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It’s starting to get really weird now. This whole “October 13th 2010” UFO thing is starting to creep me out a little…just a little.

Readers, I think by now you are aware on where I stand in regards to the NYC UFO spectacle that we observed a few days ago. To me, the most obvious answer is that the UFOs were balloons that were released in different parts of the city. Interesting enough, there were a few other reported UFO stories on that day or the subsequent days. One of those stories seems like an obvious rumor, so I decided to hold off on reporting about it. The story is about the claims that a remote village in one of China’s provinces had mysteriously disappeared during the witnessing of a UFO.

There was really no investigation or good facts given by a Chinese news agency, so all we have is just a claim that an entire village disappeared.

What I do find hard to explain is the following:

This UFO video that was shot a few days after the New York UFO video was shot in El Paso Texas. At first, what appears to be falling meteorites quickly stop in mid free-fall and hover and do other aerial maneuvers. More interestingly is what the Texas news caster points out about the objects in the video. In a formation done by these UFOs, we can see a similar alignment to one of the formations by the NYC UFO.

I still think that the NYC objects were balloons, but this video, if it’s real, shakes my initial firm believe about the NYC UFOs.

What do you make of this?

Is there a way that this new video that has surfaced been faked? Are these real UFOs?

  • David

    It is true that some pictures of the NY UfO looks like a bunch of balloons. However there are other prictures where they appear to be in a formation and a video with them moving at high speed – – this is nothing like balloons. It is convenient to encourage the balloon theory for the government agencies involved in the coverup, It is the US military/intelligence community that does not want the truth about advanced aliens visiting from outer space to be revealed, since that would undermine US military and economic dominance of the world. This elaborate coverup has been going on for almost 60 years. See for more info

  • Irishfan

    Maybe aliens do real?

  • Irishfan

    Can you come up with a logo for that Javier? Lol

  • Irishfan,


    I got the perfect one:

    Aliens could real!


  • Anonymous

    I like it! You can make money on both sides of the coin. Nice work

  • Ramon

    If i look closely at the trails of those ufos then i notice that the trail is still there, but smaller, when they move horizontally. I hear the guy saying there was an airshow in the area? If that is true then it could be choppers performing with trailsmoke. Just thinking aloud here?

  • Irishfan

    Did you listen to that female reporter at the end of that news show? Midwest valley girl? I’m not sure what to make of it? Btw Javier, I like the “aliens could real”. You can make money on both sides of the coin.

  • Irishfan

    Maybe the aliens said ” let’s go somewhere nicer”

  • JP

    I´ve never heard of an airshow performing at night, in darkness.
    Wouldn´t it be very dangerous to train aerobatics at nighttime??
    Hell, it´s dangerous even in daylight!

    To me it sounds like an excuse…

  • Ramon

    Somewhere else i read about skydivers with flares… Does that make sense?

  • Ivan

    there’s no way they’re balloons man. balloons don’t hover in the sky for more than 45 minutes. they’d pop already. plus, balloons would keep going upwards … not just stay and then move around. also, in one of the videos where the guy zoomed in .. you can see the shape of these dots are not circular. instead, they’re rectangle shaped. but just the mere fact that they stayed for more than 45 minutes is enough to prove they’re not balloons.

  • Now that’s a creepy revelation. I’m still wondering about that “balloon” theory in NYC.

  • Ivan

    oh and for people say they’re “airshow practice” .. I don’t think so. because one cameraman zoomed in using his camera and said he still can’t tell what it is. if they’re indeed helicopters or airplanes .. when zoomed in, it should be very easy to tell.

  • DMHarvey999

    airshow?? lmao, since when did we gain the technology to HOVER?? unbelievable what people tell themselves when they cant accept the truth.

  • MrJethro

    were not alone and its silly to think we are…I am from Alabama but lived many years in southern Az. and some of the things I have seen in the night sky are just the late 80’s I had friends that were of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and they have paintings and stories of “Yaduric” (not sure of the spelling) but they were big headed little bodied men with huge eyes that walked in the washes and hid in caves..looked like aliens to me lol.