across the country have been flooded with reports of strange sights seen in the night skies above Whitburn, Bathgate and Livingston in the past month.

One reader phoned the Courier to describe “strange orange lights” he had seen in the sky over Whitburn last week.

The man said he was walking back from the Hillcroft Hotel up to Gleneagles Court with his wife when he saw two triangular orange lights above them.

He said: “They looked like they were moving from the Falkirk area to Edinburgh, almost like they were following the route of the M8. They were moving quite quickly but they didn’t make any sound. They would reach a particular point then they would turn black.

“I watched them for about 45 minutes and I saw six in total and they moved in formation.

“A dog walker approached us and said they had seen them as well.

“They told us they had been seeing them for the past two weeks or so.

“We tried to get a photograph of them but it didn’t turn out.

“To our naked eyes it was quite vivid and it was a distinct triangular shape.

“It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. It sent shivers up my spine.”

The witness added: “I think people are reluctant to talk about it as they think people will laugh at them.

“I had phoned air traffic control at Edinburgh Airport but they said there was no traffic in the area at the time.

“They had no explanation for what we saw but said sightings of that nature were very common in West Lothian.”

A Bathgate woman, identified only as Liz, wrote on website UK UFO Sightings that she had also seen a strange orange light above the town on Saturday night shortly before 11pm.

She wrote: “I was lying in bed watching TV and had the blinds opened when an orange ball caught my eye.

“It appeared from west of Bathgate and headed towards Livingston where it stopped and dimmed before disappearing.

“It moved much faster than an aeroplane covering this distance in less than five seconds and was much higher than a conventional aeroplane would be.

“I live up in the hills and can see the surrounding area for miles and I am used to air traffic going to Edinburgh airport but this definitely did not behave as regular aircraft would.”

Her report seemed to be backed up by another witness, who spotted four orange lights in the sky near Edinburgh Airport just five minutes later.

She wrote: “I live right next to the airport and know it’s not a plane or helicopter.

“It was very, very strange and definitely too large and bright for Chinese lanterns.”

And a Livingston man named Glenn wrote about strange objects he saw in the early hours of July 17.

He said: “I was walking the dog then looked skyward into a very heavily clouded sky.

“There was a large gap in the clouds and I watched eight to 10 red lights at approx 40,000 feet in a triangular formation. They seemed to be moving in a steady formation from east to west over Livingston.

“They were not planes and not Chinese lanterns and these lights never deviated from their course.”

While there is likely to be a logical explanation for most of the sightings such as Chinese lanterns – a paper balloon with a wire frame that floats in the sky while a candle burns inside it to heat up the enclosed air – the story cannot be so easily dismissed, on account of West Lothian being the location of one of the country’s most famous UFO sightings. The incident took place on November 9, 1979, in broad daylight when forestry worker Bob Taylor came across a large object in a clearing at Dechmont Law in Livingston.

In a clearing there was a metallic spherical object around 12 feet high.

When Mr Taylor approached it, two smaller spheres around three feet in diameter that appeared to be covered in spikes emerged from the bottom of the large sphere and began rolling towards him.

The small spheres grabbed his trousers and dragged him towards the large object, and he passed out.

He regained consciousness around 20 minutes later, suffering a sore head and throat and with a bitter taste in his mouth.

A subsequent investigation found marks on the ground corresponding to Mr Taylor’s description of what had happened.

Both police and ufologists say this encounter is unique as it is the only one ever to have left tangible and recorded evidence, has been verified by the authorities and was the subject of a full police investigation.

Have you seen strange objects in the sky above West Lothian? Or do you have an explanation for what these people witnessed? Get in touch with the Courier and let us know.

  • Liz Maxwell

    On Saturday 14th August 2010, my husband and I saw eight strange lights in the sky in the SW; we were watching this in Murieston South, Livingston at 2210. They were in an “upside down” “U” shape formation and were red. I do not know what they could have been. The lights did not flash like a plane and I have never seen 8 or more planes so close together. They appeared to move off in a southerly direction, one at a time.

    I would love to know if there is a logical explanation or if anyone else saw this!

  • John

    I seen these 4 objects in the sky with 2 friends thr other night and we noticed them and studied them for about 30 secs, they were round shaped very very bright and very speedy they moved along broxburn fast and came back in the same track, we thought these were these Chinese lanterns but they moved too quick and changed direction twice! They dissapeared after about 30 secs heading towards Edinburgh!!