Werewolves, Dogman & Strange Creatures: Linda Godfrey on BeyondTheEdge Radio

Werewolves, Dogman & Strange Creatures: Linda Godfrey on BeyondTheEdge Radio

Beyond The Edge Podcast interviewed Linda Godfrey last Sunday, in what I would describe as being a very level-headed discussion of strange credible reports of the “Michigan Dogman”. I say “credible” because if you know anything about Linda Godfrey, you would know that she started off as a very skeptical journalist assigned to a fun Halloween story of a supposed Werewolf report. She was adamant about believing that a creature such as a werewolf could exist. I mean…for a human to morph to some 7 foot tall wolf-like creature sounds ridiculous right?

The more she dug into the story, the more credible witnesses came forward. Doctors, lawyers, police…these were some of the witnesses that talked about seeing a very big wolf/dog hybrid that when surprised by their car’s headlights, would spring up on its hind legs and run at incredible speeds. Years later, she’s the author of several books in which she has compiled the eyewitness testimonies as well as possible scientific and spiritual theories that could explain what people are seeing.

I myself love a good scary story and to me, when I first heard of Linda’s work, I thought it was a joke. Honestly. But as I got to correspond with her and read her book, I learned that her plight is not to find a werewolf, but to try and explain what it is that many people have seen throughout the ages near Michigan that resembles and upright walking wolf. No, people don’t morph into werewolves but there is some unknown cryptid lurking around the U.S. that has many convinced that bipedal 7 foot wolves could be a possibility. Survival of the fittest I guess.

So get that coffee brewing and turn up the speakers as we listen in on Linda’s latest tales.

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