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See the comments below for GhostTheory’s reader PCWilliams and how he debunked this claim. Great Job!

HauntedAmericaTours has a video posted on their page from the East Tennessee Paranormal Research society. The video claims to show evidence of a ghost from the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville Tennessee.

Now let me just say, that was one of the most boring ghost video introduction ever. Anyways…

Upon viewing the so-called ghost, I have to mention how disappointed and surprised I was. Disappointed because although the page in which this was reported had a title of “A VERY REAL GHOST ON VIDEO”, the video evidence itself was disappointing. Surprised because people who are out there “ghost hunting” are still considering this type of evidence as proof of ghosts.

Just look at this type of investigation:

The researcher uses an embossed frame from the video to show to the world that this ghost has, what he thinks, could be eyes.


See those two little grey dots? Those are supposed to be the eyes of the ghost according to the researcher. So apparently now we have amoeba ghosts floating about.

Full source: HauntedAmericaTours

This is a completely authentic capture which was captured during an official investigation with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research society. I have never seen any other capture like it. It was recorded in high definition, so it isn’t like one of those low quality ones out there we see so often.

On July 22nd of 2006 at around 11pm, I was on an official investigation with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society. I was talking with one of the employees of the theater who told me a story about a lady who had gotten trapped in one of the stalls and was unable to get out. The employee thought this may be a paranormal event, so I went to check it out and see if I could capture anything. I noticed when I got to that hallway with the bathroom there was a bit of an eerie feeling.

I video taped around the restroom and asked questions trying to get EVPs on my audio recorder. I didn’t sense or see anything specifically in the restroom and left. After the investigation, after I had gone through my evidence (and gotten lots of great EVPs), and thought I was finished, I got a phone call late one night from my parents who told me I had captured a ghost on video.

You see, they were also investigators, and were with me at the Bijou, and once we left there, we dropped by their house and my father made a copy of the video from my camera onto a DVD. Even though we had gone through it, he decided to go through it again in case we missed anything, and he saw this ghost skirting by the bottom of the frame. He gave me a time index, and I looked it up on my camera.

Needless to say, we were all pretty shocked at what I seemed to have captured. We thought maybe it wasn’t what it seemed to be, and shared it with other investigators, but none of us could debunk it, it seems to be a ghost.

  • 1.) The investigator states this was filmed in the IR spectrum. While Sony HandyCam’s do have IR emitters that allow zero-lux (no light) shooting, it is NOT by any means seeing deep into the IR range. If a camera has been modified to see into the infra-red range then the video would be red-purple in color instead of the standard green. The investigator does not understand his equipment, thus can an analysis of such by such be reliable?

    2.) The object is far too solid to be any type of psychic or paranormal manifestation. The way it moves suggests an object ( a notebook perhaps) is being moved just under the IR emitters in the opposite direction of the camera swing. Not saying its a hoax but its definitely not paranormal as you can see the ambient lighting from the IR dim briefly in the background and the object flares brighter as it passed by the camera. This suggests a physical object that was practically on top of the emitters. The object does not change shape; it is a matter of perspective that forces the illusion of changed shape, which is a basic principle of perceptional psychology. Its how many of the illusions work that we see on websites and in games.

    3.) Upon further investigation of the group itself to see if any further evidence was available for review in relation to this clip and to get a feel for their investigation procedures as both are important to establishing a good feel for any clip of video or audio, it was discovered that the group claims to educate and investigate the paranormal, however, their website, located here only has four links to articles on the paranormal and related subjects and ALL FOUR articles are direct links to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is notoriously unreliable and a poor source information on any subject. There also does not appear to be any original theories or work done by any team members on the website. In most academic circles or research societies, ongoing research and development of theories and publishing them is crucial to advancement of an ideal.

    Also of note on this webpage, is that the group has a section entitled “ETPRS Family” which is a list of its affiliated groups and branches. Of note is the fact that they list TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, as an ETPRS Family member. Now, even more interesting is that they do not make any kind of clarification of whether or not this is just a resource link or if they are genuinely claiming to be affiliated with TAPS.
    The problem with that becomes that they are NOT affiliated with TAPS or the TAPS Family. There are currently three Tennessee TAPS Family groups, one for West Tennessee, Innovative Paranormal Research, one for East Tennessee, Southern States Paranormal Research Society, (my group) and our newest addition to the TN TAPS Family, Ghosts & History Of Southeastern Tennessee, Inc which is based in Chattanooga.
    At this point in time, ETPRS is NOT affiliated with TAPS in any regard and to display that TAPS is part of their family groups on a website is deceptive to a client with how its presently worded or presented as if they are.

    4.) We are presented with no data to correlate this event. We have no magnetic field readings, no negative ion count, no Geiger readings, no temperature or barometric pressure readings. We have no data to even suggest that an event took place and surely an event of the magnitude presented would have disturbed some type of atmospheric reading. Were any of these readings taken? If so, can we see them? If not, why not? If you investigate without documenting readings for later analysis to establish patterns, then why investigate? Investigating is supposed to the data collection portion of the closest thing we paranormal investigators can get to a lab test. Without it, this video, while already weak, does not gain any strength.

    Conclusion: At this point with what has been presented and learned in regards to the video clip and the group itself, with what has been provided, I do not believe this clip is paranormal in nature. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that it is, either on the video or in the lack of data that accompanies it. Not saying its a hoax, however, it most definitely is NOT paranormal.