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The late Gabe Valdez was a former state patrol officer for New Mexico during the 1970s. Valdez was under the tremendous pressure of figuring out the mysterious mutilations of local cows that seemed to happen over night. Right on the verge of going global, the topic of cattle mutilations in the 1970s was not something that anyone had heard much about. For Valdez, this was all an unexplored region to which he was abruptly thrust upon.

Fast forward to present day. Gabe Valdez has once again been thrust upon another unexplored region –at least not by him–. Maybe here he can find the answers to which he spent most of his adult life searching for.

Before his passing, Valdez’s work had stirred up many theories that float throughout what is known as the realm of Ufology. One of the most recent theories of Valdez made Howard Eliason quit his teaching job in Florida and move to New Mexico to continue with the search for truth. Eliason holds a PhD in education and is convinced that Valdez’s theory that some “obscure government agency” being responsible for the mutilated cattle holds a lot of water.

The evidence is strange, and it’s that strangeness that attracted both men to the mystery.

Valdez has documented finding gas masks, glow sticks and strange monitor-like devices near some of the mutilated cows. He has even documented clamp marks on the broken legs of the cows, suggesting that someone clamped the cows by the legs and hung them upside down while extracting parts. But why tell you all this, when I can show you:

  • Henry

    While I am far more inclined to believe the government may have been studying these cattle, rather than UFO’s looking for a quick cow liver for supper, I still have to wonder if it wouldn’t be far less expensive and more efficient to simply BUY the cattle through a front company than send out helicopters in the middle of the night and risk getting caught in the act.
    And there is A LOT of open space in NM where the military could be carrying out exercises in the air and dropping chaff. There is no report of investigation on whether the chaff is found in other areas, not related to cattle pasturing. Some of these pastures cover tens of square miles and more, and chaff is only going to be used above five thousand feet, and be inclined to follow air currents a long way. Again, much simpler to fly helicopters in below radar where chaff is pointless.

  • Grant

    This all makes sense and isn’t limited to New Mexico. This has started happening AGAIN in North Dakota. I witnessed a case of this strange behavior just last month!

  • Grant

    I should also add that we also spotted a helicopter during the same time that we found the mutilated cattle. This is the middle of nowhere, we NEVER see helicopters here!

  • Rick

    In that interview Mr. Valdez says, “I am not saying it was a federal agency but …it had to be some advanced scientists.” Did he ever go on record and actually say, “obscure government agency” somewhere?

  • Jdy

    This just happened two days ago in north Arkansas.  It was not reported, because of fear of government harassment.  Helicopters spotted flying low and slow over the farm just a few days before it happened. Cattle were stampeded/injured during the night. Ran through multiple fences. They were so spooked they couldn’t be corralled and would not go anywhere near the area where markings were spotted on the ground and the first fence taken out. Markings on the ground were small perfectly round indentations, about 4 inches across. In patterns of two….not three like a tripod….only two. And the two were spaced about 10 inches apart.  The “prints” were sporadic….but always in two’s, and in an area of only about 75 feed diameter.  Very odd. 

  • Dr. Roger Ffolkes

    Gabe and I met while doing some extraneous cover work, and I laughingly told him of a local ‘flying saucer’ that emergency landed in central NM with small men in overalls getting out to bang on the craft with hammers…Gabe then showed me some non-digital snapshots of a stillborn mutated calf with white and blue reptilian eyes. I’m a former demonologist and intel op best described as a Redaction Skeptic, now writing about God sans religion, vis-à-vis mankind’s destiny. Quite a mind-blower.