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Victim - Jacob Hendershot

Twisted evil appears to be at work in Florida as revenge and deranged blood lust drive a Vampire Cult to murder a teen boy.

18 year old self proclaimed “Vampire Hybrid” Stephanie Pistey of Panama City FL. is at the center of this macabre crime as she is being charged along with “Fiance”, William Chase, 25 in the murder of 16-year-old Jacob Hendershot.

Hendershot was missing for weeks before his nude body was discovered down a storm drain in the town of Parker.

Pistey and Chase had invited Hendershot over where Pistey then initiated the attack by claiming that Hendershot had raped her. Hendershot was then attacked and killed on the spot. The police report noted that he was choked as well as having his throat cut.

Pistey spoke about her “supernatual background” saying that she was “part Vampire and part Werewolf.” She went on to say that she has drunken the blood of her “Fiance” Chase.

The victims mother who lives in the same apartment complex claims that Pistey tormented her about her son. In fact Pistey is not to much different than the Manson girls. She even claims that a life behind bars doesn’t bother her in the least.

Then again the young “bio-experiment vampire” doesn’t strike me as being very intelligent as excerpts from her Facebook account show that she instructed her Fiance to kill Hendershot because she “wanted the blood”.

Here’s a bit more info on the incident, including a video interview with Pistey.

Stephanie Pistey

Murder Suspect claims she is a vampire

Panama City – Last week Parker Police mentioned the people involved in the July murder of 16 year old Jacob Hendershot may have been involved in a vampire cult. Now one of the suspects is confirming that information.

18 year old Stephanie Pistey was arrested last Monday and was charged with accessory to murder. Monday she told News Channel 7 she believes she’s a vampire. Parker Police originally believed 16 year old Jacob Hendershot was beaten to death because Stephanie Pistey accused him of raping her.

“Jacob didn’t deserve to die. I didn’t even know he was going to die, but I honestly knew that they were going to beat him up and in my opinion he deserved to get the s*** beat out of him.

He didn’t deserve to die,” said Pistey.

Investigators say a group of Pistey’s friends lured Herndershot to a house, killed him, then dumped his body in a concrete enclosure. Five people, including Pistey, are charged with either murder, or accessory after the fact, but it’s the lifestyles of some of the suspects that has taken this case in an entirely new direction.

“Since I was like 12 every fiber in my body basically everything, I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire and part werewolf,” said Pistey.

Pistey admits she was at co-defendant Tammy Morris’ house when Hendershot was murdered, but says she was watching Morris’ children. Morris was also charged with accessory to murder.

Stephanie Pistey Jail House Interview 5 PM by LocalNews-GrabNetworks

“I was the baby-sitter can’t really say much about it, but I was the baby-sitter,” said Pistey.

She denies drinking Hendershot’s blood after the murder, but claims she has drank the blood of her fiancé and co-defendant 25 year old William Chase.

“I have before yes,” said Pistey.

Pistey says she’ll spend the rest of her life behind bars.

“Now that I’m here I’m pretty much figuring out I’m going to stay here the rest of my life,” said Pistey.

Pistey’s bond was set at $120,000. Parker Police are expecting to make one more arrest in this case.

Source: WJHG.com

You know, in all the years of my youth, not once do I remember any Vampire Cults. They must have started coming over from the old country after I entered adulthood.

Are the children of this generation so misled, so affected by the media’s glorification of such things in books, movies, etc…that it’s causing them to get lost in these imaginary worlds and detached states of mind? I read and hear more about Vampires, demons, werewolves and other evil entities than I ever have before. The worst part is they are now heroes and the object of emulation.

Finally, where are the parents in all this? Families seem more detached with each passing year.

  • Henry

    She’s cute

  • Wahaha hahaha Twilight… OMG yes that’s obviously going to lead me to kill but for entirely different reasons… Meyer’s already murdered grammar, vampire lore and science fiction. Let’s blame the rest on her too 🙂

  • Archard,

    Twilight is just one example of many and if you don’t think it affects young teens, then it’s you who are out of touch. If kids are willing to tattoo a movie character on their arm or cry uncontrollably at a live event or form clubs and emulate the characters, I’d say violence or murder isn’t a major stretch. Where do you think these activities come from? Certainly not out of thin air. Of course I’m not saying that it’s a problem with the typical kid but a problem none the less. That’s where the parents come in. With a healthy home life and rules, kids seldom go down these extreme avenues.

    I stand by what I say.


    Unfortunately, that’s her best photo and when I say best, I mean best.

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    hahahahah omggggg. what a feckin’ idiot!

    if she’s a vampire, can i be bigfoot?

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    there’s her facebook 🙂

    she’s cuteeee <3

  • Brain Cell

    “I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire and part werewolf,” said Pistey.”

    It doesn’t just sound crazy, it is crazy. This girl is one effed up lil biotch.

  • Kimm

    From a psychological point of view, my guess would be that she saw something awful to a female adult and that when she turned 12 (puberty), her mind took on this “personification” because she didn’t want to turn into a woman. Could also mean she was molested when young. That would be my guess. Because of Twilight, she took on a vampire/werewolf persona to escape reality. Maybe in the 70s she would have been Catgirl.

  • Henry

    So, let me get this straight, this girl is a bloodsucking wench every night who, for several days a month, becomes a total ravening bitch?

    Need I make a joke here?

  • valerie

    well i think that’s just stupid lol no offense but seriously being molested and seeing bad thiings when your a kid doesn’t make you kill people in the future… i mean seriously i can tell you that from experience and it’s a bunch of b.s. she’s just a girl who wanted attention so she made up all this crap to get it

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    wait this is a joke right???

    i hope she took that picture be4 she became a vampire, cuhs if she didnt she would be on FIREEEE!!!!!!!!

    haha freakin twilight corrupted soo many teens!

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    Somebody call van helsing please

  • Jwolfy7

    Ok I have schitzoaffective disorder. I can under stand that she most likely honestly believes she is a vampire crossed with a werewolf..I just think she needs psychological help. But didn’t get it fast enough. Schizophrenia or schitzoaffective disorder is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

  • Autumnbieber4e

    i hope she dies…jacob is my cousin…he meant the world to me… there is no way that he raped her. hes a good guy… he was there for me… he would never do that…ever… pistey is a monster, but not the kind she thinks she is…

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    shes a murderer…

  • Autumnbieber4e

    and u sir, no offense, are messed upp