Chicago O’Hare UFO: UFO Video?


The Chicago O’Hare UFO incident is back on the news again. Thanks to last night’s episode of The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert interviewed author Leslie Kean about her latest book: UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record

The book has been getting a lot of great reviews from what I’ve read in the past few days and looks very promising. With detailed accounts from governmental officials and commercial pilots, the books seems to have a well-rounded investigative approach.

Since last night’s show of the Colbert Report, the hottest search on Google today is for “Chicago O’Hare UFO”. Many people are searching for a video of the supposed mass sighting of a large metallic craft seen hovering over a terminal in O’Hare Airport on 2006. The Chicago Tribune has a fresh interview done with Jon Hikevitch, a reporter with the tribune who wrote about the incident on January 1, 2007:

The Colbert Report segment on the Chicago O’Hare UFO and Leslie Kean’s interview can be seen here:

Of course there are not images or video of the alleged UFO in existence. Which makes it an odd story because many pilots and civilians reported it, but no one took a photograph of the UFO. There is no mention if any CCTV cameras captured the UFO on tape. If they did, would the government release the video out to the public?