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Something odd just happened. I’m not actually sure what it is.

While browsing UFO related news, I stumbled upon a recently uploaded UFO video that was shot in London. That’s not the odd part (believe it or not). But while doing a bit more research on this alleged UFO video, I learned that there are also two other videos of the same UFOs over London on that same day, shot by different people.
Yet, that’s also not the odd part of the story.

All videos are shot with HD cameras and at least two of the videos seem to have been edited in the same method.
Where the video is spliced with a “slow motion” recap towards the end right after a “Half speed” or “Slow motion” banner is displayed. Even the words are using the same “Text effect” in which they move towards the camera.

I’m not sure if this means anything. Maybe it’s the coffee I’m drinking. Who knows?

Just keep and eye out for any more of these videos or any new alien movie for the summer blockbusters.

Thanks to Paul Ravenhill for the heads up!

  • First clip is almost surely a fake.

    Thanks for the write-up.

    — Nation: Space

  • Sergey Rubtsov

    Хотелось бы верить, что это не подделка!)

    Translation: I would like to believe that this is not fake.

  • bobby

    a ufo could land if you peoples back yards and you would still say its fake…

  • sloinker


    I’m with you bobby. You should hook up with scientia on this board. Great minds think alike! He will introduce you to all kinds of mind blowing science and extra-terrestrial revelations. You will become EXCITED and your CONFIDENCE will be high after the indoctrination. After a few hours of studying you can climb the steps out of the basement and enjoy Kool-Aid, Twinkies,Potato Chips and bologna sandwiches courtesy of his mom. You will be amazed and your eyes will bug out after surveying scientia’s enormous Star Trek paraphanelia collection. Later scientia will invite you to a sleepover/party. There will be lots of drinking, fighting and fucking. You will be the only guest. UFO’s rule!

  • Anonymous

    sooooo fake

  • Anonymous

    robert, what were we looking for in that video? I didn’t see anything but some bee’s =\

  • Steve

    Having grown up in London and work in the city the only thing that bothers me is where all 3 are filmed, the first one is filmed near oxford street in the west of the city and the other 2 are filmed by tower bridge and the tower of London which is east. about 5 miles apart. Now the second 2 should of been filmed at the same times as there both at the same location a few hundred meters apart and they go off screen to the south. Now what ever way they get across the city the ufo’s would of had to go passed land marks with even more tourists like the London Eye/ Big Ben and Leicester Square so why hasn’t any one of the 1000’s of people filmed them as you can grantee the people on the London eye would of had their cameras ready and the fact they would of had a better view being so high up. Not totally saying they are fake, its just my thoughts.

  • Scientia

    sloinker – what is your problem? You have been seething bile like a spoilt child on GT for some time trying to get a rise out of me. It looks like you want to be me, but guess what, you can’t be me. You are not brave enough. You have even gone to the lengths of trying to impersonate me on another thread. You crazy guy. Stop being so jealous and try not to be afraid of the Extraterrestrials. They won’t eat you.

    Yes, they do EXIST and 11 Governments have disclosed their files on UFOs and Extraterrestrials including the UK, which made public over 4000 pages of documents from the UK Ministry of Defence which describe over 800 incidents from the 80s and 90s. So it looks like you slionker are the crazy person who doesn’t want to accept reality.

    Stop being a parasite and wake-up. You are a coward.

  • sloinker

    You are right. I’m scared and need a hug. Extra-terrestrials ate my homework.

  • Jon

    does that mean the bologna sandwiches are out of the question you guys? heh anyway

    i think this is probably something like a student media project or yes maybe some viral advertising of some sort. There are 3 main issues that have been mentioned that put it out of the race as far as i’m concerned.

    1. The quality of the videos. Come on! you know the only real ufo footage is always caught on grandma’s super 8 video camera. Why are three people walking around with HD camcorders the only ones to record this?

    2. Which leads to the lack of other footage. If it was in london at least i would expect a few dozen more videos at the very least.

    3. The ease at which this could be created by CGI, and some of the craft movements as mentioned which seem to line up with the camera movement.

    I dunno, I love ufo videos but these don’t sit right.

  • pedro

    Im kinda excited and a bit frightened that this footage has come to light. i was on the embankamank by the houses of parliament and i was watching an a380 taxiing to land at one of londons airport and i saw what i now know to be this. as only lasted a few seconds i just dismissed it. they looked just like 2 tennis balls shining in the sun…at the time i just put it down to wimbledon and a trick of the light

  • pedro

    d’oh stacking…you know what i meant

  • OK, here’s the blunt truth….it’s an “object”, it’s “flying” and we don’t know what it is, hence it’s “unidentified”, making it an “unidentified flying object”, maybe not an alien space craft, but maybe it is. Is anyone out there really naive enough to think that we are the only intelligent life in the universe?

  • R0C_87

    The third one clearly is a fake as the orbs move with the camera and not with the environment. The other two have orbs that move in relation to the atmosphere.

    However, these UFOs were all “spotted” in dense tourist areas, and every tourist has a camera. If there were no other documented reports, then at least it will be possible to find a minimum of 50 witnesses.

  • Joe the Waiter

    Some people have too much time on their hands and not enough grasp of the UFO/Sceptic debate (or digital manipulation) to know how to produce a half convincing fake UFO clip.
    If a UFO landed in my backyard I still wouldn’t be convinced – to find out why….go do some research.