Video: Irish shopping Center Poltergeist

Video: Irish shopping Center Poltergeist

Our friends over at LeinsterParanormal informed us of a video that is said to show poltergeist activity in an Irish shopping center.

The CCTV video shows a janitor mopping in the Dublin shopping center called Jervis, when an apple from a nearby fruit stand falls off and rolls to a stop in the middle of the mopped floor. The choppy video then shows the apple rolling back and forth between a dark line on the floor. At times, pausing for what seems a few seconds before rolling to the other side. The fruit definitely looks like it is being pushed back and forth, the way a young child would with a ball.

The fact that the video is basically snap-shooting every second a frame of film, it tends to play tricks on the mind. The apple does appear to be under the influence of external forces, pushing it back and forth, but is that really what is going on?

An uneven or undulating floor could be a more reasonable explanation for this. The apple could have been caught in the sinking floor and rolled around its dent for a bit. With the CCTV filming at a slow rate, it tends to look like stop-animation. Maybe this is why people think its a ghost?

A comment left on YouTube by a person who spoke with the security guards had this to say:

I was talking to one of the security gaurds who was working there that night, said theres 3 cameras that could see it and the got a much better look, said it was proper freaky…

…and if there was only 3 people in the whole building, who pressed the light button? the lift was empty!!

Now, if we could only see the other video which was supposedly shot at a better angle…