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The Phoenix dust storm that touched down on the city just a few days ago, has gained a lot of attention. The massive dust cloud entirely engulfed the small city that resides in the desert. The latest buzz on this is not about the amazing amateur photos that were taken, but the reports of UFOs flying above and around the dust storm. A CNN video that was uploaded to YouTube is claimed to show two UFOs hovering around the storm.

As usual, these aren’t UFOs, but just a cleverly edited video that makes news choppers look like crafts from another world.

Take a look at the “Phoenix Arizona Dust Storm UFO” video that is floating around YouTube:

Looks pretty cool right? Now take a look at the original video:

Yea, it’s the same video. The first one was just sped up to give the illusion of fast flying balls of light. Nice try guys!

  • Actually the first fly off craft appears more plane like than that of a helicopter complete with aviation flashing hazard lights along with the appearance of two distinct wings each with head lights. Playing devils advocate-back in the days of early classic ufology when numerous near misses and potential air collisions were occurring between normal aircraft and that of alleged ufos it was mainly due to such objects with no outer source of lighting. But then lo and behold did such craft suddenly began sporting flashing hazard lights as if in response to those same near misses. Where what is interesting is not whether or not the phenomena in question were actual ufos but rather the fact that said phenomena had demonstrated and apparently actualized its own noted change in physical characteristics.

  • Felix

    Sorry, Javier Ortega… watch the original video again. Those are not helicopters. Too big and too fast, even on the original video.

    Better luck next time.

    ps: this reader is not saying those are aliens. Just UFO’s as in… (as yet) Unidentified Flying Objects.

    My guess is secret U.S. aircrafts.

    A long time reader…

  • whipthorn

    Sorry, Felix…I watched both videos. The speed of the objects are viewed relative to the position and speed of the aircraft filming. Too vague and too difficult to calculate precisely without points of reference based on ground observation, even on the original video.

    Better luck next time.

    ps: I totally agree, but based on the reaction and positioning of the camera, it is unlikely someone would pass so close to one of the objects and not try to capture it better on film if it were an unusual sight.

    My guess is that the pilot and camera operator knew the other stations copters were in the air, and didn’t feel bothered.

  • Justin

    Watch this:​c Towards the end of the segment, the pilot of the news helicopter that shot this points to the part in the footage where you can clearly see airplane lights on the wings. Looks like they aren’t helicopters, but rather airplanes.

  • Justin,

    Wow, thanks for the link. It makes sense that they would cut out the last part of the video to hide the wings.
    Good job.


  • Igor

    FYI… those are 2 small general aviation airplanes trying to outrun the storm and land… This had been confirmed by ATC, the tower of the airport and the pilots of the airplanes. NOT UFO’s and NOT News Choppers and no conspiracy.
    This was on a major news network also, so how did you guys miss this?

  • Well,for one I don’t know what you were watching but the two videos look virtually identical to me in terms of the UFOs and their time on the screen and appearance etc. What airplane, helicopter that you have ever seen in your short life has ever sprouted fire thrusters on either side zoomed off? Liars, cowards, and those afraid to have their comfortable little world views challenged will view this footage and say that it is “explainable”. The rest of us who seek understanding and the truth will continue to remain astonished at this amazing, historical footage.

  • Arwen

    I totally have to agree with Doug. Those are obviously not helicopters sprouting wings with thrusters at the last minute. As well, further on in the original footage has anyone else notice the other balls of light located at the edge of the dust cloud? Has the CNN photographer or pilot made any comment? I’m not sure whats going on but with all the amazing weather phenomena you have to admit SOMETHING’S happening, right?

  • JEFF

    I know nuthin about aviation, but don’t volcanos close down air traffic due to possible engine damage from the dust/ash?
    Why would this dumbass fly right through the cloud of dust? it’s not a cloud in the sky! it’s a dust cloud!
    Never heard of lights lighting up like that at the tips.
    The film doesn’t end there dumbass, the object leaves the picture, and they are not filming it, the are focused on the storm.
    Good day time cover for stealth.
    Remember the Phoenix lights.
    Could a gravitational pull displace a massive amount of top soil to trigger this? hmmmmm…..

  • Mike Franklin

    Even if it had a little alien standing on top, the denial would still be the default response.

  • MyRealName

    Trying to outrun the storm? No. A sane pilot would set his ‘copter down or run back to the house! The only aircraft making a run for it is the one with the video camera. See how it’s position changes relative to the two UFOs?