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This strange news report comes from the land synonymous with ‘Rock en Español’. Argentina.

The band “Ella es tan cargosa” (“She’s so heavy”) started out in early 2000 and has since gathered a large fan base and has won several music awards. From their latest album comes the song “Por entre los techos” (“In between rooftops”). The band and their manager thought it would be a good idea to shoot the video for this song on top of some local rooftops. As the band leader, Rodrigo Manigot, explains:

“al toque lo subimos a YouTube, y al pasar de meses (fines de 2010) empezaron a llegar comentarios respecto a un supuesto Ovni. Yo no creo en nada, y además, te juro, tampoco vi nada. No le dimos bola, pero ya de la discográfica Pop Art empezaron a preguntarnos por el tema del Ovni. La cosa quedó ahí, hasta que hace poco el Tano me dijo: ‘te juro que vi el Ovni’. Habrá sido marzo o abril y me mostró la parte en la que aparecía algo ‘raro’ en el video. Yo le decía: ‘está la base aérea de Morón cerca, es un avión’. Pero el Tano -que cree en todo- me dijo: ‘no es un avión: ¡pasa muy rápido!’. Y la verdad es que sí… pasa demasiado rápido”.

“We uploaded it [the music video] to YouTube, and after a few months (late in 2010) we started to see comments in regards to a supposed UFO. I don’t believe it, plus I swear to you, I didn’t see anything. We didn’t really care about the claims, but then the production company ‘Pop Art’ started to ask us questions about the UFO. That’s where the matter stayed. Until recently when ‘el tano’ (Ildo “el tano” Baccega is the lead guitarist) said to me: “I swear to you that I saw the UFO”. It must have been March or April and he showed me the part in which something strange appears in the video. I told him: ‘the air force base of Morón is nearby, it’s a plane’. But ‘el tano’ -who believes in everything- said to me: ‘it’s not a plane; it flies by too fast’. And the truth is that it does…it flies by too fast”.

– source: MDZOL

If you fast forward until second 31 of the video, you can see on the bottom left corner how the UFO makes its way across the cloud at an incredible speed.

The object in question can be seen on the 31 second mark and it does appear to fly by at an incredible speed. According to Adrian Nicala, a Ufologist who was consulted about the video:

“no caben dudas que es un Ovni”. Según Nicala, “en el segundo 31, un Ovni circular, al que se le nota el reflejo metálico, sale de una de las nubes adelante del cantante, y cruza de derecha a izquierda hasta el segundo 34, bastante lento”.

“No doubt about it, it’s a UFO”. According to Nicala, “in second 31, a circular UFO, in which we see the metallic reflectiveness, comes out from the clouds in front of the singer, and then crosses from right to left until second 34, quite slow”.

– source: MDZOL

What was captured in this rock video? An Argentinean Air Force Jet? or could this possibly be something from outside this world?

There has been plenty of talks about the tremendous increase in UFO activity in Argentina. So much so, that a meeting has been called for Ufologists from across the Argentine nation in order to determine what is going on.

  • Seeing

    This is not fast at all. The frames between 31 and 32 seconds are more than 1 second. Look at the shadows from the tree on the fence.

  • R

    Nice free promotion for the band isn’t it? 😉

  • JoeMomma

    It’s balloon boy down south!!! 🙂

    Honestly, it looks exactly what it looks like… a flying saucer…

    No reflection, just an object crusing in a straight line, high up in the clouds.

    The Mayan’s are coming home using there space crafts from back in the days. They are just having problems finding there old landing pads… LOL


  • whipthorn

    LOL, nice one Val! I can just hear the conversation between pilots now:

    “Man, it’s so nice to be back on earth, I can’t wait to see the old gang again!”

    “Yeah, no joke, now all we have to do is find a good landing spot on our temples and — what the @%$& is that?! Where’s the landing pad?! And what the hell is a ‘Starbucks’?!”

  • whipthorn

    Haha, sorry, two posts behind myself, good one JoeMomma! (not Val)

    I think I need less coffee. 😛