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I guess the correct term here would be USO (Unidentified Submersible Object). The story comes from Ben Radford over at MSNBC with the title:

UFO found on ocean floor?

Swedish explorer reports circular anomaly, but is it a ‘flying saucer’? Hardly


According to an ocean exploration team led by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg, their sonar equipment captured something strange, something that Lindberg has never seen in his eighteen years of experience doing deep-level sonar scans.

“Adding to the mystery at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia, Lindberg said he saw evidence of scars or marks disturbing the environment nearby, suggesting the object somehow moved across the ocean floor to where his team found it.” Writes Radford.


300 feet deep, and 60 feet across, the circular object stood out from the alien landscape. What is it? A sunken island? Crashed UFO?

Lindberg did state that he does not believe this to be a UFO, but a possible  “new Stonehenge.” Which makes more sense than a UFO.  I’m going on a limb here, but I say it’s neither. I say it’s the Millennium Falcon.



Read Ben Radford’s full post over at MSNBC.

  • easier

    Although I’d love it to be the Falcon it looks a lot more like an old style Cylon raider from the 80’s Battlestar series 🙂

  • Henry

    Side scan would tell more, but to me it looks more like a “footprint” than an object. If not for the square intrusions it could almost be an impact crate of some sort.

    This is too deep to have been exposed during an ice age, the last was only a 100 foot drop in water levels. I suppose it is possible that the Baltic was, like the Mediterranean, once dry land similar to Death Valley in the US, and filled with water geologically recently.

  • Scientia

    Its not that deep. They should check it out more closely. I am sure the Swedes or the Finns are already on it. LOL

    The BEST Thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIgh!!!

  • Henry

    Sure, but then the governments involved would create a disinformation policy in ten or twenty years, and people like me would say it is just a crater.

  • terry the censor

    It’s Gamera (I hope).

  • solarsails

    Its the “lid” off the top of a nuclear reactor that was damaged and dumped by the soviets.

  • kapow

    solarsails, great explanation for uso. What if it isn’t?

  • Canadian Sceptic

    I suggest the Swedish researchers check with NASA or Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency. Tons of space debris falls back to earth each time a launch takes place. This looks like an old third stage sitting vertically in silt with the heavy rocket side down. The article says it’s estimated to be 60′ in diameter and a Saturn 5 is 33′. The difference could be error or compression due to impact. However, the Soviet N-1 had a diameter of 56′, which roughly matches the estimated size.

    If they ever send a sub down to examine the site, I predict that’s what they’ll find.

    Someday we may indeed find an extra-terrestrial spaceship. In the meantime, I just wish people would look at the plausible explanations before the outrageous ones.

  • Henry

    C S, it is because they want to believe the outrageous ones. If the world has mundane explanations then their lives must be mundane as well. They have been jaded by special effect extravaganza movies and do not know where to look for the wonder of reality.

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