Video: USO Probe Filmed Running Sailboat Off

Video: USO Probe Filmed Running Sailboat Off

This is a strange one but I wanted to stick to the theme Javier started with the vanishing story.

Reported on September 17, a group of people on a boat off the coast of Sweden observed a small white orb that seemed to be chasing them.

The bright white orb was obviously under intelligent control and could have had something to do with a submarine says a Navy official:

“Could be a submarine.” Jan Thomquist, Navy tactical commander. “We take the material seriously. One cannot exclude that a submarine is involved,”

The boat crew was baffled by the object but were of clear enough mind to make a video of the USO. I call it a USO even though it is skimming along the surface of the water.

As mentioned above, the military takes this very seriously and is investigating.

Now the data analyzed. “I understand that they reacted to the buoy movements, the data are very interesting,” says Jan Thomquist, Navy tactical commander of the Armed Forces.

Examine the position. Now, analysts, among other things to pick up additional witness statements, investigating the precise location, weather conditions, currents and sail the boat’s cruising speed.

“It’s too early to say what this is. The reason could be the strong currents, but really, I would not give any more comments until we have completed the analysis,” he says. Excludes no . . . If a submarine can be involved he would not rule [it] out.

“I have no reason to do so. The analysis will show. We estimate that we have received this report and we will take it very seriously.”

It could be some sort of hoax, but I don’t know many people that would perpetrate something like this and then report it to the Military.

I leave it up to the GT community to chime in and give their take on this strange occurrence.