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But don’t get your hopes up. As all other evidence for the unexplained, this one is very subjective. For some reason the Daily Mail only printed the story and not posted the photos online. has the full transcription of the article the Daily Mail wrote on the supposed radar blip that some claim shows Nessie. This blends in perfectly with Scott’s previous posting on the supposed Nessie photos that recently sprung up on the internet.


Full source: (Via lochnessmystery) Daily Mail

THERE is no sign of the trademark elongated neck, or the signature green humps. But the experts believe this almost unfathomable sonar image could be a breakthrough in the hint for Nessie that began in earnest in 1934.

Surrounded by fish, the ‘blip’ has a girth of about 5ft, though there is no way of estimating its length as it was moving. The image was captured by the quick thinking skipper of a pleasure boat who took a picture of the reading while waiting for his customers at Urquhart Castle, in Inverness-shire. Marcus Atkinson, 42, knows Loch Ness like the back of his hand and spends every day on its waters — but said he had never seen anything like this before.

He added: It’s very weird. It was obvious it wasn‘t a shoal of fish and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. This thing is completely different from anything I’ve seen before.’ Mr Atkinson, of Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire, was idling in the bay when he saw the unusual sonar image. He said: ‘it’s one of those moments where you just think, “What on earth is that?” I grabbed my mobile phone and took a picture before it disappeared of the screen. it’s all very bizarre.‘ Mr Atkinson’s picture shows a cross-section of the loch, with the boat itself at the top right of the picture.

The bright green area on the bottom right of the sonar screen is the bottom of the loch, which rises as the boat gets closer to shore. The small green flashes scattered across the monitor are deepwater fish. But the part of the picture that is exciting interest is the long, thin streak – that looks a little bit like a propeller – between the 20 and 25 metre depth markers. The measurements show it is about 5ft thick – but there is no way of telling how long it is as, if the object was following the boat, it would show up on every ‘blip’ of the sonar.

  • brain cell


  • What do you think the sonar is showing?

  • Roland Watson,

    I’d have to say that it’s a piece of driftwood.


  • Mike

    nessie is a childhood favorite, but having no experience reading sonar images, i’m not going to offer an opinion either way. but the reason it was only printed is no mystery, at least. it’s called “selling newspapers.”

  • Mike

    i got curious and started googling sonar images. i think it’s important to know both how sonar works–something the linked blog tries to explain that you do not–and if the object was moving–driftwood can’t follow a boat at speed. there are images at this link of both trees underwater, and moving vs. stationary fish.

  • Nobbles

    It’s a Chinese land mammal.

  • I am just dubious with things that say “the experts” but no expert has actually been named

  • Joe the Waiter

    A pleasure boat skipper, who’s livelihood depends on visitors to the Loch finding evidence that there really is a monster in the Loch and publicising it to the press?.
    Anyone would think he wants more people to come and pay for boat trips on the Loch.