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Dear Readers,

Although I never ask for any monetary assistance in keeping this wonderful website running, I will ask that you please consider helping those who desperately need your help.

More than 2 million Latinos in the United States struggle with literacy in their native language. This means that they cannot hold positions of higher pay, participate in their children’s education and help contribute to their communities and society. In Los Angeles alone, the percentage of illiterate Latino adults is astonishing.

I belong to the Centro Latino for Literacy and serve as a volunteer teacher three times a week. The CLL is a non-profit organization (Tax ID# 95-4324579 under section 501 (c)(3)) that teaches adult Spanish speakers basic literacy, math and ESL as well as gives them the confidence the so desperately need in order to educate themselves.

I teach three classes throughout the week which are:

LEAMOS – A computer course designed to help adult students read and write in Spanish.

Funcional – A grammar, math and basic finance class

ESL – English as a Second Language

Most of these students have come to this country in search of a better life. They come from deplorable conditions from their native lands and barely know how to speak Spanish, as most speak their indigenous language. The CLL focuses on getting them started on the right path by building a solid and strong foundation. First, we teach them how to read and write in Spanish, then we teach them math and how to manage their own money. The final step is learning to speak and write in English.

Building these skills help give the individual the confidence they need to be a more productive citizen. Once an individual realizes the importance of an education, they tend to see that their children finish school and support their education all the way through college.

Most students that I’ve had the pleasure talking with come from similar backgrounds. They lived in a remote village or town somewhere in North/Central/South America. They come from an abusive household where they were beaten severely and forced to work the fields as young as 5 years of age. Most have never set foot in a classroom before.

I met this man who is in his 60s. He suffers from various ailments and is physically handicapped. When I asked him his story, he took off his glasses and looked me straight in my eyes and poured his heart out. You see, as a child, he was beaten by teachers who showed no remorse for children who fell behind in class. Some of his classmates were severely beaten and abused so much that he vowed to never return to class. He’s been afraid of learning facilities all his life. I asked him “Why now?”

His answer was simple: “Because I have grandkids, and I want to set a good example.”

There are other stories of some adults being pulled from first or second grade because they needed an extra pair of hands on the field. They were never allowed to return to a classroom.

The CLL is located in a sketchy part of town, infested with gangs and unsavory characters. Yet nightly, these students make their way from their job in which most barely make the minimum wage, just to educate themselves. Many times I hear about how their employer (usually a textile factory in Downtown LA) will take advantage of them because most don’t posses elementary math skills. This is why we teach math and personal finances, so that they can better defend themselves from shady employers.

The reason why I ask you guys for a donation is because next moth is the LA Marathon and the CLL is holding a fundraiser. 100% of your donation goes into the classrooms. Most of these students have a difficult time paying for their books at times.

You can transform one family’s future by making an investment to teach one adult to read and write! Any amount is appreciated and 100% of your tax-deductible contribution will support Centro Latino for Literacy students.

  • $10 covers the cost of one student workbook.
  • $50 covers the cost to teach one adult to read and write.

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I would deeply appreciate anything you guys can do to help this cause. This non-profit means a lot to me. I'm committed to the CLL and will run the LA Marathon in hopes of raising the money that we need to assure that all students get the best education for themselves and their children.
I appreciate you guys as readers, fellow "GhostTheorians" and as a virtual community of friends. If I could personally thank you all for what you've given me these past few years, I most definitely would.

Thank you,

Javier Ortega.

PS: If you do donate, please let me know if the comments section.