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I’m not really sure what to think about the following clip. In Mexico, there’s a paranormal show called “ExtraNormal” which deals with subjects of the paranormal and mysterious in nature. The following clip is of a haunted property in which the owners claim to hear voices and see shadows throughout. More importantly, there is a piece of footage where they claim that a ghostly monk, that has been seen next to the property, is visible.

At first, it looked to me like someone with a mop in the background. You know, the mop being held upside down, giving the appearance of a person with long hair or a cloak. A monk’s cloak. As I looked closer, I realized it’s not a mop, but it’s not a ghost for sure…or is it?

Check it out at the 1:15 mark:

The rest of the evidence on the video is highly dubious. From photos of “fairies” to a ghostly moaning caught through EVP. I thought the image of the “ghost monk” was interesting enough to post and discuss. GT readers have a knack for thinking outside the box and coming up with rational explanations to these “paranormal videos” on the net.

So here you go guys, have at it!

  • bigpunkdrummer

    Well the thing before the ‘ghost’ is just Bubo, from Clash of the Titans making it’s rounds. The ‘ghost’ appears to be someone with a bunch of drapes on them, or like someone waking through a clothesline full of clothes.

  • sloinker

    I think it looks like a marine wearing a Gilly suit. The fairy appears to be a big assed moth. If not that maybe they are extraterrestrials, I am excited and confidence is high.

  • Jenfaer

    omg guys… 😀

  • whipthorn

    nice one, lol

  • paranormal puppy

    The video capture of the “monk” is too grainy to be proof of anything except someone walking. The fairy is a big ass bug probably a junebug whcih I greatly despise. The evp does not fit the classic capture involving the correct symptoms of odd intonation and faster or slower candence. In fact if you listen closer you will hear a vehicle taveling at the same time which also triggers the dog bark first then you will the voice which has the same echo and amplitude of the dog bark which means the voice was a distance away at the road probably soemone was either yelling or talking from the vehicle and it echoed into the microphone because the mic was placed on the ground when it is placed on the ground it is less directional and you wont be able to tell the difference of the sound of the vehicle to where the sound of the voice was being produced. (deep breath)lol

  • paranormal puppy

    Just now I realised that in the still picture if you notice it looks like someone walking into a shed with two open barn doors and you can see a line at the torso which may indicate he is wearing pants and a shirt I dont think this is traditional monk garb lol

  • Nobbles

    Chinese lanterns can walk now?

  • TheGrimReaper

    Actually…. I was thinking that the fairy looks a bit more like a hummingbird. Look at the coloration, the long protrusion from the top of the “head” area… the underbelly light coloroation… I’m gonna call the fairy a hummingbird.

  • Tim

    I think ‘the monk’ literally just looks like someone in a sheet.

    The most concerning thing about this video was seeing someone looking at a digital camera screen through a magnifying glass. Is this a new way to detect fake pics?

    Can anyone tell me why she got into the pool?

  • Archie1954

    This story reminds me of an incident that occured here in Vancouver a few years ago. My friend was relaxing in his living room when a cowled figure came down the staircase and passed right by him and disappeared. He said the figure looked like a monk. Now back in the 17th century Vancouver was explored by the Spanish so I wonder if this figure has something to do with that. The situation though is that my friend’s house is high up the mountain and overlooks the city and harbour. I don’t know why a monk would be up in that area several hundred years ago unless exploring in the woods.

  • Buzz

    Looks like a woman in a wedding veil to me. But regardless of whether you see a woman or a monk, what reason do we have to believe that this sighting is paranormal? I mean why couldn’t it be a real person we are observing?

  • whipthorn

    I just watched this, and it’s suspicious that right when you expect the person or whatever to walk out from the other side of the tree, the film stops. I really think it’s just a gardner exiting a shed, and when it walked out past the tree, they realized that and just decided to cut the film to make it look spooky. Which it really doesn’t.

    And yeah, why did she get into the pool?

  • Rog in LA

    The “Ghost Monk” looks like nothing more that a guy wearing a thick white bath robe, the kind with a hood on it.