Lake Lure Inn Hotel Ghost Photo


I usually tend to ignore these types of ghost photos because they are painfully obvious. The image above is found on many different blogs and Facebook pages and almost everyone seems to be convinced that this is an image of a ghost.

I can’t do much about the disinformation that spreads quickly on the internet, but I figured that the best I can do is keep reminding people that almost always, someone has something to gain when it comes to ghost photos. In this case, the Lake Lure Inn Hotel. Since we know that haunted B&B and hotels are a hot commodity nowadays.

The news report and the paranormal team that “investigated” this claim are saying that there is no logical explanation… well let me give it a shot:

automatic camera + low lighting + low shutter speed (compensate for lighting) + Kid = Ghost Child!

Boom! mystery solved.

I bet you if we could find the people who attended, they would have an online gallery of photos taken during the party. In there, you would probably see some kids running about.

Full source: KTNV 13

A hotel in North Carolina finds itself in the middle of a spooky mystery.

The Lake Lure Inn was hosting a wedding anniversary reception, when the events and catering manager decided to snap a photo of the ice sculpture.

Some say the photo captured the ghostly image of a young boy on the left side of the picture.

“We’ve checked surveillance video. Haven’t seen anyone matching the description of the image you see in the photo.”

A paranormal group also studied the untouched photo and could not come up with a logical explanation for it.

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