California Wildman From The 1880s

California Wildman From The 1880s


Over at, Jon Downes comes across a very interesting news clip from The Stockport Advertiser, on September 9th 1882.



While hunting for deserters from a ship, at Guaymas,* a few days ago, the searchers discovered a man covered from head to foot with long, shaggy hair, of a reddish colour. On their approaching him he commenced to run, and they chased him, following him for a distance of a mile or more, to the beach, where he jumped from rock to rock with the agility of a chamois, and was soon lost to sight behind a jutting point. They afterward discovered the cave which he inhabits, the floor being covered with skins, and the indications were that he subsisted entirely upon raw flesh. Organized efforts will be made to capture him. (1)

(*Now in N.W Mexico)


Notice that the eyewitnesses reported that this “man” had long shaggy hair that was reddish in color. Which many reports have indicated that witness description of the elusive Bigfoot have included long, shaggy red/brown hair. has a story on the explorer, David Thompson, who recorded in his journal that he came across some rather large and strange prints. Check it out.