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Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot


Bigfoot Researcher and author William Jevning has gone to Twitter to post what he believes to be a possible US Forest Service cover-up in the matters of Bigfoot.

The story was posted by Craig Woolheater over at Cryptomundo  and I just happen to stumble across it. Craig, being the good guy that he is, has gone through the tedious task of arranging Mr. Jevning’s tweets that where posted in reverse order (oldest twit on bottom) on the Twitter page.



So what did tweet say? Well it turns out that the author might have uncovered an attempt at covering up some proof of the infamous mythical creature known as Bigfoot. Mr. Jevning’s reveals in his tweet that upon being called to investigate thousands of possible Bigfoot tracks found by hunters, he was surprised when he arrived at the alleged location of the prints only to find that the US Forest Service had “washed” away every single track.


For those who may be interested in the subject of the Sasquatch (Bigfoot), I wanted to bring something up I was recently talking about.

I was chatting with someone about the possibility of a cover up in regard to this subject, I don’t specifically mean a government one

However, I know of two cases in which forest service personnel were involved.

with limited space here, this may take a bit to explain, so for those reading this, please be patient with me.

In 1994, I was contacted by the father of a co-worker. He and a friend of his had been scouting a favorite hunting area prior to the season

this area had been totally blocked to public access for years, they had a vehicle that made it possible to go cross country

This was in the Mt Adams area of Washington state

the roads there are covered with a thick dust, averaging 2 to 3 inches in depth on average, this is a perfect medium for impressions

The two men who were scouting their hunting area came across what they believed to be footprints made by a Sasquatch

They followed the tracks for a very long distance, they estimated there to have been thousands of footprints, which is not unusual

They decided they needed to tell someone about their find, on their way out of the area, they encountered a forest service supervisor.

They related what they had been doing and what they found and where to this individual.

He removed what they estimated a very expensive looking cameras from his truck, and said he was going to document the footprints.

They contacted me a few hours later knowing I was an investigator of the issue. and wanted to take me there immediately.

I agreed, and we left for the site. we traveled the same way they had gone to find the prints and told me the entire story.

we passed a forest service water truck just prior to going cross country in that area, this is the type used to support fire fighting

Once we arrived to the road network inside the blocked off area, we saw that the water truck had been on these roads.

When we got to the location where they found the footprints, we found that the road had been “misted” which is rain like spray

this is one kind of spray these other trucks can do in assisting forest fire fighting efforts

the only place where water had been used, is where the two men said the footprints had been, the water had destroyed them.

when I attempted to locate this supervisor, I was told no such person existed! I found the attitude by forest service personnel

less than honest

I know of one other personal situation similar that I investigated, I will relate this another time

when asked why this issue would be covered up, the answer is simple, financial concerns,

when researching for my book, I did some work with the federal endangered species act

If the worlds largest living hominid were to be proven to exist on the north american continent, ALL logging would stop overnight..literally

The industry and all associated businesses would cease to function for years…I believe this could provide a very credible reason

–source: Twitter, via Cryptomundo


It makes sense that logging would be affected for a period of time if such a remarkable discovery was made, it also makes sense that Mr. Jevning would release such controversial information while he has a book out on the subject.

Not that I’m accusing him of such deed, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

I do believe Mr. Jevning’s story. It wouldn’t be in the best interest of the US Forest Service if Bigfoot was proven real. Imagine the hordes of hunters/non-hunters making their way up to the protected parts of the U.S. for a glimpse of the creature.


  • Henry

    The Forest Service has no motive for a Bigfoot Cover-up.
    If Bigfoot were proven to be real, or even more of a serious research subject with a better quality of background evidence not muddied by the frauds and hoaxers, then traffic through national parks would show a significant increase of people trying to see a “squatch.” This would only mean increased income for the parks service.

    As to the stopping of logging by classifying BF as an endangered species, What is your evidence that they are endangered?? Just look a the number of sightings in North America alone! In every state of the US (except Hawai’i, after I moved out of state) and across Canada. Even if a significant number of these sightings are hoaxes or mistaken, considering the observed reclusiveness of the species, there must be a fairly large population, in this hemisphere alone. Now consider Yeti, Yowie (sp?) wild men in Mongolia and eastern Russia. This does not sound like an endangered species to me, so there would be no basis for their proven existence to stop logging. Now consider how business and legislation are carried out in the US. Before anyone stopped an industry like logging (and I live in Washington State, so I know a little about the logging industry) there would have to be proof that any individual logging site was a BF habitat, what the range of that habitat was, and that only after they are proven to be endangered, which we can already say seems unlikely.

  • NOOOO the government would NEVER lie to us…..When pigs fly that is

  • keltic1

    I have to go along with Henry on this one (maybe because I’m also from Washington state). Although I don’t go along with the “cover-up” or conspiracy theory; I would not be surprised if the Forest Service “discouraged” or downplayed reports. Not because of logging but because they don’t want to deal with an influx of “great white hunters” trying to bag the first bigfoot.. If there was a cover-up you would think it would be across the board with all government agencies. ( I say this, keeping in mind that most times one hand does not know what the other is doing when it comes to the government.) In 1975, the Army Corps of Engineers issued a 114 page booklet now called the ” Washington Environmental Atlas” (Dewey Decimal Class 912/.1/333709797, Library of Congress G1486 D1 US 1975). In this booklet, they officially acknowledge the sasquatch. The booklet also includes a map of Washington state showing the location of sightings and locations where footprints were found. Getting back to the Forest Service; I have read more than one story where, it was alleged , that a forest worker was fired for making claims of seeing a bigfoot or finding footprints. Lastly, as far as cover-ups go……………Henry, have you ever heard the story where someone claims that they witnessed a helicopter removing two charred bigfoot bodies from the area of Mount St. Helens after the erruption? Now that would be a cover-up and fodder for a GT piece.

  • keltic,

    Is this the source you found?

    Do you have the official booklet because “acknowledge” is a pretty serious word. Furthermore, I’ve seen on more that one occasion where key words are left out of a description in order to perpetuate an agenda.

    I’m not saying it’s not true, however, I’d like to see the actual booklet and it seems it’s not that easy to acquire. I could have gone deeper by signing up for different sites hoping they had it but I don’t like doing that without being sure of something.

    As for Forest Services and Game Commissions not acknowledging certain wildlife, I’ve found it to be a common practice. I happen to know for a fact that Panthers are roaming parts of the NE but they deny it. I’ve seen a Black Panther with my own eyes in the middle of a logging road not 15 feet away.

    There are various reasons behind the denials and yes, having nut job poachers coming after the animals is one of them.

  • Hako

    I’ve been very interested in the subject of Bigfoot for 30 years, and had read every book I could find on the subject by the time I was a teenager. I do believe that the Forest Service, and probably every other government agency connected to land and forest management, is keeping quiet about what they know. They may actually be covering up evidence, I just don’t know. I do know that some of their explanations border on the ridiculous. I recall a group of people that reported seeing a bigfoot standing in plain view, on a slope, in full daylight, staring at them. They were terrified, and reported it to the Park Ranger station, and were told it was probably a “marmot”. Basically, a woodchuck. Neither of the guys they spoke to seemed interested in going out to the sighting location and looking around. I have heard similar stories over the years that sounded peculiar.

  • Hako

    Another point or two…….I just asked a few friends about the “appeal” of site-seeing for Bigfoot….if they were announced to be present. The general consensus was “no way”. A lot of people would be frightened, not attracted.
    Also, if these creatures were acknowledged, and they were determined to be a kind of “indigenous people” that would cause all kinds of legal complications. Could the Forest Service be sued by environmentalists for disrupting the life and environment of this wild people? I think that could happen.

  • You make some good points Hako.

    Additionally, Bigfoot is not going to be sitting in the BBQ areas waiting for lunch. The more people there are the further into the forest they will go to avoid them.

  • cappytahn

    This is an interesting article. It makes sense but at the same time you can’t help but feel frustrated when thinking about the fact that the government might be hiding real bigot sightings. They have a few reasons to do so, and certainly have the means of accomplishing it

  • keltic1

    @scott……..I would feel much better having a copy of the Army Corps of Engineers booklet in my hand also but in lieu of that you might find a press release at the “U.S. Department of the Interior” website interesting. It takes some time to search it out so here is the address: It was released on December 21, 1977 and was entitled ” Are We Ready For ‘Bigfoot’ Or The Loch Ness Monster?”. It is a three page release that gives kind of an interesting perspective from the standpoint of the government. Here is the excerpt that makes reference to the Army Corps of Engineers report: “Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is purported to be an 8-foot, 900-pound humanoid that roams the forest and wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest. One “eyewitness” described an obviously female Sasquatch as a “tall, long-legged, gorilla-like animal covered with dark hair and endowed with a pendulous pair of breasts.” It, too, has been described in publications and given a scientific name. In fact, so many people were stalking Bigfoot with high-powered rifles and cameras that Skaminia County, Washington, is prepared to impose a fine of $10,000 and a S-year jail term on anyone who kills a Bigfoot. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers even lists Bigfoot as one of the native species in its Environmental Atlas for Washington. This year the Florida and Oregon legislatures also considered bills protecting “Bigfoot” type creatures A Bureau of Indian Affairs policeman has 18-inch plaster cast footprints of the “McLaughlin monster,” a Bigfoot-type creature he saw last month in South Dakota,” The whole release is entertaining, if not fascinating reading.

  • Something’s afoot with the US Forest Service? I’m amused that probably the most harmless government entity might be involved in a nefarious cover up. It’s like finding out the Salvation Army has a militant wing. I think bigfoot is a decoy though and what they’re really hiding is weed; it’d be more practical to grow marijuana and make bank off of that.

  • Henry

    Pendulous breasts?!
    There should be a cover-up!

    @Val, pot farming is a major problem in the National Park system, especially in the west. The park service regularly finds farms, and dumped fertilizers and weed killers that damage the environment. They just do not have the funds or personnel to pursue the culprits, or perform the clean-up. They have tracked the growing to Mexican drug cartels.

    No amount of cover up or legislation is going to inhibit nut job poachers. But good counter arguments, all, to my first statement. I had not heard about the supposed BF corpses removed from the aftermath of Mt ST Helens. But there were some fatalities, not many, and depending on how close the observer was, who knows what they saw.

  • Henry that’s fascinating! It’s sad they have to destroy it, but I guess that’s the way it goes. There has to be some old timey retired forest rangers that would be willing to talk if any of this was true, right? There has to be a documentary out there somewhere on this. Or someone should make one.

  • keltic1

    @Scott………. I find it interesting that you have a problem believing that the US Army Corp of Engineers “acknowledges” bigfoot but you have no problem believing a third (fourth?) party account of the Forest Service destroying tracks. The “father of a coworker” told William Jevning (book author) who then,in turn, tells Craig Woolheater? Does “the father of the coworker ” have photos of the tracks” Or better yet, does he have photos of the Forest Service truck “misting” the tracks? Did the “father of a coworker” happen to get the name of the forest service supervisor “with the very expensive camera” and did they exchange information in order to get copies of photos “from the very expensive camera”? Another thing to note is that Mt. Adams is in Skamania County in southwest Washington state. This area is also home to Mt. St. Helens, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Mount Adams Wilderness and Skookum Meadows. This area has been a hotbed of bigfoot reports for many years going back to the “Ape Canyon” incident in 1924. More recently there is
    the high-profile Skookum Meadow cast from 2000. This is a cast, allegedly, of the side of a bigfoot lying down in mud to retrieve apples. If the Forest Service is attempting a cover-up; they would be better off keeping their day jobs. Again, I would not dismiss the possibility that an individual might destroy evidence because they did not want to deal with a report or other paperwork. But it would be a quantum leap to turn this into a government agency “cover-up” at least in this case. And Val, I’m with you as far as questioning why some forest worker, perhaps needing money, has not went to the tabloids with a story.

  • keltic,

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Where did I say I believed the story of the tracks? Please find where I said that because I remember reading this story over at Bigfoot evidence last week but I don’t remember commenting at all.

    As for wanting to see the book, you’re taking that a little too seriously. I made no commitment either way on that statement. Is it wrong to ask the obvious questions though?

    I think you are seeing me as an enemy of the existence of Bigfoot. Yet another case of jumping to conclusions before getting to know me or the site in general. I’ve been a supporter of Bigfoot for years but I still have an open mind to ask questions.

    By the way, I didn’t write the above article.

  • keltic1

    @Scott………I apologize. You did not say that the story was true and the piece was not written by you. My comments, questioning the validity of the story, should have been directed to Javier. Lastly, I don’t perceive you or any of the contributors as being “enemies” of the existence of bigfoot anymore than I necessarily see myself as a “defender” of the existence of bigfoot. Even with all the reports and research, the evidence is not conclusive. I just strongly believe in the probability that something like bigfoot could exist. Again, I apologize.