I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

Apparently Bigfoot is roaming the forests of many North American locales as a new video comes to us from some campers in the mountains of Utah.

The six men were on an outing in the mountains and hoped to get in some prime fishing and target shooting. What they encountered is something they never expected.

They claim to have had two cameras rolling as they closed out the day shooting a few targets. Suddenly you can see a bipedal animal step from behind a tree and start walking at an angle away from the camera. Later they show what appears to be a shelter in the woods approx 100 yards from their camp. Could this be a Sasquatch lair?

The men say they “scared something from the trees”. They go on to say that “none of them slept very well the next couple of nights”.

While we can not say this footage is definitive, we can also say it’s no Blobsquatch either.

As you can see, there are some pretty fair open views of the creature. Unfortunately, it still falls into the category of inconclusive.

A couple of things to note:

The campers are completely silent during the video. I turned my volume control up to 11 and could see a sound level bouncing (likely breathing) but no narration. Were they so frightened that they couldn’t speak? Not even a “WTF is that”? do we hear from them. While it is a red flag, I can perceive staying silent in order to keep focused on the subject. However, with 6, count em, 6 men in the vicinity, it’s hard to imagine no sound at all. Of course it could all be as simple as not using the soundtrack or maybe the mic control was turned way down.

The other anomaly was the shelter. Maybe this is a hoax and the shelter is just too much. It does look awfully complex for even an intelligent animal to construct. It almost looks like something I’ve seen built on one of the many survivor shows. While I have heard of Sasquatch crossing trees into a pyramid shape, I’ve rarely seen something so advanced attributed to them. Of course none of our witnesses make any claims or offer any explanations, they simply offer up the video.

So now it’s up to the readers to decide. Is this Bigfoot? Or, are these guys trying to pull a fast one?

Added today, Friday August 9th is this breakdown from the Crtyptohunters who are widely known to do these examinations on Youtube.

The only thing of real consequence in their findings is that it may be a female.

  • RednGreen

    I was instantly suspicious of the first video. They are filming nothing and then here comes BF into view. Unless they heard something out there and started filming… but even then…..

    And the shelter looked pretty fancy for a wild beast to supposedly have created. But hey, maybe we’re not giving our elusive friend enough credit.

  • Lindsay

    bigfoots all over the place. how does he sleep!?

  • Red,

    Maybe they are using the cameras to spot the targets. One thing you notice if you look closely is you can see the creature right from the start of the video. Maybe you’re right about them seeing or hearing something and pointing the camera out there.

    It’s hard to say either way. Unfortunately without a body it’s almost impossible to prove anything. Of course if Sassy does exist, I could never condone killing one.

    Well Lindsay, I can tell you’re getting ready for your trip with all the cracking wise! LOL! Something about getting away that puts people in a good mood.

  • Lindsay

    haha scott, you have NO idea how badly i need this get away!

  • RednGreen

    Amen to that, I’m getting on a plane at 7 tomorrow morning and am having a hard time concentrating today at work!

    Once again Scott, you make great points.. I’ll have to watch again a little more closely…

  • Hey, It could be just a big load of crap!

    I can’t be overly selective like I am when Javier is here.

    Have fun girls! Will you still be able to check in?

  • Lindsay

    hah red, so am i! i keep thinking today is friday and it’s only thursday 🙁 and i have to work tonight :(:(

  • Lindsay

    i don’t think i’ll be able. my laptop is broken and i lost my iphone so now i’m on some pieceeee phone 🙁

    can you tell i need this yet? lol

  • Lindsay

    but thankss!! i hope to 🙂

  • Henry

    I honestly do not like to see videos of BF and feel like I have to call them fakes. But there are too many red flags on this one.
    * There are two campers, that we know of, yet as the one is filming he is not speaking to the other as he films bigfoot? Wouldn’t you at least be whispering. And I dont believe the mic was turned down as there is wind noise recorded.
    * Always an issue with YouTube, video quality can make a difference, but from the camera angle it appears to me that the camera is at about eye level with the creature. Not tall for a BF.
    * The camera holds for several seconds, very steadily on one area of woods, and lo, out pops bigfoot from behind a small group of trees, just large enough to give it cover, no approach, no hint that it was there before.
    * There is an obvious cut/edit as the camera operator returns to film his trip back to camp to meet his somewhat spacey looking companion. Plenty of time to give man 2 to get out of his ape suit.
    *From what i have seen, dome like structures are more common for BF cover, and if you look carefully at the larger poles of the structure, they look cut, not by a saw, but possibly an axe or machete. Definitely not broken.

  • easier

    I would usually call shenanigans but today i’ll call chewbacca suit.


    This is an easy one…..Ghillie Suit! burlap straps over head area dead give away…good try though* hair does not clump in perfect square shape

  • OK everyone, the cryptohunters have done a breakdown of the video. I would add a new article but about the only thing they’ve added is the animal is possibly a female. I will add that video to this article.

    Also , another video has surfaced from Wellsville, NY making claims that they photographed a Bigfoot. Frankly I have no doubt that this is a guy in suit. It’s blatantly ridiculous. In fact I wouldn’t waste an article on this clown show, so here’s the video:

    Looks more like Yogi Bear with that cartoonish sewn in tan chest/belly area.

  • Lindsay

    that is obvvvv a still from messin’ with sasquatch.

    beef jerky ftw!!

  • Henry

    Poor quality, even for YouTube.
    As always, in my opinion, people who put more time into intros and music than actual footage are highly suspect. That is possibly the first time I have seen an in focus picture that is STILL a blobsquatch. Very undefined anatomy is a strong indication of a costume, and in the close-up of the face I think you can actually see the eye holes of the mask! (freeze it at 0:23)This image does not have the high sloped forehead, the head sits up high on the shoulders rather than the no-neck, hunched posture I would expect from sources like Patterson/Gimlin. And the shoulders do not show the mass or width that should be there (though there is foreshortening.) Wrong proportions all around.
    I would say they put the camera low to make the subject look taller and possibly intentionally took the picture looking into the sun to hide details. Clever moves, but definitely not smarter than your average bear.