Texas UFO Sighting Similar To NYC’s Sighting


It’s starting to get really weird now. This whole “October 13th 2010” UFO thing is starting to creep me out a little…just a little.

Readers, I think by now you are aware on where I stand in regards to the NYC UFO spectacle that we observed a few days ago. To me, the most obvious answer is that the UFOs were balloons that were released in different parts of the city. Interesting enough, there were a few other reported UFO stories on that day or the subsequent days. One of those stories seems like an obvious rumor, so I decided to hold off on reporting about it. The story is about the claims that a remote village in one of China’s provinces had mysteriously disappeared during the witnessing of a UFO.

There was really no investigation or good facts given by a Chinese news agency, so all we have is just a claim that an entire village disappeared.

What I do find hard to explain is the following:

This UFO video that was shot a few days after the New York UFO video was shot in El Paso Texas. At first, what appears to be falling meteorites quickly stop in mid free-fall and hover and do other aerial maneuvers. More interestingly is what the Texas news caster points out about the objects in the video. In a formation done by these UFOs, we can see a similar alignment to one of the formations by the NYC UFO.

I still think that the NYC objects were balloons, but this video, if it’s real, shakes my initial firm believe about the NYC UFOs.

What do you make of this?

Is there a way that this new video that has surfaced been faked? Are these real UFOs?