Bigfoot Evidence To Be Revealed Today!

Today is the day that the Jeffrey Gonzalez of Sanger Paranormal and other Bigfoot researchers reveal to the world the evidence that they’ve been keeping under wraps. The crew will be presenting to the press high-res shots of the imprint that was left on the window of Jeffrey’s truck. The crew believes this to be the imprint of a large primate-type creature. Deep eye sockets, lips and hairs were visible imprinted on the glass according to them and they will release this evidence today on the scheduled 4:00 pm PST meeting.

This will be a live press coverage and can be watched through a live stream over at Sanger Paranormal Society.

With a lot of positive and negative feedback, the crew is ready to face on the naysayers. They believe that what they have in their possession is of monumental importance. With the crew, a forensics expert who has studied the prints will be available to explain exactly what the prints mean, and what type of creature could have left them.

I’ve talked with Jeffrey over the phone and through email and texts. He is ecstatic about the press conference and really believes that what he has in his possession could be something of utter importance. He is convinced that this is no imprint of a bear’s face or that of a homeless person.

If in fact this turns out to be something we’ve all been waiting for for years, then Mexico might be up by two points. Which thrills me to no end.
Why Mexico you ask?

Yesterday while at the Kid Cudi show in L.A. (Happy B-day to my brother) I found out that Mexico beat Honduras 2-0 in the Gold Cup. Advancing them to the finals this Saturday against the U.S. Mexico will play for the Gold on Saturday in the Pasadena Rose Bowl. That’s point one.

The second point could be scored today at 4:00 PM PST as Jeffrey and the rest of the researchers take center stage in the media and showcase their find. If you haven’t put two and two together, Jeffrey is Mexican.

So I’m hoping the evidence presented today is strong enough to grant the crew more resources to investigate this further. Remember to tune in to their website for the live stream of the press conference.

Who’s excited?

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