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Well GT readers, looks like this might be the week of UFOs.

This is a video of a UFO filmed in the skies over El Salvador. At first I thought the UFO was added in after the fact but as I watched the camera zoom back and then in again it suddenly got more interesting. Plus the fact that the passing clouds cover it as they go by.

As you can plainly see, the UFO blinks as it changes colors. Looks to be at least 3 different colors while nearest the top of the telephone pole. The UFO then moves off to the left and gains altitude. The camera person then changes vantage points to follow it and it finally moves behind a building.

An interesting video and not a clear hoax by any means. If anyone has an idea please give us your take on it. Could be a helicopter but with the multicolor changes I am steering away from that idea. It’s obviously not a Chinese lantern as the distance is much too far to get such a large view of it. Aside from that Chinese lanterns do not change colors. Could it be a laser? Well, Lasers don’t change color. Or an LED reflecting off the window? Strangely enough, after adding the screen shot it looks like there’s a halo around the UFO as if it was in fact superimposed but that doesn’t explain the natural way it disappears behind obstacles. Could be just the halo from the emitted light of the UFO itself.

Oh well, I’m going to stop my picking at it and let someone else have a crack. I’m sure our resident sleuth’s will enjoy figuring this one out.

  • hw_paterson

    The addition of a sound track, lengthy intros, credits etc. is always an alarm bell for me. Otherwise this fits well into the category of objects viewed from far away and distorted by too much zoom. I have seen one or two of this sort of thing myself and have no idea what they were, but it is a long jump for me to go from “I don’t know” to UFO. Except in the most literal sense.

  • prustage

    We dont know that thing is actually moving. The apparent drop at the start of the clip could be a parallax effect caused by changing the camera angle slightly.

    We also dont know that it is in the sky. The thick cloud cover could be hiding a mountainous background. This could be a beacon on top of a hill. Or a light on a tower of some kind – perhaps a tower crane?

  • I think it’s a real object, but there is no real movement so it could be anything. There is nothing the object exhibited that was clearly extraterrestrial.