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Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot

Throughout my years as a paranormal blogger/writer I’ve encountered several dozen recordings of what is said to be the howling of a Bigfoot. It’s more like a moan actually. A very creepy moan that sounds “ape-ish”.

Local Seattle news station, King5, received a cellphone recording from a young man who said that while playing video games late into the morning, he heard a howling that was unlike something he’s heard before. He took out his cellphone and manage to record the eerie howls that night. The howls are much similar to those supposed Bigfoot howls that I’ve heard before. Whether or not this recording is real, is up in the air. For now, we only have his word on what transpired that night.

You’ll have to crank up the volume on this one.

Full source:

hi King5 my name is Matthew and I live in Rainier WA.
on Friday night I was playing Xbox live with my friends it was 3:30 am when I herd the first cry.
I tried off all my electronics and hit the rec on my cellphone. and I herd it the next night around the same time.
then my sister and her friend herd it Saturday around 12:00 pm wail she was leveling the house.
and it was the last time we all herd it.. so I got on you tube and started looking for sounds that Mach my recording and I found 1.
is on monster quest but I still don’t know? I was thinking it could be a mating call that big foot dues to look for a mate.
or a dog howling or a fox call but I don’t know?
so if you guys can help me it would be cool…

So what do you Bigfoot researchers make of this? I know several of you readers are avid Bigfoot researchers and have actual field experience, so hearing your thoughts about the recording would be nice.

  • Henry

    Could easily be coyotes.

  • Sean

    My neighbor makes the same sound every weekend after too many Bud Lights. Perhaps he’s a Sasquatch?!

  • Capricornia

    Nobbles, I tried again with the volume all the way up and was able to hear it. I’ve heard similar sounds on documentaries taped by bigfoot hunters.

  • Feezoid

    Sounds Like something is being tortured